I love you my darling, my love has superseded my anger, my days are not but tiny little children of past days. – @RomanticCreep

Casey made a great exit. It’s okay. This time gua tak nangis. đŸ™‚

Obama is reshuffling his ‘war & intelligence’ team. First of all, war is stupid. If he calls that intelligence, then he is stupid.

Greetings Earthlings who tweets! Have a nice weekend ahead. Blessed be you, your kind hearts and your loving souls.

Sent Kosmik Kembara to the mechanic and now having a morning walk around my neighbourhood. Refreshing. Mall workers coming early to buy breakfasts. Po-pos riding their bicycle to the market. Security guards waiting to open the doors. Selayang Mall is not opened yet. Gonna walk an extra mile to the nearest bank. But I adore walking so it’s okay. It’s nice to walk around and see how your people are living. One thing the blue blood politicians would never do.

“A writer takes his pen, to write the words again, but all in love is fair.” #nowplaying Stevie Wonder’s ‘All Is Fair In Love’

Security Money guys hogging the ATM. About 10 people (and coming more) waiting outside. Typical Saturday geram moment.

That was an hour walk without makan. Just had a can of MILO. I am now weak and hungry. Faste finish, I wanna balik makan. ;-(

My sister is bringing my bebbeh to Butterfly Park. But I have tuition class at 11.30am. *nangis* Will join her later. No, you don’t understand. My bebbeh niece Aisyah Nur is what you call an angel that can make a broken heart pieces smile! ;-( A smile from Aisyah Nur and nothing is impossible, and that tears you shed be only of joy and happiness. I’m not kidding. Aisyah Nur, she’s my Cherie Amour. That’s the closest for me to having a baby, so that’s why I am biased thinking my bebbeh niece is the joy why Earth is created for.

Contemplating to share jokes which involve the word ‘fucked up’ with parents. Not that they would marah or anything. Abah said fuck before.

My student Benjamin had a row with his mom because mom wants improvement and he just wants to pass. Haih. Now moody to even study. Haih. I make Ben flips through the Kamus like it’s his bestfriend. Had some exercises about peribahasa. Dia takde inisiatif to even guess. *sigh* Teaching a 15 year-old who doesn’t have patience or initiative and has quite a temper is …………… Tuition class cut short to less than an hour. I don’t want to teach a kid yang tengah temper.

Great! In time to go the butterfly park with my 1year plus bebbeh. Bless. Pengubat hati pengarang jantung.

Day 8 of no carbonated drinks challenge. Aren’t you guys proud of me?

Sebagai tanda persahabatan, najib minta china kasi pinjam dua ekor panda. Siapa advisor najib yang bergeliga sangat nih?

Lack of carbonated drinks increase one’s pervertism. Macam baru akil baligh. Withdrawal symptoms much?

Traxxfm is playing Georgy Porgy by Eric Benet and Faith Evans. Gila best. Georgy porgy puddin pie, kiss the girls and make them cry.

Lapar weh! *cries* Ada orang makan sudu karang!

Kaki mengelecet pakai flipflops. Had to change to loafers and wear socks now.

Aiyoh, where’s my dad ni? Lamanya Zohor kat surau. He’s using my car. đŸ˜¦

Shahnon SASSYmon. *gelak kecil* *muka merah*

Should’ve bawa air inside the car. Dehydrated dah. Haih.

Penat layan bebbeh who was terried of butterflies. Now tea time with friends at some place i can’t even pronounce let alone spell.

Levain boulangerie pastisserie. Wadefak is that name? Scientific name for edible bra?


“You lie! I’m Colombian! I know a fake crime scene when I see one!” – Sofia Vergara in Modern Family. Hehehehehehhe..

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