I love you my darling, my love has superseded my anger, my days are not but tiny little children of past days. – @RomanticCreep

Casey made a great exit. It’s okay. This time gua tak nangis. πŸ™‚

Obama is reshuffling his ‘war & intelligence’ team. First of all, war is stupid. If he calls that intelligence, then he is stupid.

Greetings Earthlings who tweets! Have a nice weekend ahead. Blessed be you, your kind hearts and your loving souls.

Sent Kosmik Kembara to the mechanic and now having a morning walk around my neighbourhood. Refreshing. Mall workers coming early to buy breakfasts. Po-pos riding their bicycle to the market. Security guards waiting to open the doors. Selayang Mall is not opened yet. Gonna walk an extra mile to the nearest bank. But I adore walking so it’s okay. It’s nice to walk around and see how your people are living. One thing the blue blood politicians would never do.

“A writer takes his pen, to write the words again, but all in love is fair.” #nowplaying Stevie Wonder’s ‘All Is Fair In Love’

Security Money guys hogging the ATM. About 10 people (and coming more) waiting outside. Typical Saturday geram moment.

That was an hour walk without makan. Just had a can of MILO. I am now weak and hungry. Faste finish, I wanna balik makan. ;-(

My sister is bringing my bebbeh to Butterfly Park. But I have tuition class at 11.30am. *nangis* Will join her later. No, you don’t understand. My bebbeh niece Aisyah Nur is what you call an angel that can make a broken heart pieces smile! ;-( A smile from Aisyah Nur and nothing is impossible, and that tears you shed be only of joy and happiness. I’m not kidding. Aisyah Nur, she’s my Cherie Amour. That’s the closest for me to having a baby, so that’s why I am biased thinking my bebbeh niece is the joy why Earth is created for.

Contemplating to share jokes which involve the word ‘fucked up’ with parents. Not that they would marah or anything. Abah said fuck before.

My student Benjamin had a row with his mom because mom wants improvement and he just wants to pass. Haih. Now moody to even study. Haih. I make Ben flips through the Kamus like it’s his bestfriend. Had some exercises about peribahasa. Dia takde inisiatif to even guess. *sigh* Teaching a 15 year-old who doesn’t have patience or initiative and has quite a temper is …………… Tuition class cut short to less than an hour. I don’t want to teach a kid yang tengah temper.

Great! In time to go the butterfly park with my 1year plus bebbeh. Bless. Pengubat hati pengarang jantung.

Day 8 of no carbonated drinks challenge. Aren’t you guys proud of me?

Sebagai tanda persahabatan, najib minta china kasi pinjam dua ekor panda. Siapa advisor najib yang bergeliga sangat nih?

Lack of carbonated drinks increase one’s pervertism. Macam baru akil baligh. Withdrawal symptoms much?

Traxxfm is playing Georgy Porgy by Eric Benet and Faith Evans. Gila best. Georgy porgy puddin pie, kiss the girls and make them cry.

Lapar weh! *cries* Ada orang makan sudu karang!

Kaki mengelecet pakai flipflops. Had to change to loafers and wear socks now.

Aiyoh, where’s my dad ni? Lamanya Zohor kat surau. He’s using my car. 😦

Shahnon SASSYmon. *gelak kecil* *muka merah*

Should’ve bawa air inside the car. Dehydrated dah. Haih.

Penat layan bebbeh who was terried of butterflies. Now tea time with friends at some place i can’t even pronounce let alone spell.

Levain boulangerie pastisserie. Wadefak is that name? Scientific name for edible bra?


“You lie! I’m Colombian! I know a fake crime scene when I see one!” – Sofia Vergara in Modern Family. Hehehehehehhe..

I believe that when you give, ikhlas, the universe will conspire to give back, multifold! It has always worked for me! – @tiniz

Passed out from 8pm til 3.30am. Shouldn’t have not stayed up the whole night before that. Body couldn’t take it.

Passed out again. Libido = 0. Mojo = -7

Selamat Pagi. How’s your hearts, dear Lovers? Smiling under this rain?

It’s funny that I only dream of you when I’m not asleep. As if my subconscious is telling me, “She yours, not mine.”

Wah, American also got anglophiles. πŸ˜‰

I think I’m pretty stubborn. And at times, it pisses people off.

If Diana didn’t exist and became one of the most lovable icon in the world, nobody cares about which royal married who. Seriously.

Today am gonna don my newspaperboy hat. Just cause, I’m an anglophile, for today. brown checked cap, green shirt, white pants, and brown checked loafers. And it’s a friday. Oh, and brown checked jacket. engrish.

There still exist appreciation in loyalty. Which works for a loyal Libran like me. Kosmik Kembara will be visiting the mechanic again tmrw.

Urgh! Idea for a poem and i’m driving!

If you’re around brickfields and saw a kembara drivers dancing and singing inside her car, that’s not me singing Britnet Spears Hit Me Baby

Great. Second time slammin’ and I’m already on the map that I wanted to keep out from. Heh.

Today am assessing Showa Shell Sekiyu K.K. Anyone have any dirt? πŸ™‚

Kickstarting with Tania Maria – Come With Me. *smiles* #nowplaying *sing* “Come with me, make me smile, hold me in your arms..”

Haddaway’s “What is Love” is sungguh menakutkan when they shout in your earphones while you’re doing work in a quiet office. Damn!

Jing gave me some veges in exchange the veges I gave her for lunch two days back. Turnip cooked in oyster sauce with some shitake mushroom and onions, wrapped in salad leaves.

Gua just gigited lidah sendiri. Syabas diri sendiri!

Baru nampak kepentingan orang Inggeris. Kalau tidak bukanlah penting sangat pok-pok ni.

“You ain’t a saint, we all are sinners. Bet you put your good foot down and make your soul a winner.” #nowplaying A Long Walk – Jill Scott

Times like these, we all misses Lady Di. πŸ™‚ β€œAnd I hope she would be very, very proud that the big day has come upon him.” – Harry on what his late mother, Princess Diana, would think.

There’s something about today that I’m forgetting. Hurm…

#nowplaying Penawar Rindu – Rafeah Buang. Songs I grew up with. πŸ™‚ Love it. “Penawar rindu, padamu, seorang…”

“The face of the saint makes the miracle.” So you should go and make things happen. Carlitos’ wise words to me. :-

I remember long roadtrips balik kampung from Johor to Kelantan and abah plays Hetty Koes Endang ALL THE WAY. I was 8 back then, then I sneaked in Sheila Majid’s cassette so he can change it to Sheila Majid along the way.

#nowplaying Asmara – Anneke Gronloh. πŸ™‚ “Ohhh, begini rasanya, hati ku sengsara.”

If your opinion has a sharp pointy point, then I hope I don’t get your point.

Andre, our Indonesian tech guy in his early 20s, are keeping us up to date with what’s happening right now in London. Me & E-yon *jaws drop*

Hari ni patut revolution against good grammar. ;-P

OMG, just heard the nice prim-proper Korean girl said “fucked up” *jaws dropped*

Friday night. What to do? Who to meet?

