Parliament dah tengok. Mahkamah dah tengok. Semua dah tengok. Aku pun dah tengok.

Good Morning everyone! Be safe!

Walking around Jalan Ipoh in front of KLPAC to find a mamak that look dodgy enough to sell my Gudang Garam.

Isra’ Mikraj ke today? Hurm …. I often got it confused with Lailatul Qadar.

I got an hour to makan and check my emails before meeting at 1pm. Good thing Ian can come over to this place instead of me going to Harvest.

Kalau check banked in at 8pm last night, supposedly when will it start floating? Bankers, wanna help me here? Shit, I mean, CHEQUE, not check. That’s very American.

How much is the ticket for Urbanscapes? Is it no longer under KLUE?

Tak banyak tweet aku pagi ni. Sebab aku tak baca news. Sekian.

– As a #Libra,remember that sitting on the fence and fearing even to attempt is not the formula for success.
– #Libras are incredibly idealistic when it comes to love, and they can decide exactly how they want their partner to be.

Siemens Run 2011? No thanks. Mak dah tak kuat macam dulu dah nok. MPSJ Run 2011? No thanks. Tak larat mak nak lari 10km tak dapat air pun. What a bad organisation of the water station.

I don’t like certificates. It’s just a paper. My portfolio should just have my CV and Recommendation letters.

I feel bad. I met Ian and another lady from Harvest Centre whom I forgot what her name was. I will kill myself becos she’s such a nice lady. It could be Christina. Oh shoot Abby! She made you some good chinese tea when you were there at her office! *shoots own head* I hate my memory. I can’t remember people’s name. My dory memory is a shame! Her name is Stephanie! Hahahahah! Thanked god! Thanks Bestie for guiding me through my shameless endeavour getting her name. She paid for my food. The least I can do is to remember her name. Itu pun I can’t do. Sad innit. I’m such a bad person.

I haven’t had any decent vacation for a long time. No, hanging out with friends at Bangsar is not a vacation.

3.30pm and not floating yet. Hurm.

If my report for duty date be postponed til 15th July, I get to have one more week with the kids. That’ll be good, right. πŸ™‚

FINALLY! No unread mails! Now, news!

Feels for something sweet for energy. Where can I get a very nice and good apple pie in Bangsar area? Don’t say McDees.

Why can’t we select the candidates that we want to vote for instead? Why must it be from a political party? More saints doing work out there

Banyak sangat #Bersih tags on my timeline. Good luck Guys!

Pretty waiter girl has a very nice clean set of teeth. Now that’s sexy. And she smiles a lot. BONUS POINTS. πŸ™‚ I’m a bit shy. The cute waiter girl is in front of me. Everytime I lift up my head, she caught my eyes and smiles. I tunduk. Malu. *blush* Keeping my head down. *blush*

Dari tadi dok tenong article ni dari tadi. Aku blame BBM dan Whatsapp. You guys know who you are.

One thought on “Parliament dah tengok. Mahkamah dah tengok. Semua dah tengok. Aku pun dah tengok.”

  1. ABBY! Im having so much fun reading your work. πŸ˜€ keep it going. Thanks to you, I am inspired to continue blogging from where i left off 4 years ago.

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