3rd Syawal Weekend

2 Open houses.

Judge’s at Kota Damansara at 3pm onwards


Yana’s at Teluk Gong around 5pm onwards.

I got to Judge’s at 4pm. Managed to even squeeze a drink at the mamak with the family around 3.30pm. Arrived there, immediately made myself at home, going straight to the kitchen and joined Suzie, Lisa, Mona and a newfound friend, Yaz, who did the catering for Judge. The food was good, and we just hangout at the kitchen since we have direct access to the delish desserts and our own spot to smoke. Am looking forward to dinner at Judge’s come 15th Oct. Hehe. I love small dinner gatherings.

Yana’s house is far, I know, but I didn’t anticipate Teluk Gong to be THAT FAR. From Kota Damansara, the traffic is ridiculously heavy, for I don’t know what reason. Managed to get to Salmi’s in Subang around 5.50pm. Picked her up then had to wait for the whole convoy crew to manage their way for us since only Salmi knew the way. Got to Yana’s around 8pm, thanks to crazy traffic at Jalan Warisan, Subang Jaya. And too many funny happenings when we got to Glenmarie Cove, one being the gate barrier almost crash down my windscreen. Gated communities are a hassle when it comes to security. When one Guard house is strict, the main office might not be, and when the security guards are basically Nepalese, or Bangladeshis, the miscommunication is so obvious, leading to anger and frustration. The best thing is that most of us are pretty much laid back and funny people, so we end up laughing at everything that happens. Joyful people. Plus, I make fun of everything, not to be superior or rude, but this body is made of funny bones, remember? 😉

Glenmarie Cove owns a private dock which is called the Semangin Pier. This dock overlooks Kerry Island and Pulau Indah. The row of bungalows by the dock side costs minimum RM1,000,000. We had a walk and a photoshoot by the Semangin Pier and it was amazing. It’s funny among the bunch of graphic designers, I was the only one manning Along’s (Yana’s eldest sister) 450D and I’m a freakin’ CSR analyst. But the pictures was great despite the fact I have no basic knowledge of shutter speed, aperture whatsoever. You can view my Flickr for the picture of the pier. (link on the sidebar). We hung out until 12.30am, before heading back. It was a LONG DRIVE from Teluk Gong to Selayang. It felt like going for an open house in … Seremban.

There’s only one more weekend left to Raya. I had to turn down a few open house invitations, and might do a roadtrip to Pekan, Pahang, for a wedding. Let’s see how it goes. My life is subjected to changes, and as I told my mom earlier, “Kais Pagi Makan Pagi, Kais Petang, Makan Petang”.

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