Caved in. Heading home to work in my boxers and singlet. Calling Domino’s. Watching the wedding.

Mama: Muid.
Muid: Mak call Muid ke?
Mama: Tak. Mak call Muid la ni…

Aku tak faham betul perbualan Mama dengan Muid ni.

Mama was explaining, that if I don’t get married til I’m 40, I’m still her ‘amanah’, she gotta take care of my ‘kebajikan’ … ;-( Makes me feel guilty since I’m never getting married anyway. *sigh* Just to state, like the atheist who doesn’t believe in God, I don’t believe in marriages. But I don’t disrespect it, it’s just not for me.

Nampak kereta, semua orang jerit. Gila lah persandingan ini. Gila gempak siot. “Nok, dia lambai kat mak, nok! Mak cair..” Nasib baik aku tak gi wedding tu. Habis kena tepis semua topi makcik tu. I think, sape tak pakai topi, is like siapa free hair masa MRSM. Macam giler outcast. Sultan Brunei spotted. Sultan Sarawak takde? Kalau Rosmah pergi, memang giler perasan. Ini ceremony royalty je. Tuanku Mizan spotted now.

Mama: Adik tak punch-in income tax?
Me: Adik kena income tax ke? Adik takde income pun?

Ye ye je commentator ni. Dari jarak 500m, mana kau tahu dalam kereta tu mak pengantin? #royalwedding #rw2011

Mama: Patutlah Kate ni cantik, mak dia cantik.
Me: Macam adik la kan mak?
Mama: Adik cantik apa, cuma tak dress up je.
Me: 😐

OMG, who’s that in PINK? My fashion sense ditikam bertubi tubi!

Baru je nak terfikir, “Oh, no wonder la nampak ramai polis pengiring pagi tadi.” But… I’m in KL.

Dalam banyak-banyak, aku rasa jubah paderi paling GLAM.

Kate masuk kereta. Kain labuh dia masuk bonet.

OMG, timeline bergerak macam sangat laju, lagi laju dari KTM komuter!

I want that car Kate in. Giler best. Apa aku buat, semua orang boleh nampak. Mungkin kecantikan Kate bakal mengubah persepsiku tentang perkahwinan? Sebab aku mahukan pengantin secantik dia? jeng jeng jeng. Flower girl menguap! JINX! Padahal kereta tu pusing pusing 500m je. Saja nak testing suara penyorak, ada stamina nak jerit berapa lama. Kalau Kate tertiarao jatuh, will it be a royal disaster? TERTIARAP. Mak eksaited sangat, uols. Dalam hati Kate, mesti dia kata, “Botak pun botak la, janji aku jadi Royal Highness.” … Kate cakap Melayu doh.

Kalau Melayu, persandingan bererti “Raja Sehari.” Ni cemane kira ni?

Paderi nye jubah lagi panjang dari kain baju Kate? Oh, that’s Kate’s. Dalam hati Kate, masa lalu depan makcik-makcik tu mesti dia kata, “Oh bugger! She’s wearing that fucking bloody ugly looking hat ?!” Cuba William pegang tangan Harry, macam Kate pegang tangan bapak dia. Awwwwwwwwwwwwww… Adakah corong organ dia sampai atas gereja tu? Gila lah! Gua nak bong cenggitu plis. Nasib baik kau sangat cantik Kate. If not, aku takde nye nak tengok wedding ni. Sebab aku shallow dan superficial.

Mama tanya, ni macam sembahyang dia ke? I jawab, “Macam marhaban la mama. macam selawat dia.” Tiba-tiba rasa pandai seminit.

This is the part when I’ll get sleepy. Be it in church or masjid, or kuil, wherever.

Fuck! Mak nak kata mak tak setuju! Tapi tweetdeck mak hang!


Okay, fine. Aku nak kahwin la macam ni.

Eh, yak cium? Oh, dia bukan American ye dak? TAK TAK TAK

Topi paderi pink????? Topi pink, jubah kuning, sure or not tak gay? But, Mak suka uols! Oh, you’re SOOO GAY

A wedding horror if William borrows Samy Vellu’s wig for his wedding.

If George Michael starts singing in front of the church choir, I’ll rest my case on those pink-hat priests.

Suddenly the wedding became secondary. Sitting down with Abah and Mama discussing my adik’s future post SPM. Except, Abah gets to be in the discussion with a cigarette in his hand. Heh.

Wait. Is that the Queen’s husband? Wait, does the Queen has a husband? Surely she does kan, if not, mana datang si Charles tu. If I say, I think Charles would die first than his mother, I kena tulah tak?

Alamak, apsal my parents tanya pasal adik beradik Charles plak ni. Mana aku tahu. Mama, “mak cerita kat diaorang, masa kecik ikut rombongan cina mati, dapat 5ringgit dengan tuala free kalau nangis.” I think my Mom had a very cheerful childhood.

WTF! WTF is that hat?

“Tu tok besan dia.” Mama points at Kate’s dad. Mak aku memang Melayu.

So, adik Kate ada pakwe tak? ;-P

Kate deserves it. She looks regal and just so majestically beautiful.

Malam ni wedding ala Bollywood. Ikat sari keliling api pastu kita layan Banghra.

Abah panggil kain labuh Kate, “skirt”. 😐

Kalau Tim Burton yang plan wedding dia, mesti carriage itu berbentuk pumpkin. Ala Cindarella.

Ah sudah, Abah buka cerita WW1, dimana King kena tembak masa naik carriage. 😐

Penat mak jerit.

Patut kita kena suruh semua anak raja (lelaki) kita masuk askar. Barulah tegap macam William dan Harry. Pastu ada sense patriotism sikit.

Cepat la habis wedding ni. Gua dah lapar dah ni.

Hahahahahaaha, takde sape kisah American Idol

Hey Woman! That’s not a hat! That’s an antler! Who’s your designer? Rudolph? Might as well kill a peacock and just stuff your head in the peacock’s butt.

Brits are having more colours and less checked stuff. Eh, mamak pakai biru ni boipren Ian McKellen ke? ;-P MAMAK? MAMAT I mean.

A white pantsuit, a soft lemongreen scarf, and a white 4-inch pumptoe. And a dark brown beret. Unfortunately, I’m not invited to the wedding

Penatlah nak tunggu kau cium weh. Aku dah lapar dah ni.

Abah: Apsal tak siap nak gi lagi ni?
Mama: Tunggu diaorang cium.
Abah: Alaaa, tengok I cium daging dah cukup la.

I hope the comolot clip be on youtube. I go makan now.

#mamarandomjoke “What are you talking about, I’m at the roundabout?”

Fiqah: Mana Mama belajar baca blog-blog ni?
Mama: Haaa, you don’t know what I know.

Next time bila ajak parents keluar makan, kena make sure each of them bawa spek mata masing-masing. Kena tunggu turn baca menu pulak!

If I was the Queen, I ban that antler hat to any Royal wedding.

Huh? What American Idol?

Junior Masterchef Finale Round One. Bila dah kenyang tengok rancangan ni, nafsu tak berahi. yay! Isabella first Junior Masterchef!!!!

