The things that makes me cry

Life. Feelings. Emotions.

There are times when I can just sit down, smell and listen to nothing. Completely nothing. Like a vacuum in space. And it makes me weep. For nothing. Because in the absence of everything, the presence of nothingness becomes overwhelming. And it makes me cringe, it makes me nervous, it gives me goosebumps.

The divinity in the smallest thing. I hold so close to my dear heart. Sometimes, I’m lost in my thoughts. Sometimes, my thoughts lost in me. And in that losing, I found something else. Serendipity. But how do you explain serendipity on something intangible. How does a feeling, an emotion, account to serendipitous findings?

In loneliness and silence, I weep and weep inside my heart. For something I don’t know. Sometimes, I weep for something I know, but at the end of it, I figured, was it the reason why these tears fall down? Or could it be these tears wanted to run away from the thought, that it not only run, but flew away from the memory stuck in my brain?

The beauty of existence exists in the abyss of nothingness.

Ah, what deep thoughts you throw me, dear Lord.

If only this heart could carry the burden of thinking, and this brain could carry the burden of feeling.

And maybe.

Just maybe.

The bowel could flush it all out as simply as poo.

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