“Don’t be a stranger.”

Good morning all. Assalamualaikum. Lets just hope this tonsil disappear after shower. I can’t afford to be sick. Can’t afford anything now.
– 08:05

Would people’s timeline be at ease if I stop tweeting for a day? Getting complaints that I tweet too much and spamming timelines. I’m sorry.
– 08:38

“We must recognize that security means more than defense … ”
– 09:29

“… we failed to recognize that dominance, like fossil fuel, is not a sustainable form of energy.”
– 09:20

Portugal’s acting Prime Minister’s name is Jose Socrates. Such a powerful family name to carry.
– 09:36

#wordoftheday malfeasance = wrongdoing esp. by a public official. In Malaysia, we include that in public official’s job description.
– 09:41

Wall Street estimates SG Marina Bay casino’s profit to be USD 325m but it falls short to only USD 284.5m. In one year. Seriously Wall St?
– 09:44

You can’t expect a 50% profit growth in gambling industry within a year in a country surrounded by developing countries. Duhh.
– 09:45

U.S. Officials said there were a lot of “intelligence” have analysed the pictures/DNA. Oh swell, we have similar ‘intelligence’ here too yo.
– 10:00

This CNN interview with Denis McDonough (Deputy National Security Adviser) makes he sound almost like stupid. Didn’t even remember anything?
– 10:05

Taylor Swift wore J. Mendel’s couture gown at the metball. She almost look pretty. Almost.
– 10:31

A LOT of long sleeve dresses on the red carpet.
– 10:34

Frieda Pinto in Chanel, a white dress with collar and a black tie. This is what you call a black tie event!
– 10:35

“In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” – Martin Luther King
– 10:44

Robert Fisk have met Osama three times. I guess that’s a good deal of trust from the Qaeda side and an achievement as a journalist, no?
– 12:13

My very gay boss, Geoff said he wants to get married to Harry. I don’t know whether I want to laugh really out loud this time.
– 12:21

Walked around the office for a pencil sharpener. Why don’t people use pencils anymore? Nasib baik found one.
– 13:02

Talking about energy saving and carbon emissions during lunch at the pantry.
– 13:16

Nerves piling up for tomorrow’s Poetry gig. *cries silently*
– 13:19

#nowplaying Tempted – Squeeze. 🙂 ONe of my fav from Reality Bites OST
– 13:21

“Tempted by a fruit of another. Tempted when the truth is discovered.”
– 13:24

#nowplaying Forbidden Colours – Hollywood, Mon Amour feat. Nadeah. I love Nadeah
– 13:34

Too many interns that comes and goes in OWW. Funnily I actually know them randomly.
– 13:58

Rent for a bedroom in a 2-bedroom flat by the London bridge is 700 pounds a month. That’s more than 3k ringgit a month for a room.
– 14:11

I think I should be forgiving in terms of work. I usually shut off herbivour boy’s redundant petty updates. *sigh*
– 15:44

I know his notion is noble. But, to me, unless you don’t have any grave concern, it’s just unnecessary to bring up the steps I’ve completed.
– 15:45

Adobe Reader is effing me up. Come on! Let me view those two 200 pages report! It’s 3.45pm already!
– 15:47

CTRL+ALT+DELETE (while Stevie Wonder singing ‘Smile’. Ironic.)
– 15:48

Hari Wesak is a public holiday, no?
– 15:49

Converting Terajoule (Tj) to Gigawatt hour (Gwh) for energy consumption. FUN!
– 16:08

5 decimal points. Analysts, it’s all about precision.
– 16:16

There’s a certain quality to acid jazz, specifically it being Jamiroquai. When they jam in between bridges and choruses, you get goosebumps.
– 16:19

Ada skrin laptop kena kunyah karang ni! What do you mean by your share? Upstream or downstream? In what parts of your O&G production??!!
– 16:37

#nowplaying Islands – The xx. “I am yours now. So now I don’t ever have to leave. I’ve been found now. So now I’ll never explode.”
– 16:45

I remember 2004 Urbanscape on KL sentral rooftop. I watched Teh tarik Crew doing soundcheck that night. I love that event. 🙂
– 16:49

People didn’t remember that the first ever KLUE Urbanscape is in 2004. On KL Sentral rooftop. Lama dah.
– 16:56

I love it when jazz musician jams. Especially the horns and the bass. Gives me goosebumps.
– 16:15

Carlos and I got to the same conclusion. Osama didn’t do anything. He just brainwash these people. It’s the people’s choice to kill or not.
– 17:26

We never have any evidence that it was Osama who pick up the rifle and kill people. I guess that goes the same for Bush and Blair.
– 17:27

These days when they take/puts the cash inside the ATM, they film it on digital camera. Imagine if I pull off a Mr. Bean. ;-P
– 18:45

Too many guys with rifles within 5 metre range. And this is coming from someone who grew up in army camps.
– 18:47

Scary. At least these guys are wearing bullet-proof vests. Paranoid tak pasal-pasal.
– 18:49

BRAND’S Essence of Chicken with American Ginseng. That’s how nervous I am for tomorrow.
– 19:10

Guardian KL Sentral seems to be playing one of those Top Pop or Smash Hits or Now Volume VII or something. Britpop zaman sekolah.
– 19:13

Get out of my dreams, get into my car.
– 20:02

Seal. Crazy. Love it.
– 20:06

New white loafers for tomorrow and forever (until it loses shape of a shoe)
– 20:18

What is this lockerz.com?
– 20:34

Ooooooo Plixi.
– 20:35

Mom made a pariah comment on a Chinese fella. I asked why? She accused me of being defensive of the Chinese. I have an ultra Melayu househld
– 20:38

I like it when we randomly meet/chat people whom sometimes, we didn’t contact for a few weeks/months/years and before we go, we remind…
– 22:18

…each other, “Don’t be a stranger.” It’s a nice reminder. 🙂
– 22:19

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