Just saw the comolot picture. OMG, that jawline! Cantiknya kau Kate.

Abah is watching True Beauty and he is like very in front of the TV. I don’t know if I should be concerned or not.

I love you because when you I die I will cry and cry until I remember what’s like to be inside the womb of time. – @RomanticCreep

“According to the American Cancer Society, if women sit more than six hours a day, we’re increasing our chances of dying by 37 percent. Anyone can make history. Only a great woman can tweet it. Don’t expect a man to give you multiple orgasms. You’ll live a more fulfilling life if you don’t expect a man to give u multiple anything.” – E. Jean

E. Jean’s Rule 3 Rules
(1) Never trust a woman who shags married men.
(2) Never make a deal with a guy who wears a white belt.
(3) Never try to be β€œfriends” when the affair is over.

I wonder if my Debit Card can make online purchases. Hurm…

Weird how people want to bersumpah pegang Qur’an. Even the Qur’an kata kalau berzina kena ada 3 saksi who physically saw what happened.

Kerja malam.

EP and Director whatsapping me at 12.45am. Hurm … These production people should really sleep.

Hurm. Maybe if I put the stinking minyak Zam Zam on my head, it will put off whatever that weird sound I just heard to go away.

Do we smell in our dreams? I mean, can we smell?

Oh, weird sound is actually coming from Muid’s room, he’s watching something on his laptop. The only hantu in this area is supposedly me

Donald Trump said, “Your network is Your networth.” Why is it that I’m always broke?

When I grow up, I want to die famous.

And just like that I changed my Twitter avatar. To someone who used to look like me in 2007. πŸ™‚

500kbps download? 4GB in 2 hours? *orgasm*

Someone should make a blockbuster movie on Ai WeiWei. Mengalahkan Bourne series. Political agenda. Why can’t these politicians focus on the real reason why they are there, to represent and help the people. I have nothing against memansuhkan ISA. but RM600,000 can be used to eradicate poverty. That’s a bigger issue.

How can you possibly be jealous of something you don’t even want?

49.7% of the world population are women (3,132,342,000 women; 3,169,122,000 men) (UN Population Division). #facts

Impunity. That’s one word I will never use verbally. Not because I don’t know what it means, but because I can create definitions for it. πŸ˜›

I want to get an iPad just to read news while I’m wasting time pooping in the toilet. That would be among top 3 reasons if I were to buy one

After viewing the list, evidently hotels in Malaysia charges more for WiFi per day. I paid RM50 for 24 hour in Peninsular Residence!

A week more til I see you. Oh, the anticipation, even though you never will know or ever knew. Secret crazy infatuation crush. Shhhhh, don’t tell anyone. Last night I dreamed of you. And I didn’t even sleep last night. πŸ™‚ Oh my, she’ll cringe reading that. πŸ™‚

Only had a 30min nap last night. I’m pretty much zombified like Kak Limah. Except that I’m already home so I need to get out.

The most fucked up and weirdest thing happened that I can’t even share here. Urgh. And it’s not I-wanna-kill-someone fucked up. It’s euuwww. Seriau telinga mengingatkannya. How the fuck did they get into the washing machine??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My dad is 60 and he handwash his own clothes. I bet he’s laughing his ass at what happened to my laundry this morning. To spare your curiosity, 2 rats died in my laundry which I left overnight. And seriously, I don’t know how the hell they got into the machine. So now, the OCD me tells myself, either I throw away that bulk of clothes OR I boil them, soak in dettol, and wash them in 3 different cycles

Dear God, it’s amazing how you make my life interesting every single day. πŸ™‚ Then you throw a couple of rats in, thinking, why not. I knew I’m witty because you’re funny.

Baju boleh dibeli. *pujuk diri sendiri*

In 2003, my cat pooped on my baju Raya. I was so devastated I sent the cat to SPCA. Sorry cat. And now this. *cries* If I was a comic artist, I probably do a sketch parody of the adventure of those 2 rats in the washing machine. *pujuk diri sendiri* Tragedi. Tragedi. Tragedi. Thanked God it wasn’t a load of my pants. If not, I’ll be wearing baju kurung out cos I don’t have anymore pants. My RM 10 shirt. Memang senang kalau kata nak buang. But mana nak dapat shirt RM10 yang best macam tu? ;-( And with that, I had an excuse to kacau Rodent. πŸ™‚ She’d be thinking WTF, kan. πŸ™‚

Okay, I know this is jahat, but when the host looks like she herself needs to be in the Biggest Loser, I think it’s a wrong pick.

Good Morning sayang. πŸ™‚

I love you but who is that woman that smells like death and perfume and chocolate and bourgeois elitism? – @RomanticCreep

Finally! A gorgeous girl in Bodega lounge! And in front of me!

Hello Earthlings!

Aiyoh TAC number, what’s taking you so LONG?

Texting Mama to tell her that her mee goreng today is the best and looks perfect. πŸ™‚

Aku mengadu pasal herbivor boy kat team leader sebab si herbivor boy tak reti hantar emel. Hahahaha. Aku minah pot! Mesti ego herbivor boy terguris. Sebab sebagai seorang analyst, mesti dia dah rasa diri dia hebat sangat.

Note to Self: Check emails after work. Have not been responding to work emails for 4 days already.

Just realised there’s a scar on my right thumb when I successfully burned it while tipping a hot pot. A curved scar.

Semalam nampak Awal and Schaa. Kalau they were holding 6 babies, dah boleh contest for Jolie+Pitt look-a-like. Hehehe.

#nowplaying Slave 4 U – Britney Spears. I gave in. ;-P

E-Yon just told me, Santorini, Greece is a popular honeymoon spot for newlywed Koreans. Things we learn everyday. πŸ˜‰

“It’s okay this love weighs 50 men.” #nowplaying Charlotte Martin’s “The Dance”

Maybe I do need an iPad. Because it’s bigger to read news on when I’m in the toilet.

I told E-Yon she looks like a Korean lady today. And she sneered at me with her Korean eyes. ;-P

50 trillion Japanese yen is equal to RM 1,832.52 billion. Just as Taib Mahmud to buy Japan la. Good investment what. πŸ˜‰ Mesti dia mampu. I mean, ‘ask’. Not ‘as’. And not ‘ass’.

Just killed a baby cockroach. I’m doing you a favour. You won’t be living for thousands of years. The world is cruel like that.

#nowplaying Come with Me – Tania Maria. Her live show at Jackson ville. I want to go to an opened park show of hers. πŸ˜‰

Jing is so excited that her 17 year-old big boy just got himself his first girlfriend. Telling me about sending them of for dates. πŸ˜‰

Well Hello new Followers. Drop by a Hi will you? πŸ˜‰ I’d like to follow you back, but I gotta say that face to face.

Human trafficking is the fastest-growing criminal industry in the world with total annual revenue estimated between US$5 bn to US$9 bn.

