meeting new people

i understand privacy. and the need to be secretive.


maybe i feed from human interaction.

i need to complete my chevening application. what’s left is only my personal statement and which uni to choose. LSE is a good option but do i dare the competitive environment? i am not a go-getter. fear of losing, i retract from any competition so i won’t be vulnerable to it.

anyways. yes. a supper with new people after a very long day at work. meeting new people feeds my soul. you learn a lot about human behaviour. and the best thing that makes me smile every single day, is when someone is able to open up to me in a way they would to a dear old friend.

and of course, i don’t neglect old friends. this year is the third year that i’m among the first 20 people who wished fynaz birthday. she’s like my dear sister, who will tell me off when i’m wrong and hug me tight when i needed the hug. …. and she doesn’t look 32 *woops*

here’s to … your happy heart! cheers ~

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