Hello World, please meet Cosmic Red

So, after my mom end up telling EVERYONE that I dropped my phone into the toilet hole, I think it’s best to tell you here too.

Yes, I successfully dropped the phone into the toilet hole. But I’ll leave you guys to imagine the condition and the actual event/situation to your imagination, I’m sure you are as creative as my friend Adi who have actually visualised it to a whole different scenario.

Anyways, yes, after years of hands-down secondhand gadgets, for the first time, I can finally afford myself a gadget.

No, I refuse to be one of the commoners who owns a Blackberry or an iPhone (no offence), but I wanted a smartphone, so I splurge on one of the latest Nokia E-series, the E75.

The Cosmic Red

Look world, this is my new gadget named “Cosmic Red”. Now, I can be connected to the world.

I love the features. And the RED colour. It allows me to just use the simple normal phone keypad on the interface, and an optional QWERTY keyboard on the bottom slide. I upgraded the memory to 8GB, since I also damaged my secondhand iPod, I need something to keep my ears company, not that I’m complaining about the whining of the people I meet for drinks and whatnot, but hey, yes, I am. Let’s not be a hypocrite.

Oh, yes, I can snap pictures and MMS it now! Woot woot! I haven’t had that privilege before, so lay off my excitement okay. I’m a late bloomer.

Aside from the fact that I have recently opted for unemployment, I have upgraded my 50 ringgit Maxis plan to an 80 ringgit and added the 88 ringgit 3GB data plan. Hah. So much for giving up stable income for a stable billing commitments.

But yes, spell confident and optimistic.

C-O-N-F-I-D-E-N-T … O-P-T-I-M-I-S-T-I-C …

Anyways, I’ve downloaded SnapTu for my constant Twittering activities so I can tweet-on-the-go (responsibly, of course). But I won’t be twittering on my public twitter account ( @CosmicAbyss ) though. Yes, I’m a social-networking whore. I have 3 twitter accounts on my TweetDeck. I have been trying to download Fring for my IMs, but it failed. I think, it’s the technology goddess (yes, it’s a SHE people! Just like Mother Nature), trying to tell me I should have some sort of restriction on my online life to not drag it offline.

Wow, I’m using techy jargons. I am a NERD. Not the Pharrel Williams type of course.

Well, since I’m no longer the Rockstar Analyst, I gotta be something right? Being labeled is the IN thing right now.

So people, those who have my number, please SMS me your latest contacts, cos I lost your contacts down the toilet hole, unintentionally of course.

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