“Don’t worry if we fall in love, we will never touch the ground.” #nowplaying Fall In by Esperanza Spalding

Feeling for burger ramly later. If only there’s a shop where I can eat ramly burger and do work on my lappie. ;-(

Hello Miss Lisa Stanfield. Your “Never Never Gonna Give You Up” videoclip is VERY VERY sexy. Me loves it.

“Melayang di atas awan, berjalan beriringkan nyanyian cinta.” #nowplaying Di Atas Awan (akustik) by Parkdrive. Love Olivia Latuputy’s voice.

“Girl’s got crazy rhythm, She’s coming from a stranger place, All wrapped up in music, With a star gaze on her face, She got it.”

The guy who initiated this 1Melayu 1Bumi thing is pretty much very self-righteous. Even the Prophet pun ask us to live with others. Rasa nak hempuk kepala dia dengan batu-bata pun ada. People who think Malays own Malaysia should just rot 6 feet under. Tanah Malaya ni takde bendanya tanpa bantuan luar.

“106 Santos employees grew moustaches for Movember in 2010, raising awareness for Beyond Blue and the Prostate Cancer Foundation of AUS.” Boleh join abang askar dan abang polis kita. They get paid extra if they grow fierce looking moustaches. ;-P

Time for coffee. πŸ™‚

If 3.3 is for 1,000,000 working hours, do I divide 5 or times 5 if I want to get answer for 200,000 working hours? Math geniuses out there?

#nowplaying Whatever – Jill Scott. πŸ™‚ Makes you want someone to pamper with your love, huh?

OMG, your unwitty tweets feels like chainsaw cutting my funny bones and I’m not even kidding.

I’m leaning to my laptop monitor like an old professor reading an interesting encyclopedia. I even got my checked jacket to match it. I wish it was porn that I’m forcing my eyes to see, not 250 page of annual report. *sigh*

I can get information at the tip of my fingers if I want to. And use it for many reason to exploit others. But whatever for, kan?

Quite impressed with our cast line-up. Getting a bit excited now. I almost khatam the movie script now. πŸ™‚ I’m so hoping my career pursuit dates wouldn’t clash with the production dates now. *fingers-crossed

So, I have a unlighted stick hanging on my lips, and suddenly the waiter at the Deli shoved his lighter to light it. Rasa mcm Cleopatra plak

So many projects, so little time, I want to taste the earth, and touch the sky. πŸ™‚

Zainal, the waiter semalam greets me. So sweet. He made my dirty martini semalam. Was so concern that it would suit my taste πŸ™‚ I like to know/call my waiter/waitresses by name. We should call them our buddies. πŸ™‚

A bug in a beer. I hope he/she/it doesn’t drown/getdrunk.

“In high definition, I’m dreaming of you. With my disposition, I’m losing my cool. My everything, I give anything to be with you” – Yuna

Hek eleh. DNA kau nak buat apa, samdol oi. Bukan kau yang buat seks tu. Sad to know such an idiot can get Datukship also.

How to change a Tyre. Take out the Y and put an I. Voila! ;-P Or is it, how to change attire?

It takes a special kind of stupid to take a tweet serious. – @mllyssa

With all this work on my shoulders, all I want to do is to carry on writing my sappy love story screenplay that I’ll never shoot. Now that I’ve found the format wizard for screenplay in my OpenOffice. Feels so pandai suddenly. Now, to tell the story. It’s so interesting, writing a screenplay, a story. You almost am thinking like 15 characters (if any) that you’ve written.

Btw, my niece drop by when I was out teaching tuition class. So sad. I miss her like crazy I could cry. ;-(

should. stop. thinking.

Someone invited me for a food review. I feel so very bad if I accept it. First, I’m not a fussy eater. Second, I don’t eat. And why the hell they want me to eat and drink Mint Lychee to quench my thirst? Mint Lychee? Mint Lychee? Do I look like I drink Mint Lychee. Why do people put mint in lychee???????????? Lychee is supposed to be, sweet and not minty. Which reminds me, Jamie Oliver calls rambutan, “hairy lychee”. Brits aren’t that smart. The menu puts Kacang Pol as starters. Isn’t that a main dish? Urgh, I’m the worst person to be doing food review.

red. bull. kicking. in. will. do. work. now. and. leave. you. people. to. peace.

Wah, Royal Wedding dah ada hashtag #rw2011. πŸ™‚

Dear FB, if 25 of my friends know that person, doesn’t mean that I might know him, okay?

I’m just a fragment of your memory.

“If your life was gold. How long would you think you’d stay living?” – Gold by Interference #nowplaying “And I love her so. I wouldn’t trade her for gold.” πŸ™‚

If we always set our eyes for the ideal, would we actually settle for what is real?

#nowplaying The Fact Is (I Need You) – Jill Scott. And I really do.

Pretending that the laptop’s keyboard is an actual keyboard (the musical instrument) and type like playing music.,

Melewati dinginnya mimpi. #nowplaying Bila Aku Jatuh Cinta – Nidji

This close to anxiety attack. ;-( Only had 1 ciggie for the past 3 days and it’s Day 4 in no carbonated drink challenge. *body shivering*

Cut my hair and find a quiet place to eat and drink. Any takers? At Bodega lounge, Bangsar. Anyone up for some games to avoid the traffic, holler. Reading through my old poetry book. It’s actually half the book. Impressive dear self. Bodega lounge ni memang tempat bercinta juga la. πŸ™‚

Tidak berharap bukan bermakna putus harapan.

If you and I were strangers, the only thing we need is the night. Then everyone would be lovers.

Aku mahu lompat ke bintang. Dan dengan kuasa celah kangkang, akn ku tunggang si Bintang. Supaya dia akur turun ke bumi, utk lompat bersamaku

Marc Anthony is singing “All is Fair in Love”, a tribute to Stevie Wonder. Makes me want to get married to a man like Marc Anthony.

Me at Bodega and Faiz at Antipodean. Selamba je tinggal tinggal barang to jenguk each other macam neighbours. ;-P

#nowplaying Lamunan Terhenti – Aris Ariwatan. πŸ˜‰

Tell me my love, what will you do when we dismantle the state apparatus, when we turn consumption on itself. – @RomanticCreep

“Now why you wanna go and do dat love huh, now why you wanna go and do dat and do dat and do dat.” #nowplaying Selamat malam. Saya tidur dulu. Assalamualaikum. Harap dapat bangun awal esok. InsyaAllah. πŸ™‚

Get ready for some Monday ‘Penaakulan Mantik’.

A: Adultery is forgivable when it involves falling in love rather than sex for its own sake.
B is Women never have sex for its own sake.
So C concludes that “A woman adulterer must have done it for love, and can be forgiven.”

I’ve cheated in a relationship before and was with someone who was in a relationship who used me for pleasure. I think my celibacy is karma.

Eros is passionate love, with sensual desire & longing. Modern Greek word “erotas” means “Intimate Love”. The term ‘erotic’ is from eros.

People who are vain, doesn’t mean they’re a narcissist. People who are narcissist, doesn’t mean they have self-confidence.

If you were to write a letter to an author (dead/living) who had inspired you, who will it be? I would write to Rumi & J.D. Salinger.

