When the decisive Libra decides to redress an imbalance you better look out because some heads are gonna roll.

I always liked Louise from Eternal. 😉

My family, we moved every 3 years when we were growing up. Music helped us remember the places and era of the lives we lived. Arrested Development reminds me of Yik Foong in Ipoh. Me and Muid will go there to get our comics. I was 11, he was 14. I remember we moved from Kuching to Melaka. I would save tons of syilings to call Kuching via public phone to call my BF then, Amydzweina.

And I was in love with Jon B. No, I lied. I wanted Jon B, AND that model. ;-P Someone To Love was our time in Kem Terendak, Melaka. My evening walks by the Tanjung Bidara beach. I was 14. First time in boarding school.

Morning. I baru bangun. Siapa nak join I lunch kat PJ new town and get free eye check by an optometrist? (did I spelled it right?)


#childhoodmemories Asal tukar sekolah je, mesti dapat tempat terakhir dalam kelas although it’s the first class.

#childhoodmemories Christopher Pike’s Remember Me series. 🙂

#childhoodmemories Salma Hamid. Nancy Drew Malaysia.

Oh, Musa Hitam is the Chairman of Sime Darby Berhad is it? Didn’t know that.

Period cramp and driving to PJ from Selayang. Aku memang suka cabaran. This cramp is crampin’ my style. Now i look like someone about to give birth.

At Saravanaa Bhavan and the cramps are not helping. I am so quiet, it’s so weird. Verbally quiet, I mean.

“You want me. Well fucking come and find me. I’ll be waiting with a gun and a pack of sandwiches.” #nowplaying The Talk Show.

Ya Allah, mengantuknya. Is it the chappati I had earlier???? Or it’s the cramps??

It’s that humid hot that the only tan you get is in the shade of a frown.

I dreamed of chocolate cake in my nap just now. It’s a clear prophecy.

Someone came across my blog and emailed me asking if I was a writer. But … WHICH BLOG?

I just had a hour nap at 5pm. WTF am I sleepy again still? I seriously think now that it is a sickness, a disease!

This asking-asking Question on FB, why people ask-ask question? Google tak boleh ke? Daripada ask on FB, baik belanja aku kopi, aku jawab.

Wah. Closure.

Hate it when me kaki kotor! Rasa nak nangis sampai dapat basuh dan sabun!

Mia Wasikowska. Will you marry me? We go to Brasil, nak? Some bossa nova, some caipirinha, muchos muchos amor…

Baca tweets pastu gelak kecil sorang-sorang.

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