Kalau terbang di angkasa, Harus lebarkan sayap segenap alam maya.

Kosmik Kembara, awak ni suka la main acah-acah dengan saya. Tapi takpe. Saya sayang awak tersangat-sangat. Saya bawa gi klinik Khamis ni, ok. Dah terlalu banyak kita tempuhi bersama, Kosmik Kembara. Awak dah angkut banyak buah hati saya. Saya masih setia selepas 7 tahun. Saya rasa dekat dengan 25% orang di Twitter ni dah naik awak, Kosmik Kembara. Kalau awak merajuk, sayu hati saya. Nearly called my Dad over the small issue. Next time must learn how to handle it myself. It’s just a car.

I remembered in Business School, I wrote a case study I never read of, but just assumed that it was a logical thing to happen and got an A. It got an A and a public comment that “You have a flare in writing.” .. With that, I thank Sony and Ericsson. That was the case study.

Donald Trump going to politics? A Samy Vellu dejavu? No wonder America predict 2012 as end of the world. Donald Trump and Sarah Palin taking over. 🙂

Dear Sir Najib Razak , please ask your private sector to throw that 50m to community involvement projects, one your govt can’t commit to. Sir Najib Razak, when we all pay for our streamyx, we already got a free email and access to about 500 to other free emails. Thank you.

I just did a grammar mistake to the PM. I guess it’s irrelevant to the mistake he made announcing that stupid free email.

Imagine if Donald Trump becomes the President and his Secretary of State is Sarah Palin, having dinner with Najib & Rosmah. Hehehehe… One would talk about how she can see Russia from Alaska and the other, about how Japan not aware of green technology. The one would ask the other how to build an Atlantis City above the sea because his submarine could not submerge. Almost sound like an improve scene from madTV.

Dear Sir, I know you’re a man of good intention, and that you didn’t get the throne just because your blood is blue. But, have some sense. RM 50m can place almost 100,000 homeless/displaced poor people to proper residentials. ;-( And these people doesn’t even need an email account, be it free or not.

Can someone tell me what this #1email company does? Can I be their CSR consultant? I’m fucking serious. Seriously, if it’s a private sector motion, it’s more fucking absurd that the govt supports this irrelevant pursuit. I’m sorry for the usage of bad language. As a CSR person, it kills me to know this is coming from a private sector. IRRESPONSIBLE investment

Morning. Can’t tag personalised morning greeting today. Decisions to be made and a bit helpless and drained out of thinking. Have a good day

Today I’m going to be upfront open and ask the most random person to help me in my career decision-making. And I’m sorry, not anyone here. Usually I make a good carefree decisions and I always believe things happen for a reason. This time, I’m quite clueless and feel like crying. Weirdly enough, if I make the wrong decision this time, it could affect a lifetime opportunity. It’s clearly not a phase, clearly not. I think too much. It’s gonna eat up my brain alive, all these thoughts. And I’m actually very stupid to even begin with.

Why do boys like to scream and shout when they talk with friends? Just feel weird. Boys in my family are pretty soft spoken.

Bailing work. At the mechanics. Too worries about Kosmik Kembara. Rupa-rupanya engine oil kering. Ekzos pipe pun rosak. Kenapa ni Kosmik Kembara? Macam mana nak kasi paint job baru kalau macam ni? Dengar cakap abah, duduk tunggu kereta kamu masa tengah servis. At least you know what they do/change to your car. Hai, Kosmik Kembara. I’m wearing all whites at the mechanic. White tshirt, white long pants, white shoes, white undies. Perfect! Mechanic kat Bandar Tasik Selatan dulu selalu kasi air kotak free masa tunggu. Ni kena pergi kedai sebelah beli air sendiri.

Did the oddest thing. Bought Utusan Malaysia. Forgive me lord for I have sinned. Tajuk atas Utusan Malaysia, “Kris Dayanti nikah bulan lepas, hamil 4 bulan.” Very Malaysian huh.

Macam best je mekanik baring atas kotak leper bawah Kosmik Kembara. You like that don’t you? People going down on you.

“Sanggup sumpah laknat depan Kaabah.” ? Seriously now. These people doesn’t have peace in their heart. This is what you call “hati busuk” .. Nauzubillah, minta dijauhkan orang macam ini dan perangai macam ini dari kita semua.

Dear Kosmik Kembara, lepas ni kita bawa awak mandi, pastu saya kena kerja macam orang gila mata duitan untuk compensate kos hari ini.

These journalists need to be ethical even if it’s a gossip column. Entertainment news in Malaysia lack credibility Big Time!

