May, the month I start archiving my tweets, daily.

(Disclaimer: This exclude the tweets which include links of news articles/readings/events updates and also replies to friends.)

The ones arrested for making bombs are always Muslims. Is there a sekolah agama that my father didn’t send me to that have these extra skill
– 07:48

They love to use Morgan Freeman’s voice as voiceover for documentaries kan?
– 07:58

– 08:11

My father, the hero – by a Gay Girl in Damascus – | Seriously, a MUST READ. This is what we want in the future!
– 08:36

Deep down inside our parents, they would’ve done the same. πŸ™‚
– 08:38

I talked to a friend, a father, once. He said he love gays, but he wouldn’t want his sons to be one. Just because it’s a cruel world.
– 08:42

I don’t know, I don’t like the fact, people LOVES having gay friends etc, but FORBIDS the hell out of their children/siblings to be one.
– 08:43

Then again, to Each, His Own. I think, we should embrace and love a person for who they grow up to be, regardless.
– 08:43

Unless they grow up to be an insensitive stupid bastard who wants to hurt other people for the fun of it. Then, kill them. πŸ™‚
– 08:44

Venus is bigger than Mars. Earth is slightly bigger than Venus. Jupiter is the biggest planet before the Sun.
– 08:47

Oh, so they’re now the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.
– 08:56

If Malaysia still have people queueing up for product launches at the lengh of more than 200m, then, Malaysia doesn’t have economic problem.
– 09:10

Supporting political parties in Malaysia is like supporting Akademi Fantasia. You know everyone is shit but you support it anyway. WHY?
– 09:17

There are places, people are suffering from natural disasters, and dictatorship oppresions. In Malaysia, we’re suffering from stupidity. 😦
– 09:22

Almost forgot that tomorrow is public holiday. The agony of being a freelancer.
– 09:32

Philip Schellekens (World Bank) said that FDI could be 5 times the current level if Malaysia had Singapore’s talent base.
– 09:37

To be honest, 70% of Singapore’s talents are not Singaporeans anyway.
– 09:38

Singapore is like an off-shore bank. It’s like where you send your people to make money and become plastic. And you can’t be happy or gay.
– 09:39

Nasi Goreng Tomyam with Iced Milo for breakfast. Jemput makan. Bismillah.
– 09:49

There are times, I’m amazed with what my parents know. Talking about Onassis family who owns a lot of stake in Monte Carlo. *raises eyebrow*
– 10:05

Okay, sempena Hari Buruh, I’m gonna post job ads. πŸ™‚ Be prepared.
– 10:11

Saw CUN trailer on TV. Hurm, I’m not a big fan of Remy Ishak. Altho his Dashing TVC is kinda good, still not a fan.
– 10:16

Babyface on Idol. Gua pernah tangkap gambar dengan Babyface. πŸ™‚
– 10:23

We have a series of Puteri UMNO yang bingai nya bengap. I hope for a change.
– 10:27

I don’t know how the hell this Ibrahim Ali got voted/selected as the president of an NGO. He looks so … incredibly uncharismatic.
– 10:30

Malaysian Digest spells Twitter as “Tweeter”. Editor dia mesti doesn’t Tweet at all.
– 10:34

Saya ingat sunday mornings like these. Gloomy as i pick you up for coffee. Saya, awak, kretek dan kopi. 4 years ago.
– 11:24

Why is there a lot of authorities/police around Brickfields?
– 11:58

Wah, ANSARA Terendak invited to a Teacher’s Day thingy at PWTC on May 16th. Almost scary when I saw Aslida Adam as one of the attendees.
– 12:01

Broke my 9th day soft drink/carbonated drink fast with F&N Strawberry. πŸ™‚
– 12:35

Baru pakai Unifi 2 minggu dah dapat Bill. 😐
– 12:41

Shit, did I see Redza Minhat in my slammers line-up? Shit. Now how am I gonna win? Isn’t that boy cute? Shit. Doomed!
– 12:45

Just wondering, what is the basis of the MayDay rally again? Which labour rights items are being put to front?
– 14:58

“One of us is changing or maybe we just stop trying.” #nowplaying It’s Too Late – Carole King
– 15:15

The need to know about a lot of things, tire my brain. 😦
– 15:22

Labour Day. You know what you should do, employers. Give them day off for their birthdays, and free supply of coffee, tea, Milo, cocoa, milk
– 15:31

I would vote for flexible working hours. Everyone’s productive hours are not contsrained to 9am-1pm and 2pm-6pm. Not everyone.
– 15:32

You should allow 40 hours a week to be spread flexibly throughout the week. That’s just about it.
– 15:34

If Kate Middleton knows how to play her social ambitions, she’d level up to Queen Rania, a common commoner who shares similar story with her.
– 16:05

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have already personally selected 26 charities to receive donations by well-wishers of the royal wedding.
– 16:06

That tributes CEO fella doesn’t look smart either. No wonder he attracts idiots as his business advisers.
– 17:37

Cooking dinner. Probably steamed chicken with veges. Parents not around. Just me and the kids.
– 17:54

Chicken in the steamer. I’m cleaning the kitchen. Just so I can be close to the aroma of Italian herbs. πŸ˜‰
– 18:18

Jodie Foster is directing Mel Gibson in her new movie ‘The Beaver’. Interesting.
– 21:42

Love it when the actresses who get to act in an epic movie, actually research their roles and explain what’s the situation during that time.
– 21:43

Kenneth Branagh directing Marvel’s “Thor”. It’s like picking his fav comic, and wanting to be the leading actor but too old, so he direct it
– 21:55

Could Malaysia’s brain drain be because we look too high on foreign skilled labour that we disregard our own local talent?
– 23:02