As a Libra woman, One of your womanly talents is that of talking, and you use it to perfection.

Watching Reality Bites to sleep. Goodnight world. Hello Winona Ryder.
– 00:27

“You see Laney, this is all we need, a couple of smokes, a cup of coffee, and a little bit of conversation. You and me and five bucks.” Troy
– 00:29

That line was a lifechanging movieliner for me. It became real in my love affair. Me, her, a couple of smokes, a cup of coffee, conversation
– 00:30

I think Reality Bites was my first love in film making. Not that I would want to be a film maker. Conjunction junction, what’s your function
– 00:36

Reality Bites made me learn the definition of ‘irony’ . Gosh I remember it scene by scene!
– 00:43

Did you know that Reality Bites was Ben Stiller’s directorial debut? πŸ™‚
– 00:46

Finally woke up.
– 08:50

OMG, scary. Berita Terkini reported a guy who was in an accident and got thrown on the road digilis by a few kenderaan. ;-(
– 10:01

It’s nice to know Zach, a childhood friend when we were staying in Queenscliff, Victoria, is still in contact with me on FB after 23 years.
– 10:21

Makes me feel like I have a home in Australia. Must plan a trip soon-ish.
– 10:22

“Hi Abby, as per teleconversation, please go through the doc and translate. We need this yesterday (love the phrase)” … 😐
– 11:15

Today will be Great Friday for the Syrians as they plan to march for freedom. It wouldn’t be great because the security forces are animals.
– 11:19

“Ish awak ni, goncang botol, bukan goncang badan.” Hehehehhehehe. Iklan Nestea ni kelakar.
– 11:34

Wah, CGI dari filem Mantra macam lagi best daripada Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa. πŸ™‚
– 12:03

I don’t understand why and how nasi lemak can successfully make you feel weak and sleepy. Ish. Apsal la Melayu suka cipta benda-benda mcm ni
– 12:22

Lindsay Lohan ni asyik pergi court, masuk rehab pelbagai, I almost can’t keep track what’s the reason anymore. For being herself kot?
– 12:25

I think you’re most gorgeous in simplicity. Haih.
– 12:47

Gonna refuse to take in Private no. calls and let them sms me instead. Seriously.
– 12:59

Intelligentsia. Cendakiawan. I miss those words. The smart people nowadays are politicians, media celebrities and tech-nerds. *sigh*
– 13:20

Mahu cokelat dan air berkabonat. Plisss. ;-(
– 13:23

Fasha Sandha in Rozie Rashid’s “Perigi Kontang”. Hantu dia, Norish Karman. Gegurl takut. 😦 (okay, that was mean. ;-P )
– 13:27

Iklan Corntos sangat berkesan. Because I kinda want one now. Hurm…
– 13:39

“Come quickly, come. Your wings on me, Tell my beloved one that My heart has melted for her, It wants to send her a note with you..”
– 13:51

“Every creature ought to respect its destiny and deal with it his own way.” – The Hoopoe.
– 13:53

Okay, I’m crying over reading this short story. It is indeed a beautiful story. Reminds me the story I wanted to write of Jentayu.
– 13:54

Jentayu, the water bird, could be as noble as the hoopoe. Blinded with love, but bonded with loyalty.
– 13:54

“He is my blind treasure, and I am a seeing failure.” ;-(
– 13:58

Any literature not based in the English language is always my favourite. Because of it’s emotion and sincerity. English lit doesn’t have tht
– 13:59

Drama Melayu, selalunya meja bos kosong, habuk pun takde, komputer pun takde.
– 14:08

Huish, gerun. And I can’t even afford to change my car.
– 14:29

Lunch was ikan keli and ayam bakar cicah air asam and dessert was vanilla ice cream with A&W rootbeer. πŸ™‚
– 14:40

I think some people just don’t understand the physical and mental need for sex, not necessarily to make babies.
– 14:56

“We are making love, not to pass on our genes, but because it feels so damn good β€” with the right lover, of course.”
– 15:00

I guess the best thing about Unifi is your streaming has no buffering. No fist eating.
– 15:39

