Long queue for the end of the World

So, the Mayans believe on the 2012 Phenomenon and we all believe what the American media tells us with their gorgeous actors/actresses, amazing Visual effects and fantastic global marketing which we can summarise as HOLLYWOOD.

So yes, long queues were seen everywhere in cinema ticketboxes nationwide when 2012 premieres last Thursday. Heck, the lines were almost disturbingly massive due to a special screening last Wednesday when I was going to watch The Time Traveler’s Wife.

Since we all want to be in the knowing and not be left out, (and because my mom came home telling me that her colleagues were talking about 2012 and now she wants to see it), I took Mama, adik-adik and Muid to watch 2012 at Cineleisure.

Moral of the story:
We all die because
1. We live in Malaysia.
2. We didn’t write “Farewell Atlantis”.
3. We don’t have 1billion EURO.
4. We’re not related to Barack Obama.

But of course, the fact that I know Thandie Newton and Amanda Peet lives to create more crazily gorgeous and smart (note: Thandie Newton) ladies, somehow rather, calms this superficial conscience of mine.

Despite my colleague, dearest Carlitos’s resentment of the whole movie, I think it did fairly good.

But would I ever watch it again? Only the scene where Thandie Newton speaks french.

Would it be my favourite movie this year? No, 500 Days of Summer has taken that spot, thank you very much.

Would I recommend people to go watch it? Yes, so we can bitch about it later.

So that’s my review. And the outing, taking Mama and adik-adik out for the movie, makes me feel good.

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