Today, I’m going to make Benjamin write a Malay essay on his favourite song. Probably gonna make him translate it as well. πŸ™‚

#nowplaying My Sharona – The Knack. Get ready to bump your head guys! Mamamamayyy sharona!! It’s just a matter of time, sharona!

Is it fair to say that we can know a writer from their writing?

#nowplaying Dayz of Our Livez – Bone Thugs N Harmony. “Now come into my world and you can see that we are more than thugs.”

#nowplaying Part-Time Lover – Stevie Wonder. Singing and dancing a geeky tribal dance to send this message to the universe. πŸ˜‰

Back in the old days, to be a concubine means sexual power over the King and not the other way around. It means control. A privilege.

#nowplaying Overjoy – Stevie Wonder. πŸ™‚

During those days, the Queen is like the King’s business partner. If she’s smart enough. Like the Chinese empress(es). πŸ™‚

#nowplaying If You Really Love Me – Stevie Wonder. πŸ˜‰ If you really love me won’t you tell me?

#nowplaying Cinta Terlarang – Ren Tobing. “Ku tahu kau juga tak sempurna, namun berdua kita saling mengisi..”

Eldest sis calling that she bought us kain baju raya. Awwwww………… And then she reminds me of how she wants Bobbi Brown make-up set. Hinting me much. “Instead of smoking, I do smokey eyes.” – My Sister. And she said, whenever I tweet, her colleagues (who are my twitter friends) will update her. Aiyoh. Now I need to text all my tweets to her. Before she hangs up the phone, she said, “Okay, now go tweet all your insecurities.” My sister, ladies and gentlemen. Haih, I do miss my sister and her sick antic jokes. πŸ™‚

Tempted to create a whatsapp group with the Director and the EP. Although I don’t know what for also. Hahaha. Saja jakun with whatsapp.

Working on word document pun boleh lagging macam haram! Ish! Okay, fine. I’ll be patient.

Oh, stop their own species from abusing women..

A roti canai and a plate of meehoon later and I’m still hungry. ;-(

Major choc input: Milo Ice and Choc Ice Cream bun.

#nowplaying Di Atas Awan (akustik) – Parkdrive. “Tanpaku sedari, kau curi hatiku saatku terlengang..”

#nowplaying Trip On Love – Abra Moore. “You stop laughing, ask me to feel lonely that way.”

#nowplaying Jam – Michael Jackson. A good one to kick the sleepy out of the head after lunch. πŸ˜‰

#nowplaying It’s The Falling In Love – Michael Jackson. Off The Wall, the best album. πŸ™‚

#nowplaying Stay – Lisa Loeb. Girls in geeky glasses. πŸ™‚

#nowplaying Ain’t That a Shame – Najwa Mahiaddin. *snaps fingers* Badoo badoo badoo badeyyy

#nowplaying Got To Go – Najwa Mahiaddin. πŸ˜‰

#nowplaying Selalu Tersenyum – Glenn Fredly feat. Parkdrive. πŸ™‚

#nowplaying Virtual Insanity – Jamiroquai. “It’s a crazy world we’re living in and I can’t see that half of us immersed in sin..”

“And I’m standing over here, watching you over there. Smiling, happy, unaware.” #nowplaying

#nowplaying Crystalised – The xx. πŸ™‚

It was infatuation that lead me to you. It was my wit that made you notice me. Yet, we’re not together.

#nowplaying Hundreds of Sparrows. “Your head upon my chest. And I can feel the pillow of your breast. You are worth hundreds of sparrows.”

“There’s a hole in my soul, and I’m losing control and it’s not too late for you to be my magic star.” #nowplaying Talulah – Jamiroquai

#nowplaying Good Morning Heartache – Jill Scott. πŸ™‚ Perfect after rain song.

“So the words you could not say, I’ll sing them for you. And the love we could have made, I’ll make it for two.” #nowplaying

She who works like a dog, is a bitch. Okaylah, the explanation is … bitch is a female dog. Geddit? Geddit? ;-P

I’m so tensed with working like a dog, I’m gonna cut my hair very very short tomorrow. Tengoklah. *gertak diri sendiri*

Adios Astupidos!

Benjamin chose an Akon song to write for his essay. I almost choked to death in utter disgust but I am here to teach him. *cries*

Lapar. Dinner alone or…..? I miss hartamas square. Dinner alone it seems. Had a quick dinner of empat cucuk satay at Devi’s Corner Bangsar alone. So much for avoiding mamak. But I didn’t have Coke.

Got myself some new kretek. Finall found Dji Sam Soe at Kampung Segambut Dalam. I love the drive there. I blend in. Almost. πŸ™‚

As a Libra, You will pay the bills on time in one of two ways: by sheer luck or with the aid of a responsible partner. [ZodiacFacts]

In Jakarta, Sudirman was a Jenderal. πŸ™‚
– 09:19

1964 – 1982. Nelson Mandela was imprisoned. 1989 – 2010. Aung San Suu Kyi was house-arrested.
– 10:42

My car tyre got punctured and I didn’t even touch the car since last night. I got deadline and Dad is expecting me to go change it myself.
– 12:41

There comes a time being a handy fucking masculine person who does everything herself is a nuisance. Why can’t I be a stupid helpless girl?
– 12:43

Colonel think its okay for me to change my own car tyre in this heat, but doesn’t like me being not feminine and prim&proper like normal?
– 12:43

Told him, it’s too hot, I got work, and will call a mechanic later. I can change the tyre, it was not a problem. But cut me some slack.
– 12:45

Plus, how the f-cking hell did it got flat in the first place?! The only person driving it today was the one who removed it from the gate.
– 12:45

We changed the tyre, in this damn heat. Cos I can’t allow my 59 year-old dad fussing to jack up my car. We couldn’t find the nail though.
– 13:10

If someone sabotaged by releasing out the air, siap la. Siap la kau.
– 13:11

Now I really need a redbull, some chocolates, some Coke, and maybe a ciggie. Dammit!
– 13:16

I wonder, people who fight and talk about sexuality rights are mostly … heterosexuals.
– 13:45

A lot of homosexuals I know, are pretty out, pretty comfortable with themselves, and … pretty.
– 13:46

Maybe I shouldn’t comment since I am neither a heterosexual activist nor a pretty homosexual. πŸ˜‰
– 13:47

Wow. Humming is making sounds while you breathe through your nose.
– 14:03

Day 2 of no carbonated drinks. Feel like crying.
– 14:39

I was doing much better not smoking than I am not drinking carbonated drink. ;-(
– 14:55

Am officially the tokan for boxed series and new movies. *coughs*
– 15:45

People who still exist in our memories are still alive.
– 15:48

Husih. Gossip artis. Sedap dibaca, only for the purpose of laughing at the reporter’s ‘report’, no more, no less. People deserve privacy.
– 18:15

Then you look at yourself with amazement. Boringnya hidup aku sebab takde skandal yang boleh di-sensationalised-kan. Hahahahaha.
– 18:15

