Selamat Hari Saya

Quick Note.

(ah, I know, it’s a lie. I don’t do small notes)

It has been awhile since I wrote anything, so it’s only natural to write on my birthday.

I used to write a LONG MEMO counting down my birthday. But, I’m not born at 12 midnight. Hehe. It was evening. I think. I’ll double check with the pops later on.

I got a lot of work to do, but stealing this moment to thank every single one of you. For your presence in my life journey. For your cameo. Be it bad or good, long or brief.

I think I’ve grown a lot the past year. Every single day, little achievements and little moments.

This year, I took some chances in allowing strangers to receive my abundant love energy.

The best birthday wish, hands down, from Angelia’s little munkeys who sang “Happy Birthday Aunty Abby”.

Alongside with my mum’s wish for me to be “A Good Person” and my dad’s hope that I “Take care of myself”. Simple words bring huge meaning if said with such trust, sincerity and honesty. My parents know the person I have grown up to be, and with their constant prayers, this is who I have become, this person that you learn to love or hate.

And now, I’d like to recite my poem for you, who has loved me and still loves me and will love me as long as I will live.

What is this gloominess?


What is in this bag of eyes?

Surpressed tears.

What is behind that reluctant smile?


What is in that deep thought?


what is hidden in this heavy heart?


What is installed for the future?

I don’t know.

What happened to the past?

I forgot.

Who do you want to meet?

The Beloved.


When I finish telling everyone that I love them.

Surah 93. The Morning Hours, Morning Bright!

By the Glorious Morning Light, And by the Night when it is still, Thy Guardian-Lord hath not forsaken thee, nor is He displeased. And verily the Hereafter will be better for thee than the present. And soon will thy Guardian-Lord give thee (that wherewith) thou shalt be well-pleased. Did He not find thee an orphan and give thee shelter (and care)? And He found thee wandering, and He gave thee guidance. And He found thee in need, and made thee independent. Therefore, treat not the orphan with harshness, Nor repulse the petitioner (unheard); But the bounty of the Lord – rehearse and proclaim! (Verse 1 – 11)

2 thoughts on “Selamat Hari Saya”

  1. Awwwwwwwww, I did! I did! It was the best. When the sang “Aunty Abby”, it brings tears to my heart. What a way to start this lovely day! Its a bless to becoming a mother, kudos to you, and its a blessing to be sharing the love, alhamdulillah for me. πŸ˜‰

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