When someone you don’t know “pokes” you on FB, do you have an option to say “WTF??!!” … Well, FB should have that option.

Slept on the couch. Abah woke me up, complaining he can’t print, something is wrong. Rupanya, the USB cable is not connected. Duh. Morning! Bet the 59 year-old university lecturer doesn’t feel so smart now. And why is he printing a bunga raya picture?

News first or Stretching first? Okay, stretching first. I need to have a flexible body to get mentally tortured. Hah.

Love how Bob Schieffer actually told Michele Bachmann off when she didn’t jawab soalan. And it sound very professional too. U.S. congress suggest that abolishing minimum wage can increase job creation. They should see Malaysia. We still have unemployment issues. At the end of the day, EVERY SINGLE POLITICIAN has their personal agenda and it’s sad to see some people follow them blindly. Corruption comes with power, like it or not. That’s why the true honest leaders does not want power.

Just because we appreciate our funny bones, doesn’t mean we’re not serious people. Funny people are mostly serious people.

Reached my 20 free NYT articles monthly limit. Cannot read NYT articles anymore. Boo!

Couldn’t find Vanity Fair at Borders the other day. Borders is starting to disappoint me. Seriously. Hari tu, GLAM pun takde. Shesshh…

Noel Coward. What a weird and sad surname.

So, Adik is ARE DEQ now?

You fight a demo with a demo. If I have it my way, do a hartal. Just sit peacefully at an area that doesn’t disrupt any activities. Find a park and just lounge. Stop all business activities. Don’t kacau the streets. Do it woodstock style. Provoking your government is just going to jeopardise your own ethics. Wearing black or yellow is not an action to clean the electoral system. Shoot me, but that’s my honest opinion. Just because I don’t vote or pay tax, doesn’t mean I’m less patriotic than you are. Just because you talk, rant and know more about political issues, doesn’t mean you’re more patriotic than I am.

Penyakit potong kuku kaki sampai sangat pendek. My doctor said it shouldn’t be that short. I disagree.

Pulling out salonpas macam wax je. Rasa naked sungguh sekarang.

This year’s mission, impregnate a gay guy with his own sperm. Hehehehehehehehehehehe…..

Huish, sedapnya bau makcik belakang masak. Kalau ikut rukun jiran, makanan yang boleh dibau jiran tetangga layak dikongsi bersama.

I wish all those rallying on 9th July the best of luck and safety. Rallying/public demonstration is against my personal principle. But I won’t impose my beliefs on others. You practice what you believe in. To Each, His Own.

No, break and berak is not the same, Abby. Wait. Maybe it is.

Khairy Jamaluddin has some charming charisma, feasible for a political career. But is he fighting for the people? I don’t think so. That’s the problem when you have elitists as politicians. They talk the talk, but they walk on a silver platter, not with the people. They will never know what it’s like to be broke, to be living like a pauper, to survival with least means. You want to be provocative? Wear a YELLOW POLKA DOT bikini during the BERSIH rally. The water guns will do everyone tremendous favour. Note to those who decided to take my advice and wear a yellow polka dot bikini for the Bersih rally, bring a pair of fluffy handcuffs too. Nak buat gossip, gua akan pergi chinese massage yang buat cupping macam bekam tu, pastu join rally, pastu kata gua kena tibai, kan?

Can’t take a joke? Kasihan.

Just read that Mahathir’s premiership was a cruel regime. Hurm. I was brought up during his tenure, fully under 21 years of his service. I never had a day that I don’t have food on my table, or the country was invaded with enemies forcing people out of their homes. I wonder if how I was brought up is actually under a cruel regime, what is the gratitude level of this country?

I was going thru my stuff. I came across your Passport picture that you let me keep. My heart breaks again. Saya rindu awak. 😦 Life goes on. Saya letak gambar awak di dalam kotak kasut tempat saya simpan semua poskad-poskad saya.


Doesn’t like how things are going. 😦 …………………….

Padma Laksmi. Y U NO grow fat in cooking shows like someone name Maria? (oooops)

I enjoy your mind. It wanders, like mine. And that makes our conversation exceptionally amazing.

Split-brain patients suffer from Alien-hand syndrome: while one hand buttons up a shirt; the other hand works to unbutton it. They sure make good drummers tho.

Homicidal somnambulism = a case of killing while sleepwalking.

Q: Is a child doing poorly at school because he is unmotivated and slow, or because there is a neurobiologically based learning disability?

Recidivism is a habitual relapse into crime.

Right after I finish my very black and strong cup of coffee, I yawn.

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