I don’t believe in marriages because it’s not for me. Plain and simple, like religion.

Selamat pagi semua. Jangan lupa buang taik mata. Sekian.

Kolonel Zulkifli, an uncle who once stayed at our house in Queenscliff, passed away while flying an acrobatic plane yesterday. Al-Fatihah.

– As a #Libra,Naturally creative and intuitive you have a way with words, written or spoken.
– As a #Libra,Tender Tact, Sincere Charm and Unflappable Diplomacy Your deepest desire is to maintain meaningful connections with people.
– As a #Libra,You are gracious, entertaining, and have a glowing appeal that naturally draws people to you.
– As a #Libra,You don’t like being put on the spot, especially if it’s on your own territory.
– #Libra Women Sexual Match : Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius
– Lesbian #Libra Women Sexual Match : Leo, Sagittarius

Abah bought manggis. Manggis be my most favourite local fruit, durian only comes after that.

Kalau lu olang ingat wa tipu, satgi wa twitpic from atas bumbung. Dah pernah panjat 2 kali dah. Rasa sungguh gagah.

Don’t critic party, target on the politicians. Diaorang yang hampeh. UMNO ke, PKR ke, Apa ke, yang bezanya is the dumbass politicians.

Apparently BlackBerry can also do internet tethering via Tether, an app that costs US$29.90. Better get an Android and iPhone for built-in.

Couldn’t find my white Zara highcuts. Siapa ambil kasut aku ni??!!

Oh, today a year after Michael left us is it?

They’re playing the Party Rock Anthem. You know what would be cool? If everyone starts a shufflin’ flashmob.

Idle. Dan. Mengantuk. Baby dykes. Abundance. Amboi, sedapnya kau bukak baju tengah laman bang. Badan yang tak seberapa tu takyah la nak tunjuk-tunjuk. Nampak kusam je. Just saw some real otai skinheads.

Dear Self, you will die soon. From this crowd.

Even the Arabs pun tak paksa anak kecil mereka pakai hijab. I’ve seen a makcik Melayu buat anak 9 year old dia pakai tudung and kaftan. Gila. A pak arab walk hand in hand with his teenager son. Sweet. We don’t have that much affection among the Malays.

My adik-adik will have to endure a long tiring lecture on the way home for making me wait an hour after I called them to wrap up!

I got Najwa’s “Jealousy” to soothe my soul in the mean time.

“Jealousy. Has taken over me. I can’t let nobody. Take you away from me. Jealousy. Has got me going crazy. Can’t let go of my baby.”

There are 2 types of people I don’t befriend. Fakes. Haters. And Akon.

They played a Kelantanese dangdut. “Saye bagimu, suko-suko.” And before that, I was literally singing to Kopi Dangdut. Pecah lobang mak!

Time to set out my playlist! I’m not running a marathon. It’s just 10km. It’s not a marathon. šŸ™‚

Hai Unifi, buffering ke?

LL Cool J. Your body is a SIN. No one should have packs like that. NO ONE.

Telur di hujung tanduk. Sengetkan sikit tanduk tu. Tengok telur tu stabil atau tidak. I’m very happy with my iPod shuffle playlist. Now. Now. Tanduk, come on!

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