Nearly cried trying to remember something which is not even there. *sigh* #signsofoldage

Assalamualaikum all. Good morning! Hope you start your day with peace in your heart, good thoughts and some loving!

Web twitter gone bonkers. Okay, I go continue work. Or maybe get some coffee first. Last 2 weeks of being a freelancer. Can work in boxers.

NATO did it again! Airstrike aiming for Khoweildi al-Hamidi did not kill Hamidi, but only three of his young granddaughters. Syabas! Who’s behind NATO again? Obama administration of course. Obama go help kids in Africa and kill kids in Middle East is it? NATO’s comment – The alliance added, “While NATO cannot confirm reports of casualties, we would regret any loss of civilian life.” “NATO maintains that the objective of its mission is to prevent Colonel Qaddafi from harming Libyans opposed to his rule.” By killing people? Right now it’s NATO harming the Libyans. Gaddafi is only playing hide and seek.

Malaysia’s Rukun Negara require its people to Percaya kepada Tuhan. Does the Rukun Negara denounce atheists? Interesting ponder huh? In that case, I, myself would be revoked of my citizenship cos I don’t pledge to “Kesetiaan kepada Raja.” Why would I be loyal to him? I am loyal to the social workers and advocates who runs around like crazy trying to save humanity. Not blueblood who lives of luxury titles. Our Rukun Negara was written when the monarch is part of the country’s administration, i.e. Tunku Abdul Rahman was Prime Minister. Okay, I’ll stop my morning thoughts here. Not a fan of the monarchy, except for the adat istiadat which I find rich in culture.

Lakum dinukum waliaddin. To you your Way, and to me, Mine.

For countries that have been founded by missionaries (or the likes), it’s hard to separate the religion and state. Thought provoking ponders before 9am. Wait til 9pm. Wait la. Lets see who unfollows. Not that I care, funny to see how Twitter works. You have marketing spambots and sex spambots to follow you. You have people you don’t know who follows you so you follow them back. Weirdkan

Hans Isaac ni zaman dulu-dulu sikit punya hensem. Now dah … tak berapa hensem. 🙂 Siapa ingat Bonnie Sta Maria. Dulu gua pergi tengok wayang kat Lido Melaka, Sutera Putih. Shima tak best berlakon. Tapi Bonnie……… Bonnie Sta Maria macam model Brylcream/Code10. Ala pakai seluar jeans ketat dan singlet putih pastu ada air splashing sikit. *air liur leleh

The God I believe in tells us to Read, Read, Read. Thus why I read. I don’t know about other Gods though. But don’t be afraid to Read.

How come my Unifi phone can’t call 1-300 number?

Bassists are sexy.

Okay, Sarah Lian is DAMN HOT. *sabar Abby, sabar, sabar* I just lost track of what the hell I got to do for today. Damn you Hotness Goddess called Sarah Lian! There’s now 8 Sins. The last one starts with a S and ends with an N. *can’t breathe* *can’t breathe* Can someone just RT my Sarah Lian is hot tweet and tag her. *shameless* *lost self-dignity over superficiality* Okay, obsession with Sarah Lian has dimmed out. Finally. I have very short attention span. Sekejap je. Now, who’s next? It was like orgasm. Or sex. 10 minutes je cukup. Then … next!!

Is there a digi centre at the curve? Is there a Digi Centre in TTDI? TTDI has from U Mobile to Celcom to Maxis, a Jasima chain and 2 Secret Recipes BUT NO DiGi Centre. How bout that?!

Mengantuk juga. Asked R out for a date. She got tournament. Dammit!

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