There’s a small column on page 2 of Utusan Malaysia called “Cerita Kaki”. I almost thought it was facts on legs.

Kosmik Kembara’s engine parts have been torn apart. It’s for the best, sayang. They’re cleaning it. You. My sayang.

“23 inisiatif bagi mewujudkan kekayaan baru dan membangunkan ekosistem negara yang mampu menarik pelaburan berbilion ringgit.”? Najib, in 2009 my company brought 5 fund managers to meet top GLC CEOs with regards to green investment. Only 1-2 agreed to meet them. And these fund managers manages green funds worth billion of euros. Your GLC CEOs are just too arrogant if there’s nothing for them. One of the fund manager was from UN Principles of Responsible Investment. But of course, he only met 2 people here. You wasted opportunities. Now you’re throwing billions of ringgit to initiatives we don’t even need? To generate FDI? Fucking kidding me!

Listening to Karyn White’s remake of Superwoman sang in Mandarin by a guy! “You are my superwoman.” katanya.

I like the way my mechanic shows me every single thing he does and changes. That’s transparency you don’t get in top government/GLC offices. Kerja jujur ni you get kat lower level je. Kerja tamak haloba, at the upper level.

I’ve finally changed my 10 year old ATM card to a Debit Card. Mama, I grew up!

Mekanik saya ni bagus. Tak buat kerja lekeh. Dia double check semua benda sampai dia puas hati.

I don’t use big boombastic dictionary words. When I say ‘sayang’, it covers the entire universe words can’t even describe.

Mekanik tambah aircon gas. I barely switch on my aircon except if I have passengers. Hurm… And that was RM450 of a jobless hippy poet’s hard-earned cash. Atas kasih sayang kepada Kosmik Kembara tercinta. Sekarang kita mandikan awak. Saya tahu kadang-kadang tu saya nampak macam tak kisah. Tapi saya betul-betul sayangkan awak, Kosmik Kembara.

My phone pula is falling apart. *cries* Kenapa ni Cosmic Red?

Borak dengan anney and kakak cuci/lap kereta. Always a pleasure to talk to random people.

Come lah. I call you my random soulmate.

This kisha girl on traxx.fm sounds like she’s 14. Manjanya suara kau dik.

Where’s my lunch date, Mr. Soulmate? 🙂

So SUHAKAM tweets in short forms. “pengetua sek terpilih.” I think it’s a breach of language rights. Or my eyes. 🙂

At KLCC. Meeting time is 6pm. Sad. I don’t like shopping malls. I don’t feel belonged here. But I would pay 2 ringgit for some peace and quiet loo time.

You know what’s beautiful? George Michael singing Celine Dion’s “Calling You” live. I’m walking in utter sadness listening to it. Mia Michaels choreographed Travis for this song. Reminding me the beauty and magical feel to it. And now George Michael? *cries*

Meeting place is down the road from the towers. Not in KLCC. This is what you get when the mat salleh decides you meeting venue for you.

Anyway, this is random. But babygirl, you’re too gorgeous to be true. 🙂

Letak anak ikan dalam kolam, berendutlah mereka membiak.

Tadi nampak Lisa Surihani kat KLCC. Perempuan itu memang cantik. There’s two ways of describing a lady. “Cantik” dalam erti kata biasa dan riak muka bersahaja dan “Cantik” dalam erti kata, Memang Cantik.

5mins to 6. Lets see if the Brits are punctual or they have been malaysianised after 3 months living here.

They’re playing “Everybody wants to rule the world” and I’m the only one at this joint. This is perfect. Gonna strip and dance.

Hanging out with my ADs at Changkat. We all now want to go to pee. Perfect team, poor coordination, who pee fist now?

What’s that thing you call when you feel like a barrel of oil equivalent inside your forehead? Oh, pening.

So what’s the best pick-up line you’ve ever made? I think my best pick-up line was, “hypothetically, IF i ask you out on a date, what would you say?” And her answer was, “Theoretically, why would you do that? A Date with a proclaimed nutcase?” Then she asked me, what would I expect from this so-called DATE.

I said,
#1 – this date would basically mean an exclusive night out with some decent activities,
#2 – exclusive rights to refer to the positive (yes, we went out on a date n she was amazing) OR negative (thanked god it was just ONE date)
#3 – exclusive rights to refer to you as my ‘date’ for the evening,
#4 – and the permission to pick you up and send you home which will indirectly reveal your residence to me.

Oh swell. My charm and cornyness is bound to rust.

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