“Dirimu hadir, bagaikan sinar menerangi jalanku.” – Harvey Malaiholo

Assalamualaikum, and Good Day all. Will be at the International Women Day closing ceremony this morning and recite a few poems. πŸ™‚
– 07:14

Wish me luck. My nerves will get the better of me, and like my Darjah 2 story telling competition, I can potentially cry on stage.
– 07:15

I blamed the dusty props when I was 8. Dunno what to blame this time around
– 07:15

I had my Dad rushed to the school thinking I got hit by my athsma during the competition. I never told him the true story, stage fright.
– 07:17

I was already a great liar at 8. Imagine now.
– 07:17

I’m so nervous, I am using a hairdryer for my hair. I know! What hair?!
– 07:29

Lets see if I can pull off a skinny jeans with white loafers at a formal event.
– 07:45

Kak fariha on TV3, won best Documentary on her story on Merapi while the volcano erupts!
– 08:04

She was still reporting while the van was running away from the erupting volcano! It’s amazing. She was scared to tears and reporting.
– 08:04

I miss Kak Fariha. When I was 13, she was 14, we used to take long strolls around our neighbourhood in Kem Terendak and talk.
– 08:05

Usually anak askar memang tough. Most of the Majalah 3 reporters are anak askar. πŸ™‚
– 08:06

Puspa on the other hand, won Best Story on her coverage on homelessness. Amazing journalism. She followed and talked to them.
– 08:07

Even followed them to the garbage bin where they picked and searched for breakfast. Saddening. These are the stories we should tell the mass
– 08:07

While people are lining up for iPad2, there are people rummaging the dustbin and eat your KFC drumstick leftovers. 😦
– 08:08

I vow, the day I own a BMW, is the day there’s 0 homeless people in our country. You see this first on Twitter.
– 08:11

(that’s also cos I will never be rich enough to own a BMW)
– 08:12

The state of this country is saddening. I know everyone have their own life circumstances. But, the system should help. We should help.
– 08:13

The day that I first watched the film Selubung, was the day that I wanted to be somewhat of a humanitarian. And that was in 1994. I was 12.
– 08:14

Okay folks. Take a minute and ask God (or whoever you believe in), to make everyone HONEST and SINCERE so we have a better world.
– 08:17

Didn’t mean to offend anyone owning a BMW. Just so happen that’s one of my dream car, the X5. And it’s just my stupid personal pledge. Sorry
– 08:44

I seriously think U.S. is purposely making Pakistan look bad in world media. Pakista have lost more lives due to terrorism lah. Back off.
– 08:46

I did it, trembling and nervous and trying to not cry. πŸ™‚ Still trembling. Dammit.
– 11:20

#nowplaying Sesaat Kau Hadir – Harvey Malaiholo. “Dirimu hadir, bagaikan sinar menerangi jalanku.”
– 13:54

Brand’s Essence of the Chicken is not helping. Hurm. Guess I got the coward chicken extracts. Or the lazy ones. Didn’t get the hyper ones.
– 14:07

#nowplaying Gold – Interference. “And I love her so. I wouldn’t trade her for gold.”
– 14:14

Postcards from Nepal, Panama and Santorini, Greece. I awaits thee. Thanks to my well-traveled friends. I cannot travel. Blame PTPTN. ;-P
– 14:15

Don’t understand why people are so insecure and paranoid of things we’re not interest in competing with them pun. Weird.
– 14:22

Ya Allah, mengantuknya!
– 14:24

“Find a spot for us to spark conversation, verbal elation, stimulation. Share our situation, temptation, education, relaxation, education.”
– 14:31

Badoo Badoo Badoo Badeyyy…
– 14:35

Code of Conduct. You NO FUN.
– 14:36

Andre the techie guy here memang ada soft spot. Hari tu tengok red carpet royal wedding. Now complimenting my daisy. ;-P
– 14:42

Where’s my iPod Shuffle? ;-( Tak jumpa. Penat cari. Benda alah tu kecil sangat ke?
– 14:53

