With a Libra it is always the idea that counts, the idea of perfect Justice or perfect Balance.

F it! I don’t have pants to wear for an interview! Urgh!

Assalamualaikum and Selamat Pagi Earthlings on Twitter. You guys be good and kind now.

Anon ialah Bukan Nama Sebenar.

Good lord. Just had an interview for 90 minutes in a room temperature of 15 degrees celcius! I’m defrosting. Wearing a kurta. Not suitable for 15 degrees celcius. My brain is an ice berg. My body, an ice sculpture.

Lepaking with Abah and his friend. They were smoking since in the room until now at the canteen. And me? I behave(ing).

I love you from the bottom of my pencil case.

Randomly opening different browser because I’m ADLE. I mean IDLE. what the fak.

If a country has a President and a Prime Minister, siapa lebih tinggi pangkat dia? Is it like a CEO and a Chairman?

Bukak je annual report terus aku terlelap. Apakah ini satu petanda?

SIngapore has a President and a Prime Minister? Is it like one useless Head of State and the other rules like a King?

Going through Woodside Petroleum annual report. Saw Tan Sri Megat Zainuddin as one of the directors. I remembered eating at a table with him when he was the Chairman for Maxis. Such a nice laid-back chap. My manager told him, “This is our new intern.” and he looked at me and chuckled. Rasa macam lauk mentah masa tu.

Wait, and thou shalt be compensated.

I’m too smart until Stupidity is my escapism. I’m too resourceful until ignorance is an indeed Bliss.

The best thing is that I can call the person I love ‘a slut’ and she ‘sucks’ with all honesty. But of course, with love.

g u a m e n g a n t u k d o w h .

Friend who just had c-section last Friday wanted Pizza. Haih. Ada masanya aku nak lempang je kawan aku sorang ni. Tapi dia tahu aku sayang dia. Kalau aku lempang pun, kami akan gelak bersama-sama. Defeat purpose.

cockroach! i kill yu!

Men should be grateful that they’re not my preferred life partners. If not, I would’ve gave them, hell. Like HELL.

Meeting Jay Redza after soooo damn long! Rindu pulak.