As a Libra, sex offers you the opportunity to blend your dualistic appreciation for beauty together both the artistic and the physical.

Cerita Precious ni membuatkan aku nak bunuh ramai orang sebab geram.

I understand now. A President is the Head of State and a Prime Minister is the Head of Government.

The UN stated that May 15 is the International Day of Families. Good for kahwin? 🙂

There’s this movie on StarMovies playing on TV. And when I heard the white guy tries speaking Malay, I was distracted. Kelakar.

Apparently it was Indonesian. But sounds more like Malay. Or, whatever.

cada uno con lo suyo – to each his own. 🙂

Reading makes you feel stupid. Because you are not well-read. Yes, I’m talking about you, Abby.

Website kerajaan. Ahad webmaster cuti. Sebab hari ahad orang kerajaan tak masuk website kerajaan? *sigh*

Twitter web archive can only take me back until April 20th. Hurm… 25 days.

It’s 10pm already? Holy brown chicken brown cow!

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