#nowplaying Summertime – Janis Joplin feat. Jimi Hendrix. πŸ™‚
– 15:05

#nowplaying Kepadamu Kekasih – Hattan, M. Nasir, Jamal Abdillah. Yes, while I’m sleepy, might as well.
– 15:15

Body is tired. But WHY?! I ate right, slept enough, drank Chicken Essence, why?! Why?!
– 15:34

A friend is telling me that she’ll be going for C-section tomorrow and she’s sad cos she won’t be able to flash her … to her gynae. 😐
– 16:07

I have too many weird friends. And why are they so open about all these to me?????
– 16:07

Told her, I’ll come visiting bawa belon. Her reply was, “Ye, aku dah 9 bulan jadi belon.” 😐
– 16:09

With a comeback, “tetek kau pun macam belon.” More 😐
– 16:09

She said, she’d laugh after doktor bius dia. I’m scared doktor salah bagi morfin than epidural. πŸ˜›
– 16:14

#nowplaying She’s a Fast Persuader – Jamiroquai. :))))
– 16:34

“Girl’s got crazy rhythm, she’s coming from a stranger place. All wrapped up in music, with a star gaze on her face. She got it.”
– 16:36

“You make love to me, send love thru me. Heal me with your crime. The only one whoever knew me, have wasted so much time.” #nowplaying
– 16:53

I remembered when Geoff first interviewed me. I told him I write poetry as a hobby. Then and there, he said he knew I’m a social scientist.
– 17:02

“Disaat kau hadir, kau hempas cemasku, segala resahku. Kau adalah cahya hidupku. Terbangkan aku tinggi di langit biru.” #nowplaying
– 17:19

“Walau waktu kini tak izinkan kita tuk bisa bersama. Kuyakin suatu hari nanti kan tiba, tuk kau dan aku.”
– 17:20

“Takkan kubiarkan waktu, renggut cinta kau dan aku. Kau milikku.”
– 17:20

Everything – Stephanie Cooke. #nowplaying :))
– 17:28

Ya Allah, badan mengantuk! Apsal ni?! Must’ve been that American ginseng. I knew I can’t trust the Americans! Ginseng is not their forte!
– 17:45

“Gelisah jiwaku ini, dilanda bayanganmu. Kan mengkoyah dinding keangkuhanku. Kau ciptakan rindu, kau buat hatiku, terjerat tali cinta.”
– 17:54

#nowplaying “This is not a coincidence. And far more of a lucky chance. But what is that what’s always meant.”
– 17:57

Bored and tired. Anyone game for some good conversation, I’ll be at Devi’s Corner, Bangsar.
– 18:09

Impian ternyata, kerana ku berani mencoba.
– 18:18

Capital fm playing cool urban r&b now!
– 18:19

Teringat zaman menari dengan makcik mabuk kat dancefloor orange.
– 18:21

Rock with u with a.keys and eve.
– 18:22

Tlc – creep. Zaman menari pakai pyjamas.
– 18:34

Heart beating a lil bit too fast. Too late la heart. Masa aku sleepy tadi, kau slow je.
– 19:03

“You’re using sex to express hostility.” – from the movie Annie Hall
– 19:03

Diane Keaton looks different in Annie Hall. She’s more beautiful as she gets older. But her fashion sense is the same.
– 19:05

Woody Allen is quite handsome as a young man.
– 19:06

“My grammy never give gifts. She was too busy getting rape by class acts.” …
– 19:09

– 21:28

It’s about time I shut my f*cking mouth up.
– 21:54

#nowwatching Annie Hall.
– 21:55

Christopher Walker in 1977, looks SO VERY different.
– 22:03

“Don’t mock masturbation. It’s having sex with someone I love!” – from Annie Hall. ;-P
– 22:05

The only thing I am surviving right now is my heart and soul. I don’t think my body will last that long. Not if it gets bloated all the time
– 22:16

I think Annie Hall is a very nice love story.
– 22:53

Oh, there’s Rose Byrne. Now things are getting HOTTER.
– 22:57

Bet the last time Kirsten Dunst was filming in France was in Interview with The Vampire? ;-P
– 22:59

Hard to believe this is a Sofia Coppola’s movie.
– 23:02