You’re always a child of your time and you cannot step out of that. – Wim Crouwel

I personally think, a person is only considered matured if they wash their own underwears. I just crossed out half of male population there.
– 01:04

Wearing boxer shorts to town in the middle of the night. Be kind to me, Kolumpo.
– 01:44

Lapar. Urgh.
– 03:22

Isn’t a producer’s job to make sure the product outcome is refined and good to be delivered? I saw one with bad grammar on their profile.
– 03:47

Not that I am a grammar police, but, well, at least………….
– 03:48

You’re always a child of your time and you cannot step out of that. – Wim Crouwel
– 08:20

MetGala is happening. At this time, I wish I have that bloody TV in my room to connect the Unifi TV receiver to watch Fashion TV. Grrrrr…
– 08:59

Detox. Detox. Detox. Detox.
– 09:20

From #1 Hunted, he’ll gonna be #1 Haunted. You’ll see. When he’s in hiding pun orang takut, apa lagi dah mati. ๐Ÿ™‚
– 09:33

Obama ben Laden pulak? Habis siapa yang mati ni??!!
– 11:38

Alhamdulillah. Rezeki.
– 11:51

Why do people say FML? Fuck My Life? Why you fuck your own life? It’s like literary self-rape. Self-reflecting negativity. Weird.
– 12:02

I guess people who uses FML constantly are those who can’t accept that ‘life’s tough, roll on it and be able to laugh at yourself.’
– 12:03

Kenapa takde orang kata FYL? Fuck Your Life la. Apsal nak fuck my own life. Gila apa. Baik aku minum Coke.
– 12:04

Someone is drunk-chatting me. Why is it I always get drunk-texted and drunk-chatted? ๐Ÿ™‚
– 13:44

Sleep deprived. Food deprived. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
– 15:51

If Osama ben Laden responsible for the death of hundreds of men, women and children, the U.S. government is also responsible.
– 16:34

A headache, a few dreams, a nap and two hours later.
– 19:07

When men told to wear skirts, it’s deragatory. When women told to wear pants, it’s empowering. I want the 80s back. Everyone’s gay & happy!
– 19:30

Having Osama killed/died in Pakistan will start war between Al-Qaeda and Pakistan. All to the United States of America’s favour, obviously.
– 19:42

Otw to go teach tuition in pj. Yawn.
– 20:15

I’m like a living translator for Benjamin while he does his essay. Still thinking what to do after essay. Quiz maybe?
– 21:12

Sore throat. And feeling feverish. Not cool, not cool at all. Not when you have 2 poetry gig this week. ;-(
– 21:22

You know what’s nice right now? Burger daging special dengan teh bunga kekwa sejuk.
– 21:52

Got my burger daging special and teh bunga kekwa. It raining, cold. I’m gonna be sick and be a total bitch about it. Or not.
– 22:18