Luxury is the ease of a t-shirt in a very expensive dress. – @Karl_Lagerfeld

It’s 1.09am and I feel like 3am.
– 01:09

The South Bus Terminal is kinda handsome looking and looks neat. I remember when it was just an old looking KTM station 10 years ago.
– 08:01

Kosmik Kembara did good. KL to Muar in 2 hours on average 100kmph. Her best record so far. Mee Bandung soon. 🙂
– 10:34

Dah makan nasi kenduri. Ada sedikit mengantuk. Kemudian mee bandung dan satay macam mana? Perut, be efisyen.
– 12:38

I miss my Unifi. The new love of my life. ;-(
– 18:50

Unifi, tunggu ye sayang, i’m coming home.
– 19:01

Hantu Mak Limah on TV. Did we subscribe Astro First? I didn’t know although I pay for Astro at home. Hurm….
– 19:28

Takpe la. I would say Hantu Kak Limah Balik Kampung could be the best Malay movie for 2010. I seriously think so. Wait, last year punya kan?
– 19:28

Let me, first and foremost, congratulate Kosmik Kembara for being able to do the roadtrip to and fro Muar. So proud of my baby. Good girl.
– 19:30

Noticed that the ekzos pipe problem could be quite serious. Gotta get it fixed before my next roadtrip. I’m thinking Kuala Gandah. 😉
– 19:33

2 hours of driving and I feel like I missed out a lot on Twitter, and I need to audio record my stupid one liners I need to tweet about.
– 19:36

#nowwatching ANTM Cycle 4. Hello Naima Mora. Hello Kahlen Rondot.
– 19:46

Kudos to Abby for going on a roadtrip and not touch a single nicotine stick nor a glass of Coke. *big applause to self* *standing ovation*
– 20:14

Read back that tweet I address to myself and was like, “Eh, somebody tweeted to me that I haven’t replied yet?” .. A bit bongok aa you Abby.
– 20:43

Imagine if the word ‘holy’ comes from the word ‘hole’. The space of absence that is deemed intangible, but exist in true form.
– 20:18

Gonna ask permission from the parents to do a Naima Mora mohawk.
– 20:28

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