Don’t push it

Had a weird dream last night. It was too weird that I almost wore a terracotta army suit.
– 08:58

Plus, I need to realise that apparently some people can’t stay friends after you had a short fling/scandal with them. Wake up Abby!
– 09:00

Suddenly I’m not important anymore. *sigh* Such is life.
– 09:14

See, you put a Woman to govern a country, and she’ll be like a loving mother, taking care of her kids.
– 09:38

I’m just saying. It’s about time we need a Woman Prime Minister. And I’m not talking bout Kak Mah.
– 09:38

It’s okay. Tak important pun takpe. My tummy’s still flat. 🙂
– 10:06

Maybe I should just remain as your stalker. It’s easier you not knowing than me not loved.
– 10:10

Gonna follow 5 random followers I don’t know and haven’t followed. Cos it’s Follow Fri Day.
– 10:11

My skinny jeans is getting lose. I blame the washing machine.
– 10:35

Kosmik kembara has a flower bottle. My car has flowers! All i need now is to make it a fully wifi mobile.
– 10:55

Al-Fatihah to Yasmin. Rest in peace, Ma’am.
– 11:35

One more i wanted to share. I pernah bertukang buat reban ayam with my dad for our ayam katik, jamal and jenab.
– 11:47

Sanjay Leela Bansali’s favourite scene is to have Aishwarya Rai running throughout the hallways of the mansion while crying kot.
– 12:29

Dil Ne Yeh Kaha Hai Dil Se. Mohabat Ho Kai He Tum Se.
– 12:30

Gonna have lunch with my former colleagues. An Indian Bengali, a Malay Filipino, a Korean and a Danish. Almost like an international buffet.
– 12:58

And now I’m listening to a Japanese song by Genki Sudo.
– 13:00

I love that about Malaysia. If you open your mind, the world is right here. 🙂
– 13:07

I still wonder why people feels restricted by culture. There’s no longer Ali, Ah Chong, Raju anymore.
– 13:09

I want to make an artistic shortfilm like George Michael’s ‘Spinning the Wheel’ videoclip. About love, lust, music, and passion. 🙂
– 13:11

“You got a thing bout danger, ain’t you get what you want from me? You got a thing bout strangers, baby ain’t that what we used to be?”
– 13:12

“Is it just a silly game. That forces you to act this way. Forces you to scream my name. And then pretend that you can’t stay.” #nowplaying
– 13:17

You know what I miss. Colourful soft drinks from Sugarbun in Kuching. Used to go there after school if we have afternoon activities. 🙂
– 13:21

“I keep letting you back in. How can I explain myself. As painful as thing has been. I just can’t be with no one else.”
– 13:25

Did I just typed ‘cheap bear’ instead of ‘cheep beer’? Either one lah. ;-P
– 13:33

War criminals are immortal. They’re like vampires. Or like the villains in bollywood movies. Takkan mati punya.
– 16:57

Stuck in traffic and wanna pee badly. At times like these I wish I have a penis. Boleh pancut dalam botol je.
– 16:59

Just woke up from a nap. Driving to visit a friend at the hospital. My brain is still asleep. *yawn*
– 20:04

“How you gonna if you really don’t wanna dance, by standing on the wall? Get your back of the wall. Get down on it.”
– 20:13

Farisa: thanks abby for being my driver. I’ll be your driver one day. | me: one day je? | farisa: don’t push it.
– 22:35

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