Ahli politik laksana Tok Dalang, ligat bercerita, memukau si kera. Pengikut lagak kera keriangan, pantang dicabar, galak melonjak.

Morning! Detroit City Rock.

Meeting was very good. And to think I was handpicked is quite brilliant. And then Abby pergi cucuk duit masuk tempat keluar baki at the Autopay. Not so brilliant after all.

Terlelap-lelap dalam kereta. Mana wifi McDees ni?!!!

Jibby talking about engaging with the youth by holding pre-nuptial courses. Regret much, Jibby? ;-P Jibby said Barisan is a sellable brand. But why aren’t the people buying? Becos Rosmah is not leading by example. She buys LVs.

Malaysian Board of Engineers said staying in bed during earthquakes could minimise the chances of getting hurt. Very smart indeed ah?!

The greenest people are those just indulging in daun ketum. Layan syiok.

No. 1, 2, and what’s No. 3 again?

How do you wake up in the morning feeling like P.Diddy, Keisha? Oh, sorry, it’s Ke$ha. Ching ceching ching. She wants to wake up as P. Diddy and date a Mick Jagger. This teenager is whacked.

Did you know that the first black man who sings the adhan, Bilal bin Rabah is an Ethiopian?

Ah, kiddo. How I miss kiddo. She’s 21 this year. There’s a reason. Why we stop there. Just read a haiku that Kiddo wrote. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww…. I’ve always told her she could write.

Stop thinking about the ground and landing, because it’s all about falling.

Hurm. People supporting Bintang Tiga and ChinPeng. Why? I have my reason. Dad fought and protected the borders. Great grandparents burnt alive at the Beko incident. Forgive me, I’m against them. Malaysian calling themselves Malaysian while wearing and parading tshirts with the Communist leaders printed is like supporting Hitler. Memang la patut kena tahan. I understand why Abah is against all these rally, street protestors, people calling them saviours for standing up for the nation. The real soldiers who were protecting borders, sacrificing their lives and leaving families for months, tak pernah dapat such recognition. We have a generation that doesn’t even know what is Tugu Negara, never saw or appreciate Hari Pahlawan. Saddening. Kampung Bekor is among the villages that was burned by the Communist Party ruthlessly because they won’t accept Communist rule in 1946. Opah only told me the story last year. Her grandparents were burnt alive while in their home in Kampung Bekor. So you go la, support ChinPeng

I hope Opah gets better, so she can tell me more stories of my ancestors. Oral history is fascinating. People ignores them much too often. Opah also said we share a lineage that tracks back to Tok Sagor, the man who killed J.W.W. Birch. Well, Sepuntum killed him, not Tok Sagor. My Opah rocks. She was among the first and youngest teachers in her time. She started teaching when she was 12 years old.

We also lack paid concert and roadtours. I remember paying and watching Ella in concert in 1993.

Okay, forgive me for my french. But kimak aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! Janji isnin, postpone jumaat, dah nak 6pm, tak masuk masuk lagi!!!!!!!!!!! Ini dah Selasa bai!!!!! Urgh! Tak baik la tak tunai janji!

Women’s World Cup. Feisty!

PM’s & DPM’s houses’ electricity bills are costing RM5,704 a day and water bill more than RM1,092 a day. GILA APA?!??!!!!!!! Oh. That’s why we can’t afford to buy houses. We’re paying for theirs. Hah!

Okay, off to teach Benjy some Bahasa Melayu.

Baru je nak masuk Sayembara Puisi kat Kuching, tapi 18-25 je. Bangang! Look at me! I look 22 la weh!

Siapa yang sudah remixkan lagu SWV Right Here ni? Chris Brown? Ish. Aku pukul karang!

I asked Ben to include the word ‘musibah’ in his essay. He asked, “Can I put Musibah as the name of the guy?” Bijak sangat. I said yes. Aiyoh, why la my student so loyar buruk wan. Ben oh Ben.

So weird, this movie When In Rome got so many amazing actors but wth is this storyline? Wth is this story – When In Rome ??!!! One of the most stupidest storyline. Just made Kristen Bell look like b-rate actress! Wtf! Omg! Omg! Don Johnson as her dad. Angelica Houston. Danny deVito. Shaq o Neil. That Napolean Dynamite guy. All in a sucky movie?! Eiiiii, tiru scene Fellini! Urgh! Cerita paling pelik dan menghampakan! Wtf! Jangan tengok cerita When In Rome. Rasa nak sepak diri sendiri! When In Rome is like a bunch of great actors decided to, “Jom berlakon cerita yang gampang bengap once awhile jom.” Dah la guna Adele’s “Make You Feel My Love” as soundtrack! Urgh! When In Rome is like genocide of movie lovers.

Ifa Raziah berlakon jadi YB? Wtf? Is this a secret plot to kill my brain??!!

Mama got her Byond bill. Hah! Kan dah kata dah, mahal! Takde bezanya HD or not pun. Nasib dia I yang bayar bil Astro kat rumah.

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