It takes a special kind of stupid to take a tweet serious. – @mllyssa

With all this work on my shoulders, all I want to do is to carry on writing my sappy love story screenplay that I’ll never shoot. Now that I’ve found the format wizard for screenplay in my OpenOffice. Feels so pandai suddenly. Now, to tell the story. It’s so interesting, writing a screenplay, a story. You almost am thinking like 15 characters (if any) that you’ve written.

Btw, my niece drop by when I was out teaching tuition class. So sad. I miss her like crazy I could cry. ;-(

should. stop. thinking.

Someone invited me for a food review. I feel so very bad if I accept it. First, I’m not a fussy eater. Second, I don’t eat. And why the hell they want me to eat and drink Mint Lychee to quench my thirst? Mint Lychee? Mint Lychee? Do I look like I drink Mint Lychee. Why do people put mint in lychee???????????? Lychee is supposed to be, sweet and not minty. Which reminds me, Jamie Oliver calls rambutan, “hairy lychee”. Brits aren’t that smart. The menu puts Kacang Pol as starters. Isn’t that a main dish? Urgh, I’m the worst person to be doing food review.

red. bull. kicking. in. will. do. work. now. and. leave. you. people. to. peace.

Wah, Royal Wedding dah ada hashtag #rw2011. πŸ™‚

Dear FB, if 25 of my friends know that person, doesn’t mean that I might know him, okay?

I’m just a fragment of your memory.

“If your life was gold. How long would you think you’d stay living?” – Gold by Interference #nowplaying “And I love her so. I wouldn’t trade her for gold.” πŸ™‚

If we always set our eyes for the ideal, would we actually settle for what is real?

#nowplaying The Fact Is (I Need You) – Jill Scott. And I really do.

Pretending that the laptop’s keyboard is an actual keyboard (the musical instrument) and type like playing music.,

Melewati dinginnya mimpi. #nowplaying Bila Aku Jatuh Cinta – Nidji

This close to anxiety attack. ;-( Only had 1 ciggie for the past 3 days and it’s Day 4 in no carbonated drink challenge. *body shivering*

Cut my hair and find a quiet place to eat and drink. Any takers? At Bodega lounge, Bangsar. Anyone up for some games to avoid the traffic, holler. Reading through my old poetry book. It’s actually half the book. Impressive dear self. Bodega lounge ni memang tempat bercinta juga la. πŸ™‚

Tidak berharap bukan bermakna putus harapan.

If you and I were strangers, the only thing we need is the night. Then everyone would be lovers.

Aku mahu lompat ke bintang. Dan dengan kuasa celah kangkang, akn ku tunggang si Bintang. Supaya dia akur turun ke bumi, utk lompat bersamaku

Marc Anthony is singing “All is Fair in Love”, a tribute to Stevie Wonder. Makes me want to get married to a man like Marc Anthony.

Me at Bodega and Faiz at Antipodean. Selamba je tinggal tinggal barang to jenguk each other macam neighbours. ;-P

#nowplaying Lamunan Terhenti – Aris Ariwatan. πŸ˜‰

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