The kid behind the house is singing like a f-ing bastard. Urgh. Feels like throwing a brick until his windows pecah.
– 18:50

The whole day, my phone was off. How lovely.
– 19:06

I think this is a good practice. Every Sunday, I shall switch off my phone.
– 19:06

Watching Animal Planet, about an albino hippo being isolated by other hippos. Fiqah kata, “Ish, Badak pun racist.”
– 19:25

William’s and Kate’s wedding. Almost like Academy Awards.
– 19:32

Landak pun ada albino. Tengah tengok buaya nak makan landak albino. Katanya albino generally rabun. Sad.
– 19:35

OMG, Kitto the albino baby Baboon died falling from the tree. The mother carried him around 3 days 3 nights after that thinking he’s alive.
– 19:43

– 19:44

Okay, Animal Planet is officially a sad channel. ;-(
– 19:44

Kitto is the albino lion cub. The albino baby baboon is not Kitto. But he died tragically. Sangat sedih.
– 19:46

Dark Days in Monkey City reminds me of the movie Hanuman.
– 19:54

Which suddenly reminds me of Mira Nair’s “Kamasutra”. I love that movie. The legendary Rekha was in it.
– 19:55

Watched Mira Nair’s “Kamasutra” when I was still in highschool. That’s the closest I get to porn, in a respectful way. Mira Nair, okay!
– 19:56

So many report to read, so little time. And these reports have nothing to do with work. Still, knowledge is power.
– 20:35

I miss beach vacation. ;-( ..
– 20:42

Urgh, the tensed part is when nak simpan air sembahyang from Maghrib to Isya’ then you forgot, you’re the Queen of all farts.
– 20:49

If the Pope’s time, we call ‘papacy’, do we refer to Mother Teresa’s time as “mamacy” ?
– 21:02

Nas Ahmad needs to learn a lot from Ryan Seacrest. Semua comment dia sangat biased dan membosankan.
– 21:11

Huish, back-up dancers hot hot belaka.
– 21:15

Nas pergi cari Yusry, tanya kat Erra. Lawak la kot tu. I bet he thinks that was the most brilliant lawak he pulled tonight.
– 21:29

Nora singing with her son in Mentor. I love Nora.
– 21:35

Ala, so cute. Johan Nawawi so supportive.
– 21:37

Fast & Furious. Si bodoh mana yang beria nak translate to Pantas & Garang ni? Ish. Kata Nama Khas takyah terjemah la.
– 21:39

Luka di dalam hati, dan luka yang diperlakukan. Lakonan mereka yang berpura-pura. Wah gua suka lagu ni doh!
– 21:44

Ooooh, Aku patrikan sumpah! Cinta setia, di atas kaca jiwaku.
– 21:44

Cayalah Roy!!! Ratnaku!!! Gua nak nyanyi lagu ni in next karaoke session!
– 21:46

Sedap jugak si Salma nyanyi dengan Lan yang suka typewriter ni.
– 21:54

Okaylah Salma. Aku suka lah kat kau. Boleh tahan.
– 21:55

Abang Anuarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *muka peminat cilik* *kelip mata berkali-kali*
– 22:18

I’ll sing a song to you through my stare while you read the words of my love song written on a piece of paper. πŸ™‚
– 22:29

Back to basics. Returning to the 80s and 90s. Bye bye world.
– 22:37

“Aku membilang hari. Apa akan datang hariku nanti…. Istana menanti pasti…”
– 22:46

#nowplaying Lamunan Terhenti – Aris Ariwatan. πŸ™‚
– 22:52

Kita bertemu, kali ini untuk apa? Adakah hanya, menambahkan lagi sengsara.. #nowplaying
– 22:58

Bersama kasih, kita leburkan rantai yang membebankan hidup kita, selama ini. #nowplaying
– 23:02

“Kepadamu kekasih, aku berserah. Kerana ku tahu, kau lebih mengerti. Apa yang terlukis di cermin wajahku ini. Apa yang tersirat di hati..”
– 23:08

Penawar rindu padamu seorang… Kenapa selalu semangatku dikau puja. Penawar rindu padamu seorang… #nowplaying
– 23:14

Aiyoh, itu convertor takmo convert lagu keroncong la. Haih.
– 23:21

“Mata airmu dari Solo.. Terkurung gunung seribu.. Air mengalir sampai jauh.. Akhirnya ke laut..” #nowplaying
– 23:36

Oooo, begini rasanya, hatiku sengsara. Mengingat dia, hatiku luka, kerna tergoda oleh cinta.” #nowplaying
– 23:38

Luxury is the ease of a t-shirt in a very expensive dress. – @Karl_Lagerfeld

It’s 1.09am and I feel like 3am.
– 01:09

The South Bus Terminal is kinda handsome looking and looks neat. I remember when it was just an old looking KTM station 10 years ago.
– 08:01

Kosmik Kembara did good. KL to Muar in 2 hours on average 100kmph. Her best record so far. Mee Bandung soon. πŸ™‚
– 10:34

Dah makan nasi kenduri. Ada sedikit mengantuk. Kemudian mee bandung dan satay macam mana? Perut, be efisyen.
– 12:38

I miss my Unifi. The new love of my life. ;-(
– 18:50

Unifi, tunggu ye sayang, i’m coming home.
– 19:01

Hantu Mak Limah on TV. Did we subscribe Astro First? I didn’t know although I pay for Astro at home. Hurm….
– 19:28

Takpe la. I would say Hantu Kak Limah Balik Kampung could be the best Malay movie for 2010. I seriously think so. Wait, last year punya kan?
– 19:28

Let me, first and foremost, congratulate Kosmik Kembara for being able to do the roadtrip to and fro Muar. So proud of my baby. Good girl.
– 19:30

Noticed that the ekzos pipe problem could be quite serious. Gotta get it fixed before my next roadtrip. I’m thinking Kuala Gandah. πŸ˜‰
– 19:33

2 hours of driving and I feel like I missed out a lot on Twitter, and I need to audio record my stupid one liners I need to tweet about.
– 19:36

#nowwatching ANTM Cycle 4. Hello Naima Mora. Hello Kahlen Rondot.
– 19:46

Kudos to Abby for going on a roadtrip and not touch a single nicotine stick nor a glass of Coke. *big applause to self* *standing ovation*
– 20:14

Read back that tweet I address to myself and was like, “Eh, somebody tweeted to me that I haven’t replied yet?” .. A bit bongok aa you Abby.
– 20:43

Imagine if the word ‘holy’ comes from the word ‘hole’. The space of absence that is deemed intangible, but exist in true form.
– 20:18

Gonna ask permission from the parents to do a Naima Mora mohawk.
– 20:28

As a Libra woman, One of your womanly talents is that of talking, and you use it to perfection.

