I love you because when you I die I will cry and cry until I remember what’s like to be inside the womb of time. – @RomanticCreep

“According to the American Cancer Society, if women sit more than six hours a day, we’re increasing our chances of dying by 37 percent. Anyone can make history. Only a great woman can tweet it. Don’t expect a man to give you multiple orgasms. You’ll live a more fulfilling life if you don’t expect a man to give u multiple anything.” – E. Jean

E. Jean’s Rule 3 Rules
(1) Never trust a woman who shags married men.
(2) Never make a deal with a guy who wears a white belt.
(3) Never try to be “friends” when the affair is over.

I wonder if my Debit Card can make online purchases. Hurm…

Weird how people want to bersumpah pegang Qur’an. Even the Qur’an kata kalau berzina kena ada 3 saksi who physically saw what happened.

Kerja malam.

EP and Director whatsapping me at 12.45am. Hurm … These production people should really sleep.

Hurm. Maybe if I put the stinking minyak Zam Zam on my head, it will put off whatever that weird sound I just heard to go away.

Do we smell in our dreams? I mean, can we smell?

Oh, weird sound is actually coming from Muid’s room, he’s watching something on his laptop. The only hantu in this area is supposedly me

Donald Trump said, “Your network is Your networth.” Why is it that I’m always broke?

When I grow up, I want to die famous.

And just like that I changed my Twitter avatar. To someone who used to look like me in 2007. 🙂

500kbps download? 4GB in 2 hours? *orgasm*

Someone should make a blockbuster movie on Ai WeiWei. Mengalahkan Bourne series. Political agenda. Why can’t these politicians focus on the real reason why they are there, to represent and help the people. I have nothing against memansuhkan ISA. but RM600,000 can be used to eradicate poverty. That’s a bigger issue.

How can you possibly be jealous of something you don’t even want?

49.7% of the world population are women (3,132,342,000 women; 3,169,122,000 men) (UN Population Division). #facts

Impunity. That’s one word I will never use verbally. Not because I don’t know what it means, but because I can create definitions for it. 😛

I want to get an iPad just to read news while I’m wasting time pooping in the toilet. That would be among top 3 reasons if I were to buy one

After viewing the list, evidently hotels in Malaysia charges more for WiFi per day. I paid RM50 for 24 hour in Peninsular Residence!

A week more til I see you. Oh, the anticipation, even though you never will know or ever knew. Secret crazy infatuation crush. Shhhhh, don’t tell anyone. Last night I dreamed of you. And I didn’t even sleep last night. 🙂 Oh my, she’ll cringe reading that. 🙂

Only had a 30min nap last night. I’m pretty much zombified like Kak Limah. Except that I’m already home so I need to get out.

The most fucked up and weirdest thing happened that I can’t even share here. Urgh. And it’s not I-wanna-kill-someone fucked up. It’s euuwww. Seriau telinga mengingatkannya. How the fuck did they get into the washing machine??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My dad is 60 and he handwash his own clothes. I bet he’s laughing his ass at what happened to my laundry this morning. To spare your curiosity, 2 rats died in my laundry which I left overnight. And seriously, I don’t know how the hell they got into the machine. So now, the OCD me tells myself, either I throw away that bulk of clothes OR I boil them, soak in dettol, and wash them in 3 different cycles

Dear God, it’s amazing how you make my life interesting every single day. 🙂 Then you throw a couple of rats in, thinking, why not. I knew I’m witty because you’re funny.

Baju boleh dibeli. *pujuk diri sendiri*

In 2003, my cat pooped on my baju Raya. I was so devastated I sent the cat to SPCA. Sorry cat. And now this. *cries* If I was a comic artist, I probably do a sketch parody of the adventure of those 2 rats in the washing machine. *pujuk diri sendiri* Tragedi. Tragedi. Tragedi. Thanked God it wasn’t a load of my pants. If not, I’ll be wearing baju kurung out cos I don’t have anymore pants. My RM 10 shirt. Memang senang kalau kata nak buang. But mana nak dapat shirt RM10 yang best macam tu? ;-( And with that, I had an excuse to kacau Rodent. 🙂 She’d be thinking WTF, kan. 🙂

Okay, I know this is jahat, but when the host looks like she herself needs to be in the Biggest Loser, I think it’s a wrong pick.

Good Morning sayang. 🙂

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