Diwali – Sounds of Rangooli?

Adi has been recce-ing Brickfields for his Diwali shoot the whole week so since I will be staying in late, not wanting to rush home like other people who have family and life would do (not that I don’t have neither, but … well … nevermind), I told him I’ll join him. He came by around 10ish and tried some shots from my office.

We decided to just go down, waited for Effasy at the train station, and all three went down to put stuff in my car and sat at B’Sentral (down Jalan Vivekananda) to wait for others. We had our late dinner when the fireworks started to erupt. And also the policecopter was an amazing sight. I imagine George Michael’s “Outside” videoclip, where JAWI would torch those Suasana Condo upon seeing some sex orgies and whatnot. Hahaha. Who knows. They are capable (and obviously available) to be doing such things.

Iskandar and Muid joined a little later. Although Iskandar is freaking out from the constant bombing. I pity the guy, what if that #Bendera thing did happen? This poor guy got lemah semangat, we need to protect him first đŸ˜› Anyways, we were later joined by Vic and Hurman, an interesting Majistret, so to speak. Hahaha. So we had the walk up and down the road in pursuit of Effa’s saree material. Adi had fun snapping pictures. The rest of us just walked to be part of the crowd.

Interesting really. How similar the cultures are when it comes to celebrating their respective festivals. If only we can understand and respect each other’s differences upon embracing the similarities.

After we went back to our cars, Vic and Hurman went off while we saw another part of Brickfields unexplored and decided to do that. Effa finally found the saree shop and bought 3 types of material, of course with our views on each, and thanked God for the metrosexuals, Muid and Iskandar, who happens to be great image consultants themselves. Hehehe. Effa did some good bargaining as well, cute, matter of fact.

Sent them all to their cars parked at Sooka’s parking lot and went home around 3am. Zonked. Out.

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