Watching Reality Bites to sleep. Goodnight world. Hello Winona Ryder.
– 00:27

“You see Laney, this is all we need, a couple of smokes, a cup of coffee, and a little bit of conversation. You and me and five bucks.” Troy
– 00:29

That line was a lifechanging movieliner for me. It became real in my love affair. Me, her, a couple of smokes, a cup of coffee, conversation
– 00:30

I think Reality Bites was my first love in film making. Not that I would want to be a film maker. Conjunction junction, what’s your function
– 00:36

Reality Bites made me learn the definition of ‘irony’ . Gosh I remember it scene by scene!
– 00:43

Did you know that Reality Bites was Ben Stiller’s directorial debut? πŸ™‚
– 00:46

Finally woke up.
– 08:50

OMG, scary. Berita Terkini reported a guy who was in an accident and got thrown on the road digilis by a few kenderaan. ;-(
– 10:01

It’s nice to know Zach, a childhood friend when we were staying in Queenscliff, Victoria, is still in contact with me on FB after 23 years.
– 10:21

Makes me feel like I have a home in Australia. Must plan a trip soon-ish.
– 10:22

“Hi Abby, as per teleconversation, please go through the doc and translate. We need this yesterday (love the phrase)” … 😐
– 11:15

Today will be Great Friday for the Syrians as they plan to march for freedom. It wouldn’t be great because the security forces are animals.
– 11:19

“Ish awak ni, goncang botol, bukan goncang badan.” Hehehehhehehe. Iklan Nestea ni kelakar.
– 11:34

Wah, CGI dari filem Mantra macam lagi best daripada Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa. πŸ™‚
– 12:03

I don’t understand why and how nasi lemak can successfully make you feel weak and sleepy. Ish. Apsal la Melayu suka cipta benda-benda mcm ni
– 12:22

Lindsay Lohan ni asyik pergi court, masuk rehab pelbagai, I almost can’t keep track what’s the reason anymore. For being herself kot?
– 12:25

I think you’re most gorgeous in simplicity. Haih.
– 12:47

Gonna refuse to take in Private no. calls and let them sms me instead. Seriously.
– 12:59

Intelligentsia. Cendakiawan. I miss those words. The smart people nowadays are politicians, media celebrities and tech-nerds. *sigh*
– 13:20

Mahu cokelat dan air berkabonat. Plisss. ;-(
– 13:23

Fasha Sandha in Rozie Rashid’s “Perigi Kontang”. Hantu dia, Norish Karman. Gegurl takut. 😦 (okay, that was mean. ;-P )
– 13:27

Iklan Corntos sangat berkesan. Because I kinda want one now. Hurm…
– 13:39

“Come quickly, come. Your wings on me, Tell my beloved one that My heart has melted for her, It wants to send her a note with you..”
– 13:51

“Every creature ought to respect its destiny and deal with it his own way.” – The Hoopoe.
– 13:53

Okay, I’m crying over reading this short story. It is indeed a beautiful story. Reminds me the story I wanted to write of Jentayu.
– 13:54

Jentayu, the water bird, could be as noble as the hoopoe. Blinded with love, but bonded with loyalty.
– 13:54

“He is my blind treasure, and I am a seeing failure.” ;-(
– 13:58

Any literature not based in the English language is always my favourite. Because of it’s emotion and sincerity. English lit doesn’t have tht
– 13:59

Drama Melayu, selalunya meja bos kosong, habuk pun takde, komputer pun takde.
– 14:08

Huish, gerun. And I can’t even afford to change my car.
– 14:29

Lunch was ikan keli and ayam bakar cicah air asam and dessert was vanilla ice cream with A&W rootbeer. πŸ™‚
– 14:40

I think some people just don’t understand the physical and mental need for sex, not necessarily to make babies.
– 14:56

“We are making love, not to pass on our genes, but because it feels so damn good β€” with the right lover, of course.”
– 15:00

I guess the best thing about Unifi is your streaming has no buffering. No fist eating.
– 15:39

TUition cancelled today. Good. can focus on other things.
– 15:54

2011 Sex Video II. 1999 Sex Video I. No, I’m talking about the 3CPO and R2 Romance Saga. πŸ™‚
– 16:14

I actually meant R2. Not R2D2. R2 is the Dark father of R2D2. Before he married D2.
– 16:15

On a juice/cordial diet. Because some scary sisters gonna screamed at me if I touch carbonated drinks. You’ll see how weak I’ll be by Friday
– 16:17

I don’t think this “Encik Khairun Zainal Mokhtar” is a smart man. Either that or he have a crap panel of business advisors.
– 16:28

Dear Abby, You may shock someone today by spilling the beans about what you want before you even think to censor yourself.
– 16:34

Huish. Bahaya. Bahaya.
– 16:34

Aziz Ansari describing Amy Poehler who is selected to to one of TIME’s 100 Most Influential People. I await Tina Fey’s page w anticipation.
– 16:39

Anna Kendrick, the actress from Up in The Air, wrote the testimonial for Peter Vesterbacka, Angry Birds inventor, TIME’s Top 100.
– 16:45

Helen Mirren wrote for Colin Firth. πŸ™‚ I love reading these testimonials!
– 16:49

Okaylah. I want to be Anna Winter. And be one of the magazine moguls. Siapa nak sponsor? I got TONS of ideas! ;-P
– 16:50

During the last Intl Women Day walk by SIS, I told the girl, my Female Idol is Aung San Suu Kyi. She didn’t know who Suu Kyi was. ;-(
– 16:54

Wouldn’t blame her. She’s from Egypt. More stuff happening there than the existence of a small fragile women who was under house arrest.
– 16:55

I like testimonials. I like to write testimonials. Especially about people I know. I can write the very first encounter wholeheartedly. πŸ™‚
– 16:56

Michael Weiner, the guy who created Mad Men, is also a poet. I rest my case. πŸ™‚
– 17:04

Oh. Anak si Gaddafi ni nampak normal pula.
– 17:10

Brainstorming after the storm! Woot Woot! πŸ˜‰
– 17:24

Anna Winter. Giordano Armani. I think all the Fashionistas akan kill me if they see me walking on the streets now.
– 17:34

Mana Tina Fey ni?
– 17:36

Wow, Esperanze Spalding wrote a testimonial on Sting.
– 17:36

Esperanza. Typo.
– 17:37

Reading Malay gossip column. Wah, tangkap gambar peluk sikit dah kena gosip. Nasib baik I’m no artis. Dah ramai lelaki ku cium pipi. ;-P
– 17:49

Tun M needs to fully retire and just rest at home. Maybe do interviews about retired leaders. Takyah la bagi speech kat rostrum dah.
– 17:50

Rachel: Britney! I’m staging a comeback! | Britney: What are you coming back from?
– 17:55

Dear Unifi, I’m gonna stock all seasons of America’s Next Top Model. Thanks. Hello Naima Mora. Hello Yoanna House.
– 18:48

Before Unifi, I waited 28-50 days to download a season of ANTM. Now, it’s just 70 minutes. Vote me for Unifi Spokesperson now! ;-P
– 19:29

Papers Papers Papers Papers and because it’s on the laptop screen, the only papercuts my retina.
– 20:17

Need time out. Need time out. Need time out. Coke. Sorry Sis. I’m weak.
– 20:18

Season 2 tinggal 3 minute lagi nak complete? *coughs* *locks self in the room*
– 20:23