TUition cancelled today. Good. can focus on other things.
– 15:54

2011 Sex Video II. 1999 Sex Video I. No, I’m talking about the 3CPO and R2 Romance Saga. πŸ™‚
– 16:14

I actually meant R2. Not R2D2. R2 is the Dark father of R2D2. Before he married D2.
– 16:15

On a juice/cordial diet. Because some scary sisters gonna screamed at me if I touch carbonated drinks. You’ll see how weak I’ll be by Friday
– 16:17

I don’t think this “Encik Khairun Zainal Mokhtar” is a smart man. Either that or he have a crap panel of business advisors.
– 16:28

Dear Abby, You may shock someone today by spilling the beans about what you want before you even think to censor yourself.
– 16:34

Huish. Bahaya. Bahaya.
– 16:34

Aziz Ansari describing Amy Poehler who is selected to to one of TIME’s 100 Most Influential People. I await Tina Fey’s page w anticipation.
– 16:39

Anna Kendrick, the actress from Up in The Air, wrote the testimonial for Peter Vesterbacka, Angry Birds inventor, TIME’s Top 100.
– 16:45

Helen Mirren wrote for Colin Firth. πŸ™‚ I love reading these testimonials!
– 16:49

Okaylah. I want to be Anna Winter. And be one of the magazine moguls. Siapa nak sponsor? I got TONS of ideas! ;-P
– 16:50

During the last Intl Women Day walk by SIS, I told the girl, my Female Idol is Aung San Suu Kyi. She didn’t know who Suu Kyi was. ;-(
– 16:54

Wouldn’t blame her. She’s from Egypt. More stuff happening there than the existence of a small fragile women who was under house arrest.
– 16:55

I like testimonials. I like to write testimonials. Especially about people I know. I can write the very first encounter wholeheartedly. πŸ™‚
– 16:56

Michael Weiner, the guy who created Mad Men, is also a poet. I rest my case. πŸ™‚
– 17:04

Oh. Anak si Gaddafi ni nampak normal pula.
– 17:10

Brainstorming after the storm! Woot Woot! πŸ˜‰
– 17:24

Anna Winter. Giordano Armani. I think all the Fashionistas akan kill me if they see me walking on the streets now.
– 17:34

Mana Tina Fey ni?
– 17:36

Wow, Esperanze Spalding wrote a testimonial on Sting.
– 17:36

Esperanza. Typo.
– 17:37

Reading Malay gossip column. Wah, tangkap gambar peluk sikit dah kena gosip. Nasib baik I’m no artis. Dah ramai lelaki ku cium pipi. ;-P
– 17:49

Tun M needs to fully retire and just rest at home. Maybe do interviews about retired leaders. Takyah la bagi speech kat rostrum dah.
– 17:50

Rachel: Britney! I’m staging a comeback! | Britney: What are you coming back from?
– 17:55

Dear Unifi, I’m gonna stock all seasons of America’s Next Top Model. Thanks. Hello Naima Mora. Hello Yoanna House.
– 18:48

Before Unifi, I waited 28-50 days to download a season of ANTM. Now, it’s just 70 minutes. Vote me for Unifi Spokesperson now! ;-P
– 19:29

Papers Papers Papers Papers and because it’s on the laptop screen, the only papercuts my retina.
– 20:17

Need time out. Need time out. Need time out. Coke. Sorry Sis. I’m weak.
– 20:18

Season 2 tinggal 3 minute lagi nak complete? *coughs* *locks self in the room*
– 20:23

Oh shoot! 😦
– 20:32

#nowwatching America’s Next Top Model Cycle 2. πŸ™‚
– 20:43

Janice: I get it, it’s your religion? | Anna: It’s not so much religion. I’m just trying to be Christ-like. | Janice: ???????????
– 21:18

I want MILO. ;-( I mean like, nak ratah MILO. ;-(
– 23:05

“Charisma comes from public self-acceptance.”
– 23:44

No matter how cold, independent or strong you are, no one can refuse the power of a loving sincere hug. I truly believe that.
– 23:49

Charisma is the admitting and embracing your flaws, the fact that you can be honest and triumph against adversities.
– 23:53

Girls with reading glasses. +++ … πŸ™‚
– 23:58