We ken. I ken. Yu ken. Tapi Malaysia? Malaysia boleh.

All these Ministers takde kerja lain then visiting pembukaan cawangan UMNO ke? Ada banyak lagi social issues to attend to, no?
– 00:38

Wearing a 10 year old jeans that still look big on me. Have I not grown up at all?
– 08:20

When the hawk goes down, it’s no mo.
– 08:25

My brain is small and my vocabulary is limited. But not everyone can play around with word.
– 08:27

It’s not about memorising the dictionary. It’s about using the right words.
– 08:29

Okay, must stay away from politics talk. Politics drain out your soul. Politicians can be the cruelest human beings at times.
– 10:02

Why cruel? They are able to shit and spit at their own mother if the mother doesn’t support their political agendas. And that’s a fact.
– 10:03

Okay, why is it I can’t access my sectors! France doing site maintenance? But it’s like freaking 4am there!
– 10:07

France is closing my access to active sectors. So what now? I can’t do work? So how? Do I eat sand and be merry?
– 10:12

Just on the day I’m so perked up to finish it all. Selalu macam ni tau.
– 10:13

broke. dog. bone.
– 10:21

Went to office at 10. System down. Liaison guy in Brussels is away til May 13. I’m heading home to be in my boxers pants now.
– 10:45

Malaysia is so cool, even our Orang Utan smokes.
– 10:46

Malaysia is so cool, even our MPs watch porn beramai-ramai with exclusive screening summore.
– 10:49

Malaysia is so cool, even our Minister wanna sue Twitter.
– 10:50

Malaysia is so cool, we slow down to see why a biker parks by the roadside but we don’t stop for people crossing the zebracrossing.
– 10:51

Malaysia so cool, we have a public holiday every month, we take medical leave, emergency leave, and also 4 meal breaks everyday.
– 11:28

Malaysia so cool, we complain about the heat but nobody uses solar energy.
– 11:31

Malaysia so cool, we can tweet 24/7 and still manage to eat, sleep, do work, have coffee with friends, have lovers, have a life. NOT.
0 11:38

*drumroll* ……………………………………………………………. Masa lunch sudah tamat!
– 13:26

We ken. I ken. Yu ken. Tapi Malaysia? Malaysia boleh.
– 13:27

My air laici has become ais laici.
– 13:34

Apparently, I have balls. But we’ll see how easily those non-existing balls can crush my own ego. We’ll see. SOON-ish.
– 14:03

Sweating like a pig. Even though I never see a pig sweats. Or how a sweat from a pig looks like. We human beings like to assume.
– 14:45

*crying for the Ugandans* Please lord don’t let them execute the people just because they wanted to love beyond limitations. 😦
– 14:50

Saya nak pergi berlari kat taman. Bye.
– 18:07

Aiiihhh, kenak kau tok, sik madah pun.
– 21:38

I’m anal and absentminded. Still love me or not?
– 21:42

Malaysia so cool that our kids are shaped by the MTV and our politicians’ life plot imitates a Hollywood screenplay.
– 22:36

“In a sky full of people, only some want to fly, isn’t that crazy? In a world full of people, only some want to fly, isn’t that crazy?”
– 22:39

“Cause even the impossible, is easy when we got each other. One day we’re gonna get so high.”
– 23:08

Oh, this is more millennium, not so 90s. Telepopmusik is also millennium.
– 23:14

“If this ain’t love, why does it feel so good?”
– 23:14

K.D. Lang once dated Leisha Hailey who played Alice Pieszecki in The L Word. πŸ™‚ I should’ve dated Leisha Hailey. ;-P
– 23:20

The original version of Shame that Zhane did was by Evelyn ‘Champagne’ King. It was featured in Sex and the City’s ppilot episode.
– 23:26

They played it in the club, during the closing scene, where Carrie first saw Mr. Big. I remembered the scene vividly because I LOVE THE SONG
– 23:26

“I can’t get enough, enough of that magic touch. Love is in my heart, keep tearing the rules apart.”
– 23:28

The first time I saw the videoclip, I fell in love with Linda Evangelista AND Christy Turlington. πŸ™‚
– 23:36

Oh Helena… Topless Helena………………..
– 23:42

Remember when Chris Isaak cameo in F.R.I.E.N.D.S. as a singer in the Central Perk and went out with Phoebe? πŸ™‚
– 23:44

A song about a horny delores? Beats Prince’s pussy control. Hahahaha.
– 23:47

In the music video, Delores couldn’t get Prince to bed, so she went to the Lady DJ and got laid! Haha.
– 23:49

Btw, did you know Prince wrote and performed Sinead O Conner’s “Nothing Compares 2 U”? πŸ˜‰
– 23:49

Ah come on, you don’t know P.M. Dawn??? ;-P
– 23:52

I could be a 90s Radio DJ. ;-P
– 23:55

“We’ll try to stay blind to the hope and fear outside. Hey child, stay wilder than the wind and blow me in to cry….”
– 23:58

I was 11. ;-P
– 23:59

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