A movie dialogue stated that the vagina is a moist cavity between the legs. Ni bangsa kencing tak basuh ke?

Good Morning all. Started my day with a very intense 30SX chat. Yeah, interpret it all you want. Breakfast time!

Just watched the Barbara Streisand by Duck Sauce videoclip. Don’t know if this is more disturbingly hilarious than moist cavity or not. Just saw Carrie Underwood’s sexy legs. Contemplating if I should go out or back to bed now. *coughs* Noticed Sheila E was doing the percussions for Marc Anthony’s performance in AI performance. Sheila E is the bomb! Sheila E is the ultimate sex force! Anyone can play amazingly brilliant percussions with a hot body and short dress WIN!!!

OMG, just saw a clip from Indonesian Idol. I am so ashamed of all of our singing contests now. You put half of all Akademi Fantasia finalists also cannot compare. Their finalist sounds like recording artists!

What I would give to go to a Sade concert.

The only reason I would tint my windows is if I’m going to shag people in it. ‘It’ being my car la.

That amazing feeling when the speeding fucker behind you had to go to the middle lane wanting to overtake you but a slow uncle in front him. Makes you want a sticker saying “Fast huh? Why are you still at my ass, Bitch!”

The one great thing about my BB is my BBM group chat. Amazing Cekopes! Love them to bits!

Come on Celcom, process faster will you?! Okay, let me finish this DiGi credit first.

Oh the Belgian A. C., how I miss you correcting my english in my SRI reports. But you’re a client, so be it. I oblige.

So I’m not getting the cheque today just because you’re not in the office??!! I believe rezeki itu di tangan Tuhan tapi tak baik disekat. You’re lucky that I’m a very very patient person. There’s one thing I don’t believe in fighting against, which is TIME and FATE. You’re lucky that I’m the kind of person who believes that you only pay me when I deliver my work, so I’m paid for my effort, not before. Maybe I am that ignorant hippie who does not have any security in terms of wealth. But everyday, I’m blessed with food, shelter and love.

Dear Europeans, in Asia Pacific, executives are not managers. Please don’t fucking say my comments are irrelevant you retarded imbeciles!

The only thing good today is that vege boy is handling this very well, has been very respectful and nice to me. 5 points for vegeboy! Re-do my report? Perkara kecil. Gonna shove it down your inbox ass when you start your day, Brussels!

Lapar macam gampang. Off to Shah Alam to pick up baby sis and her dirty laundry.

Fiqah asked if I wanted to use her lipstick sambil kata, “Ini kaler naked.” I replied, “Baik Kak Yang buka baju je, Fiqah.”

Baby sis just told me, some of her friends asked if I’m her mom. And she said, “Yalah, my second mom lorr.” We just danced in the poetry aisle after reading out loud Allen Ginsberg’s HOWL. In Borders The Curve. I’m fun like that.

A friend once met Liya Kebede in a market at Sudan, she just finished a shoot and they chatted. So I’m 2 degrees away from Liya Kebede? ;-P

I just winked at the kakak tol yang ranggi. Hope she doesn’t get the wrong message. That wasn’t me flirting. Me flirting is words.

Approached by another headhunter for another CSR job. Hurm. Gonna have a chat on it and see what’s it all about next week.

Gonna collate some pieces of poems here and there into a very long one, behold, I shall pull a howl. Just got an idea for my next poetry artwork. Pieces of writings on square plate of mirrors. How bout that for reflection of emotions?

People who can’t find the humour in life, will find it hard to enjoy the happyness in adversity.

Ah, drama Melayu in the cafe! Are you guys ready??!! Ala, cannot live commentary la. 1. Saya membelakangi TV. 2. Saya mahu makan.

Just added a lot of (negative) tips for Suria Cafe Station in Bandar Baru Selayang. You wait your turn, aaa other premises. Orang selalu ingat aku tak banyak cakap, aku budak baik, tak banyak soal. Okay, maybe bukan orang dalam Twitter la kot.

Well hello My Celcom. Finally.

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