From Cynthia McKinney, in Paris this week: Vers La Verité

Hello all,

I’ve just arrived from Cape Town, South Africa and I have a lot to tell you about that visit. However, this is just a note to let you know that I’m now in Paris doing events around civil liberties breaches, illegal war, occupation, stolen elections and electronic voting machines, 9/11 Truth, and lying governments. Yes, they have the same problems we have in our country. And you know what? It’s about time we really coordinated our efforts and worked together whenever possible. Not that many of us haven’t already been working globally, but it helps increase the impact every time we’re together and we can really see how strong we are.

I learned a lot in South Africa and most of it was depressing but necessary information. I’ll share that with you once I’ve recovered from my overnight flight. In the meantime, please encourage your friends in the Paris area to come to these events. There were massive strikes in South Africa and we know the history of general strikes in Europe. Buyer’s remorse isn’t just in the U.S.

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