Welldone for my well-done steak!

Small gathering dinner at Judge’s.

Picked up Lisa, almost mistaken her house number, so much for my photographic memory, a glance of her address on Twitter’s DM, apparently didn’t capture the right image đŸ˜› I never had a long chat with Lisa apart from a few drinking sessions. Especially when she doesn’t work here. We talked about driving experiences, and also our preferences for welldone steaks (apparently being called a sissy if we take welldone, we just agreed that it is tastier, more cooked and the burned sides are quite yummy too).

Got to Judge’s, steak was lovely. The guy can cook, he’s single and available with a great bachelor pad, you should get in touch with him now. Hahaha. And not to mention he’s a Dynamic Navigator on Off-Shore platforms, so, yes, you get all the freedom you want. Hahaha. I’m pimping him, he likes it that way. End up in his room, all 4 girls and a guy. Just cracking up on stuff, since we’re in the “Zone”. Suzie became extra funny, Zuraida tend to snap pictures, Lisa got to her engineer side talking about Real Player and NASA in one sentence, Judge just got stowwggg and I got breathless from laughing to hard non-stop. We end the night by chomping on 3 types of Pringles while watching Fashion Police on E!

Dinner at Judge’s always end up like how I would want it to be. Another night when I do have a life.

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