If you marry me, You probably got the wrong person.

ASEAN leaders closes summit with agreeing to bla bla bla bla. Where’s the implementations? Ad-hoc committees to carry out executions??
– 00:15

The establishment of ASEAN Institute for Peace and Reconciliation. Hope they recruit young bright ones soon.
– 00:16

Bye-bye. I get ready to go work now.
– 07:12

Just opened my Linkedin. A senior manager in Dell just contacted me about a job offer! WTF! Why did I open it late??!!
– 09:25

The Greeks didn’t write obituaries. They only asked one question after a man died – “Did he have passion?”
– 09:28

Quite overwhelmed that I was head-hunted by Linkedin. Apparently my CSR background is quite good enough. I wish I would’ve seen it earlier.
– 09:30

🙂 … The fact that I’m headhunted is good enough of a flattery for today. I never thought I’m worthy of a corporate position.
– 09:36

And what does a daddy’s girl do when she get such offer. She informs her Dad who then called her on her broken mobile which made her scream.
– 09:39

My dad is so formal, that he ended the call with, “Kita discuss at home. Thanks.” … So formal.
– 09:42

Like that time when I overused the housephone and he pasted a note at the lights switch “Sila maklum. Telefon rumah untuk kegunaan kecemasan
– 09:42

Followed up via email. *fingers-crossed*
– 10:08

“Are you gonna be, say you gonna be, are you gonna be, say you gonna be, still in love with me.” – A House is not a Home. 🙂
– 10:37

“One way or another, I’m gonna see you, I’m gonna meet cha meet cha meet cha…” #nowplaying Blondie – One Way or Another
– 10:50

“Oh lover boy, I know you too well. And all of my lonely secrets to you I tell.” #nowplaying Driving by Everything But The Girl
– 11:00

“The sun is in my heart, and I’m ready for love.” #nowplaying Jamie Cullum – Singin’ in the Rain.
– 11:15

“If you love me like you say you do. Wouldn’t you show me, just how much you knew.” #nowplaying Mint Condition
– 11:32

Some ‘Latisha’ emailed me saying she had some new nude photos for me. What? You think I’m THAT desperate?
– 11:58

🙂 … Still thinking of your smile.
– 12:10

“In high definition, I’m dreaming of you. With my disposition, I’m losing my cool.” #nowplaying Coffee by Yuna.
– 12:12

Infatuation. It’s not even funny.
– 12:17

It makes you do stupid things. And make you look stupid.
– 12:18

And I just did. Something. Probably will be considered stupid.
– 12:19

Saya nak tersenyum sipu malu seharian. Walaupun awak tak nampak dan tak tahu.
– 12:31

“Oh di manakah dirimu. Ingin ku mengungkapkan, semua rasa cinta yang aku rasakan.” #nowplaying Rindu Ini by Warna
– 13:29

“Some people go around the world for love. But they never find what they’re dreaming of.” #nowplaying Bobby Caldwell.
– 13:32

“Move a little close to me, you owe it to yourself. And I will selfishly take a little for myself, and it’s because of you.” #nowplaying
– 13:41

DELL has a disclosure on non-discrimination particularly highlighting the LGBT community! WTF! I wanna work here now!!!
– 13:49

Menggeletar. Tahan marah. Tahan lapar. Nobody f*cking touch me let alone breathe in my space right now. I need composure.
– 14:52

Late for a meeting. Late-ish. Late-lah.
– 17:55

Alahai produser gua, ke hulu ke hilir macam sibuk sangat je. And the person I’m meeting is stuck in anaother meeting, so meeting someone els
– 18:09

I’m pretty much zombified. Hurm. And only had half a sandwich for lunch. Good thing I’m calmer than before.
– 18:10

What a brief meeting without confirmation again. I need advice with this production gig.
– 18:25

Times like these reminds me of you. Sigh.
– 18:35

I forgot to bring a pen? What nonsense is this?!
– 18:49

Kopi at Chawan, Bangsar. Jom?
– 18:53

Looking at the screen like I need glasses. No, i don’t need reading glasses. Yet.
– 19:30

– 22:25

#ifyoumarryme You probably got the wrong person.
– 22:41

Talk with Dad. *scary*
– 23:18

“Better be careful with all this market-driven companies” – wise word from Abah. 😦
– 23:25

– 23:28

He’s making sense, that’s the most scary part.
– 23:30

Abah is talking about flexible working hours. Abah. My 35 year-serving ex government officer dad.
– 23:38

Aftermath long talk with Abah. All I can think of is to not forget to bring pen to work. 😐
– 23:42

And you know the scary part, I told some friends in December, that I see myself in a university by July.
– 23:43

And things I’ve foreseen always happen. Like how I put shelf life on every one of my previous job.
– 23:43

After the talk with me, Abah went out for a cigarette. That heavy meh, talking to his stubborn daughter?
– 23:56

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