Bladder… Is… About… To… Burst… Pretty… Soon…

Do you believe in afterlife?
– 00:22

“Isn’t everything we do in life, is a way to be loved a little bit more?” – Celine #beforesunrise #movieline
– 00:43

“You know me, I’m the most harmless person. The only person I can hurt is myself.” – Celine #beforesunrise #movieline My exact sentiment.
– 00:52

Okay fine, I won’t promote myself cos y’all won’t be impressed. But Redza Minhat is slammin’ tonight with us. That oughta interested you?
– 09:29

I got too excited, I spelled Slam as Salm. But it’s okay. Terkelendat lidah adalah perkara biasa bagi pemuisi.
– 09:44

If you guys say, “Ah, I’m not just going for cute guys like Redza Minhat. I love poetry so I’m going for that.” Then come for poetry! πŸ˜‰
– 09:47

Last night I had Before Sunrise and Before Sunset on loop while I was sleeping. Somehow rather, it was nice to wake up to people talking. πŸ™‚
– 09:53

People have been asking for my namecard and I normally don’t bring any. This time, I’m gonna write it down on pieces of paper. RECYCLE! πŸ™‚
– 09:59

Everytime I shower and wear decent clothes, Mama would ask, “Adik nak pergi mana?”. Hurm. I don’t know what this means.
– 10:20

Either I look like a wreck when I’m bumping at home, or she actually wants me out.
– 10:20

Bila Mother’s Day ni? Hari ni ke esok?
– 13:11

iPhone just autocorrect my ‘semangat’ as ‘arms gay’.
– 13:14

Mengkawan? I mean, menjawab. Stupid auto correct!
– 13:21

– 14:12

Vanila ice cream with ice cream soda!
– 14:27

I’m so lazy to go teach tuition at 4pm! And it’s in PJ! And it’s so effing hot! And I’m sticky with sweats!
– 15:05

Prolly gonna make Ben write an essay about “Kemarau”.
– 15:06

Okay, hari pakai singlet.
– 15:12

#nowplaying You Found A Way – Tortured Soul. A brilliant nu acidic jazzy group where the drummer is the vocalist.
– 17:57

Okay, starting to get nervous cos I think I might change my poem tonight. Takleh lawan sorang otai, sorang lagi pelakon gilaan ramai. 😦
– 18:12

I think I just lost niche in cuteness tonight. Dammit!
– 18:13

Layan Az Yet punya Care for Me pun tak mungkin menenangkan jiwa yang gementar.
– 18:15

Tried to write something non-related to love and immediately as if it’s someone elses’ shoes.
– 18:21

Feeling so fly like a G6.
– 18:29

#nowplaying I Want You – Marvin Gaye. πŸ™‚ But I want you to want me too, just like I want you.
– 18:35

“Some people need their fears, they think it makes life clear. No one’s on Earth is alone, but everyone’s on their own.” – Pure by Blue Six
– 18:58

#nowplaying Razzamatazz by Quincy Jones. πŸ˜‰
– 19:19

Bladder… Is… About… To… Burst… Pretty… Soon…
– 19:23

I didn’t read the poem I’m supposed to read.
– 23:52