It went down the drain, sort of.

Gmail Status reads:-

Nurol Latif: Phone rosak. Please don’t contact me via phone. Thanks.

Incoming Chat:-

farisa: u cant tweet! haha

me: Hahaha. I love your sarcastic understanding of my self

farisa: i love you too! Honestly, u made my day! hahaha

me: Dengan mengatakan my phone rosak? hahaha

farisa: im all smiles thinking how miserable u are! haha. no la, cannot tweet!


There are times when I am really blessed with friends who make fun of my addiction and habit in such a witty sarcastic way and I love laughing at those remarks. These are the people who are not fake. Friendships are build based on sincerity. We don’t need to flower it with dreams, fairytales and make-believe stories. We live in the moment. Today. Now. In reality. There’s no happily ever after endings. Happily ever after stories are actually the beginning of practical reality life. Then, comes the real deal, the true colours, the horrific revelations.

So me, I live my life around simple happy shiny people. Who said, “Yes, I am broke and poor”. Or “Sorry, I can’t afford to pay that much”. And like last Saturday, when I told Farah and Farisa, that I want to buy a motorcycle, they said, “But then, you can’t tweet. And smoke. You can’t buy a motorcycle.” with such sarcastic tone to it.

What did I do after hearing that?

I love them. 🙂