Oh shoot! 😦
– 20:32

#nowwatching America’s Next Top Model Cycle 2. πŸ™‚
– 20:43

Janice: I get it, it’s your religion? | Anna: It’s not so much religion. I’m just trying to be Christ-like. | Janice: ???????????
– 21:18

I want MILO. ;-( I mean like, nak ratah MILO. ;-(
– 23:05

“Charisma comes from public self-acceptance.”
– 23:44

No matter how cold, independent or strong you are, no one can refuse the power of a loving sincere hug. I truly believe that.
– 23:49

Charisma is the admitting and embracing your flaws, the fact that you can be honest and triumph against adversities.
– 23:53

Girls with reading glasses. +++ … πŸ™‚
– 23:58

The drop grows happy by losing itself in the river. – Mirza Ghalib

– 06:06

Trying to cure a spinning headache by lying still and nap. Results, not promising enough.
– 08:29

Isn’t sneaky that a company that is in danger of being delisted for financial irregularities suddenly has RM50m to do a Govt. project?
– 08:49

Neiman Marcus shorts does make a lady look sexy. No, I don’t mean me. πŸ™‚
– 09:18

Someone just called me a ‘love guru’ .. Oh boy, I wish!
– 09:27

Walked out of my room to go out, confidently, without my wallter. Hah.
– 09:56

Gray cargo pants and white long sleeve shirt with colourful stripes of thread. Giordano armani taught me well.
– 10:08

I am calling you… Can’t you hear me?
– 10:25

Desert road from vegas to nowhere. Some place better than where u’ve been. A coffee machine that needs some fixing. In a cafe around d bend.
– 10:33

Embrassing incident #1 – stepped into the toilet confidently before the cleaner stopped me and asked, “Perempuan ke?”. Aku masuk toilet men!
– 11:00

Suka hati aku je.
– 12:13

Ooo here she comes. Watch out boy, she’ll chew you up. She’s a maneater. #nowplaying
– 12:17

If you call orang tak angkat, sms je la. Apa susah sangat?
– 12:24

Take my dreams, childish and weak as it seems. Please don’t analyse, please just be there for me. #nowplaying
– 12:32

If i have not asked, would you have told me? If you call this love, why don’t you hold me? #nowplaying
– 12:34

“In the absence of security, I made my way into the night. Stupid cupid keeps on calling me, I see love in his eyes. I miss my baby.”
– 12:44

I jus parked like an irresponsible retarded person. I’m sorry but hunger does that to one’s ethics. But I didn’t disrupt public traffic.
– 12:58

I jus. I lapar.
– 12:58

McDees counter people wears strawhats with colourful citrawarna decos. I’m still hungry.
– 13:01

A school bus just drove by with a busload of screaming school kids. Don’t know whether it was for help or they just scream for joy.
– 13:27

I don’t do drugs. I am drugs. – Salvator Dali | Well said. No one can be more intoxicating than a self-confessed Drug themselves. πŸ™‚
– 13:33

Last night, Simon and I got to talking. He has Miles Davis and Nina Simone’s autobiography. I couldn’t be more blessed to be his 3rd AD. πŸ™‚
– 13:37

420 kakis all scattered around the world. Sad. We qada’ in May, okay? You guys know who you are. πŸ™‚
– 13:43

What’s up with people? If you call and can’t get through, drop an SMS. Don’t bitch about trying to reach someone without using all means!
– 13:47

People with private numbers, kalau people you call tak angkat or phone rosak, drop a sms la. Gua takleh call balik dol!
– 13:57

Tak faham lah aku. Susah sangat ke nak taip message tu?
– 13:57

Unifi guy installing. They want to drill my room. I told them to go through @mrmoed’s room. Hehe. Jangan takut Muid, they masuk siling.
– 14:18

They went inside the ceiling. I said, “Baik-baik, ada musang karang.” He replied, “Musang takpe kak. Jangan tikus. Itu saya takut.”
– 14:19

Rupanya private no tadi was the Unifi guys. Thanked god my room was decent. Takde unnecessary items lingering around. πŸ™‚
– 14:24

Because the guys are honest, masuk cable through ceiling pun charged with honesty. πŸ™‚ I don’t doubt people, usually. Maybe I’m naive liddat
– 14:28

Good thing baby bro is home. He plays guard, I mean, supervisor, I mean, observer. πŸ™‚
– 14:30

OMG, NATGEO punya documentary, there’s this asylum yang ada laughing as an activity. For 30mins, they all laugh berdekah-dekah. Hahahahahaha
– 14:33

#fact Little kids laugh 300 times a day, but as we grow up, it goes down to 15 times.
– 14:34

– 14:35

Y’all need to laugh more. Asyik ranting dan baca berita politik je. Or maybe you laugh cos you baca berita politik?
– 14:38

Ish, now I need to buy a new TV. This one goes to my room. I shall rot in my room. Yes. Rot is good. Almost like rat, but with an “O”.
– 14:46

Serving french fries to the Unifi guys. Probably gonna give them extra RM10 for duit rokok. My dad taught me that. Hard labour is tiring.
– 14:51

The guys are doing configuration of Unifi in my room. I’m thinking if there’s anything I should hide (which is too late by now).
– 14:56

Then again, I only have shelves of books and books and everywhere is books. Maybe I don’t have to worry. And none of it are porn or erotica.
– 14:57

Laughter is medicine. Crying is cleansing. You gotta do both everyday. Then you’ll be healthy and clean. πŸ˜‰
– 15:01

Yay! I get new phone. So I can bergayut with…. oh. I don’t have someone to bergayut with.
– 15:04

I’ll just use that phone to prank call my own mobile.
– 15:05

Yay, cable went through the ceiling already! Gonna work hard to buy me own tv in me room then who cares about finding jodoh. Hahahahaha…
– 15:27

Since we had streamyx at home, it was never protected with a password. I was that generous sebab govt kedekut. Now, I kedekut. Sorry.
– 15:31

Well hello there 10MB Unifi. Well Hello there Torrent. πŸ™‚
– 15:59

Such nice Unifi contractors. Bagus budak-budak ni. Like them. Gave them Rm10, duit rokok. “Ai kak, macam tau je berapa harga rokok.” ;-P
– 16:16

Kadang-kadang tu, I want to tell you that I like you. Tapi… segan.
– 17:19

Hek eleh, dah habis dah? Rancangan ni sebenarnya berapa minit? Ish. Dulu penat tunggu seminggu sekali nak rasa sakit hati.
– 17:29

OMG, the specky guy singing MJ’s PYT!
– 17:37

Playlist include Reality bites soundtrack, george michael, tribute to hall & oates. You know I’m too old for school.
– 17:47

#nowplaying I can’t go for that, no can do.
– 17:48

Babak gosip dalam drama Melayu antara dua orang lelaki tampak agak janggal.
– 22:48

Justin Bieber ni bukan la hensem mana pun ye? I mean, I congratulate his luck, destiny and determination. Tapi biasa je la muka dia.
– 23:36