As a Libra, You will pay the bills on time in one of two ways: by sheer luck or with the aid of a responsible partner. [ZodiacFacts]

In Jakarta, Sudirman was a Jenderal. 🙂
– 09:19

1964 – 1982. Nelson Mandela was imprisoned. 1989 – 2010. Aung San Suu Kyi was house-arrested.
– 10:42

My car tyre got punctured and I didn’t even touch the car since last night. I got deadline and Dad is expecting me to go change it myself.
– 12:41

There comes a time being a handy fucking masculine person who does everything herself is a nuisance. Why can’t I be a stupid helpless girl?
– 12:43

Colonel think its okay for me to change my own car tyre in this heat, but doesn’t like me being not feminine and prim&proper like normal?
– 12:43

Told him, it’s too hot, I got work, and will call a mechanic later. I can change the tyre, it was not a problem. But cut me some slack.
– 12:45

Plus, how the f-cking hell did it got flat in the first place?! The only person driving it today was the one who removed it from the gate.
– 12:45

We changed the tyre, in this damn heat. Cos I can’t allow my 59 year-old dad fussing to jack up my car. We couldn’t find the nail though.
– 13:10

If someone sabotaged by releasing out the air, siap la. Siap la kau.
– 13:11

Now I really need a redbull, some chocolates, some Coke, and maybe a ciggie. Dammit!
– 13:16

I wonder, people who fight and talk about sexuality rights are mostly … heterosexuals.
– 13:45

A lot of homosexuals I know, are pretty out, pretty comfortable with themselves, and … pretty.
– 13:46

Maybe I shouldn’t comment since I am neither a heterosexual activist nor a pretty homosexual. 😉
– 13:47

Wow. Humming is making sounds while you breathe through your nose.
– 14:03

Day 2 of no carbonated drinks. Feel like crying.
– 14:39

I was doing much better not smoking than I am not drinking carbonated drink. ;-(
– 14:55

Am officially the tokan for boxed series and new movies. *coughs*
– 15:45

People who still exist in our memories are still alive.
– 15:48

Husih. Gossip artis. Sedap dibaca, only for the purpose of laughing at the reporter’s ‘report’, no more, no less. People deserve privacy.
– 18:15

Then you look at yourself with amazement. Boringnya hidup aku sebab takde skandal yang boleh di-sensationalised-kan. Hahahahaha.
– 18:15

The kid behind the house is singing like a f-ing bastard. Urgh. Feels like throwing a brick until his windows pecah.
– 18:50

The whole day, my phone was off. How lovely.
– 19:06

I think this is a good practice. Every Sunday, I shall switch off my phone.
– 19:06

Watching Animal Planet, about an albino hippo being isolated by other hippos. Fiqah kata, “Ish, Badak pun racist.”
– 19:25

William’s and Kate’s wedding. Almost like Academy Awards.
– 19:32

Landak pun ada albino. Tengah tengok buaya nak makan landak albino. Katanya albino generally rabun. Sad.
– 19:35

OMG, Kitto the albino baby Baboon died falling from the tree. The mother carried him around 3 days 3 nights after that thinking he’s alive.
– 19:43

– 19:44

Okay, Animal Planet is officially a sad channel. ;-(
– 19:44

Kitto is the albino lion cub. The albino baby baboon is not Kitto. But he died tragically. Sangat sedih.
– 19:46

Dark Days in Monkey City reminds me of the movie Hanuman.
– 19:54

Which suddenly reminds me of Mira Nair’s “Kamasutra”. I love that movie. The legendary Rekha was in it.
– 19:55

Watched Mira Nair’s “Kamasutra” when I was still in highschool. That’s the closest I get to porn, in a respectful way. Mira Nair, okay!
– 19:56

So many report to read, so little time. And these reports have nothing to do with work. Still, knowledge is power.
– 20:35

I miss beach vacation. ;-( ..
– 20:42

Urgh, the tensed part is when nak simpan air sembahyang from Maghrib to Isya’ then you forgot, you’re the Queen of all farts.
– 20:49

If the Pope’s time, we call ‘papacy’, do we refer to Mother Teresa’s time as “mamacy” ?
– 21:02

Nas Ahmad needs to learn a lot from Ryan Seacrest. Semua comment dia sangat biased dan membosankan.
– 21:11

Huish, back-up dancers hot hot belaka.
– 21:15

Nas pergi cari Yusry, tanya kat Erra. Lawak la kot tu. I bet he thinks that was the most brilliant lawak he pulled tonight.
– 21:29

Nora singing with her son in Mentor. I love Nora.
– 21:35

Ala, so cute. Johan Nawawi so supportive.
– 21:37

Fast & Furious. Si bodoh mana yang beria nak translate to Pantas & Garang ni? Ish. Kata Nama Khas takyah terjemah la.
– 21:39

Luka di dalam hati, dan luka yang diperlakukan. Lakonan mereka yang berpura-pura. Wah gua suka lagu ni doh!
– 21:44

Ooooh, Aku patrikan sumpah! Cinta setia, di atas kaca jiwaku.
– 21:44

Cayalah Roy!!! Ratnaku!!! Gua nak nyanyi lagu ni in next karaoke session!
– 21:46

Sedap jugak si Salma nyanyi dengan Lan yang suka typewriter ni.
– 21:54

Okaylah Salma. Aku suka lah kat kau. Boleh tahan.
– 21:55

Abang Anuarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *muka peminat cilik* *kelip mata berkali-kali*
– 22:18

I’ll sing a song to you through my stare while you read the words of my love song written on a piece of paper. 🙂
– 22:29

Back to basics. Returning to the 80s and 90s. Bye bye world.
– 22:37

“Aku membilang hari. Apa akan datang hariku nanti…. Istana menanti pasti…”
– 22:46

#nowplaying Lamunan Terhenti – Aris Ariwatan. 🙂
– 22:52

Kita bertemu, kali ini untuk apa? Adakah hanya, menambahkan lagi sengsara.. #nowplaying
– 22:58

Bersama kasih, kita leburkan rantai yang membebankan hidup kita, selama ini. #nowplaying
– 23:02

“Kepadamu kekasih, aku berserah. Kerana ku tahu, kau lebih mengerti. Apa yang terlukis di cermin wajahku ini. Apa yang tersirat di hati..”
– 23:08

Penawar rindu padamu seorang… Kenapa selalu semangatku dikau puja. Penawar rindu padamu seorang… #nowplaying
– 23:14

Aiyoh, itu convertor takmo convert lagu keroncong la. Haih.
– 23:21

“Mata airmu dari Solo.. Terkurung gunung seribu.. Air mengalir sampai jauh.. Akhirnya ke laut..” #nowplaying
– 23:36

Oooo, begini rasanya, hatiku sengsara. Mengingat dia, hatiku luka, kerna tergoda oleh cinta.” #nowplaying
– 23:38

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