Final weekend of Syawal


Roadtrip to Pekan, Pahang = Cancelled. Due to the inattractive email notification at 11pm from France. I was too scared to open. Too scared. Work. Blergh.

Mom came in the room at 8am and started talking. I was chatting with her with half eyes closed. She haven’t been seeing me much cos of my late nights I guess. She went out and I tried to get back under the blankets.

Taj’s Open House = Decided to go anyway, since Pekan trip was cancelled. His condo at Bukit Antarabangsa is such an old school condo, although, freaky, since it’s the only condo at the edge of the Bukit Antarabangsa old entrance. Didn’t go inside. Arrived and immediately received praises for my baju kurung and had Agasthya on my lap. The cute little 5 year old has become quite attached to me, Sanju told me, he was asking for me when Jing picked them up in the car. He would sit next to me cos he knows I’d layan him. Children. They hold a soft spot in my heart. Was just there for 2 hours. Sat in between Geoff and Dayang as always, maybe because I can layan to both, mutually exclusive. Hahaha. Didn’t see anyone familiar. Good. It gets tiring, this Jejak Kasih business. Got home, went straight to Hafiz’s room, tried to sleep on his arms but he changed his position. Zonked out so didn’t care much. Woke up 2 hours later. Dizzy.

Adi’s Steamboat Dinner = Picked up Effasy at Bangsar. Effasy didn’t notice me driving Muid’s car although she walked right in front of the us. Haha. Got to Adi’s around 9.30pm, Iskandar was already whining about being hungry. He was already there with his friend TL. I couldn’t get her full name. Well, won’t complain cos mine is ABBY, basically pronounced as AB. The set up was perfect, we had the garden to ourself, under the tree, candlelight. My kind of set-up. The food was amazing. Vic came around 10ish and Farah joined us around 11ish. Perfect small dinner gathering. Stayed till 1.30am and helped clear the table. Small photo session (what do you expect when a group of photogs gather? *winks*). Arrived home, Hafiz was in my room watching YouTube. Pester him to finish quickly and zonked out.


Wake up early. Meeting Hazad at 10.30am, supposedly. Went down and saw Mama cooking mee. Immediately texted Hazad saying I’d be late. Hah. Got to Shah Alam at about 11.40am. Shah Alam Section 2 is a whole new world to me now. When the F did KFC was built??? I miss those old school Bus Mini in Shah Alam. These kids are so different. 4 years ago, there I was, with my newspaper and umbrella, and trying to find my way through the sardine-packed Bus Mini to go home at Section 8. Nowadays, kids all have cars to drive themselves around, UiTM kids are loaded I tell ya. Half of them might be spoilt brats too. Should’ve opened the admission to everyone. After all, it is under Majlis Amanah Rakyat, and Rakyat consists of Chinese and Indians as well.

Anyways, Hazad, Munir and Shahrimi were already at KFC Level 1. Discussed about Hazad’s wedding. Apparently I’m one of the boys now. *sigh* I shouldn’t be sighing. It’s a step to gender equality. The only thing why I would do this whole affair is that because these guys, namely Hazad and Munir, are nice gentlemen and are among those who have not judged me for my lifestyle, whatever it is anyway. I like open-minded people. Discussion went fine. I head home around 1.30pm. Thought I’d avoid Federal Highway and took the NKVE on my way back. I end up in GCE, the Guthrie C(whatever this is) Expressway and end up with oil plantations on my left and right. The sign shows Sg. Buloh / Kepong, so I thought maybe, maybe, it’ll take me home. Well, to be honest, it did, but VIA Kampung Pelong – Paya Jaras – Sungai Buloh – Kepong – HOME. Hah. I practically pulled an “Abby”. Exploring through getting lost. But hey, life is fun like that. And doing it alone, the only one panicking is myself, and the only one calming me down is myself. Fair enough, right?

Home. Mama complained about her feet, not feeling good. Prepared some warm water with sea salt for her to soak her feet with. And clipped her nails after that. Followed Abah to find an Indian barber for a cheap good haircut just to realise it’s the Deepavali weekend. Spent the whole night scanning pictures, fell asleep with a terrible neck position.

Come Monday. Had to read email. Work. Neck aches. Blergh.