Time Traveler’s Wife – Review

Having read the book 2 years ago, of course, I’m an instant fan and the book immediately became one of my favourite books, fair to say, it’s sitting next to Rumi collections, Arundhati Roy’s God of Small Things and Paulo Coelho’s Eleven Minutes.

When I heard they’re going to make a movie adaptation of the book, I became cynical. Every single paragraph and chapter is relevant and significant, how can they compress it into 90 minutes or so? Especially when it stars Rachel McAdams, the queen of book-movie adaptations. I thought it would just be cliched throughout time. I for one has find myself commenting Angels and Demons AND Memoirs of a Geisha after watching the movies respectively.

I would suggest those who haven’t watch the movie to read the book first. Because, when you have, the very first scene will make you realise how attached you are to the book, the life journey of the time traveler, his fears, his dreams, his longings, his wants.

Director Robert Schwentke did the book fair, as so the screenplay writer, Bruce Joel Rubin. He started the movie with the right approach, and it was commendable directing. My only regret is the final scene, where there were another option. But hey, like I said, it’s hard to squeeze every detail into a 90-120mins motion feature.

Another regret is the role of the daughter, Alba. I think they did a superb in finding a lookalike siblings to carry the different age-role, but I seem to think that the original character is more lively and cheerful, like, Abigail Breslin. But hey, you can never have a perfect movie right.

I cried all through the movie for different reasons. I even cried before the scene started because I already know which one it was refering to. That’s why you should (or should not) read the book first before watching. Either that, or I’m just a sappy loon.

But of course, the Bangladeshis on my right were like noise pollution. I am not being racist, but it’s either they were not even interested in the movie, and the guy next to me kept on glancing at me when I’m crying, he kept on answering calls – to which , his mobile phone has several different ringtones, ringing about 4 times throughout the movie, and his friend on his right were talking loudly to him. urgh! These people should be refrained from cinemas. Either that, or the premiere tickets at GSC Signature Gardens shouldn’t have been sold out for me to enjoy a more relaxing premium cinema experience.

Anyways, I had a great evening. Left office early (yes, one of those rare days in life where I get to see sunlight before dusk), had dinner alone while doing celebrity crossword puzzle at Chilli’s, watched Time Traveler’s Wife alone in a cinema hall full of people, talked to Vic on my way home (will police charge me if I admit in my blog that I was on the phone while driving?), watched Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency on TV and now, updating my blog.

Life is good. Let’s keep it that way. Go watch the Movie Sappy Folks!!!

5 thoughts on “Time Traveler’s Wife – Review”

  1. urgh I hate those people who are THAT noisy during the movie. I mean c’monlah.. go and watch it at home if u wanna be like that. 😛

  2. Yang paling sakit hati, they are not really interested in the movie. And the talking were normal talking, not even whispering. If I trash them, I look like an arrogant racist over some immigrant workers. *sigh*

  3. Have you watched it? Wait, have we talked about this? Wait, was not chatting for a few days seems like a whole month for me now?

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