I’m glad I get to see and know most of my Dad’s flaws and still accept and love him for who he is.

Assalamualaikum all! Good morning!! Still wrapped in my pink blankie.

– Because a #Libra woman,is usually so attractive and charming, it is difficult for men to appreciate her talents and intellect.
– While #Libras, dislike conflict, their need for perfection can sometimes make them a little over-critical of the people around them.
– You can trust in a #Libra word because their reputation upholds it well.
– A #Libra gains wisdom as time goes by. They never take for granted nor are they hasty in their decision making.

I feel sorry for the Astro customer service who had to deal with my Mom. Sorry ye dik/kak/bang/nyah. Took over the phone from my Mom. Avoiding her BP naik. And cos I’m stupidly born with utter patience for Malaysian customer service. I guess I’m stupidly born with patience for everything. Rejection, lover falling for someone else, Malaysian customer service, being doormat.

Pak Zami, you’re off to your final rest. Terima kasih kerana menghiburkan kami dari kecil hingga kami dewasa. Al-Fatihah.

Hurm…. For Father’s Day, we kissed Abah. That’s the only thing we can afford right now. Last December I bought my first sports toto, I became my dad’s daughter. This year I will join Universiti Pertahanan. I am my dad’s daughter. Next year I’ll start buying secondhand cars. By 40, I’ll grow a moustache like the Colonel.

Masa kat asrama, ramai orang suka main nama bapak. People call me Bogebo bcos of Latif Borgiba who’s not even my dad! Redha. At campus, senior gave weird nicknames during orientation week. I was Abby Oscar de la Hoya. I don’t sing latin ballads or box.

Am not gonna henna my hair black anymore. Luntur dan menjadikan uban saya berwarna merah. Felt like aunty now. Shitz!

Worst ever gay character played on screen, Christina Ricci in Monsters. SO NOT BELIEVABLE. Okay, the next one is Jennifer Lopez in Gigli. Turkey time?! WTF?

Titah raja titah berdaulat, jika diingkar, tulah padahnya. Penderitaan rakyat sudah tak cukup tempat, dimanakah titah pertahan bangsa?

Is Malaysia a member of the United Nations Human Rights Council? Oh, okay, Malaysia will attain its membership of the Human Rights Council in 2013. Wah, until then, we’ll all be suppressed of our rights.

Xenophobia ialah xenofobia bermaksud perasaan sangat takut atau benci terhadap orang asing. Tiada kena mengena dengan Xena Warrior Princess.

Okay, somebody needs a trip to the MPO and enjoy the orchestra soon. I miss it. That’s my desired luxury.

Need a hat rack soon. Catching a fever of buying one too many newspaperboy caps.

Meant to say, THIS IS FUN, not this is ONE. Hence why, makcik gersang. ;-P

I would’ve done it if I have a proper partner, a proper home and a stable job. InsyaAllah.

The govt website hacks katanya menyusahkan rakyat sendiri. Sudahlah. Asalkan weekend je, site down. Webmaster govt. tak kerja weekend.

Saw a BBM status: The sweet escape would be in your arms… | Altogether now, AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW………………..

I used to be a planner, planning my whole life ahead of me. Then. 2 years ago. I decided to become a hippy. I quit my job. Then, life begin. I am proud of myself for taking that chance, for having to do what I have done. I had lived a life of a pauper. With RM5 a week. In KL. I guess, once you’ve lived your life with the least means, you appreciate life is moderation much more. Thus why I learn how to control my smoking. There were times, for a week, I can’t afford to buy a pack of ciggie.

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