After 52 years, are we, the urban citizens, more civilised than our ‘kampung’ people?

There’s a lot of things that have happened the past 52 years. 6 Prime Ministers. One Independence. An ‘invi(si)ncible Social Contract. One May 13th Tragedy. Several Political Parties. No Sekolah Wawasan. One Majlis Amanah Rakyat (Melayu).

I don’t normally talk about politics. I hate it.

I live in a world where the PEOPLE around me loves each other beyond our race, colour, gender, culture and nationality. We are binded by LOVE and GOOD(HEARTED)WILL. We believe in upholding (not fighting) for the right causes. We are self-sufficient with great support system from the people who love us. We are spiritual and respectful of other people’s faith, belief and principles. We believe in doing good deeds to other Human Beings, Animals, and Nature.

Then, I saw the television news. And the newspapers.

I saw a different world.

One, which is divided by its own Government, all for political reasons. Power. Authority. And … Money.

I had an argument (sort of) with an acquaintance over my Facebook status which reads:-

Dear Government of MALAYsia, are you sure you’re preaching about having 1Malaysia, not 1MALAYsia? Are you sure MALAYs are the ONE ISLAMIC SUPERIOR RACE which God has granted you the rights to insult OTHER human beings with vulgar words and insulting acts?

He replied:
Its depends on how we determine this agenda..bkn semua melayu yg bertindak sedemikian ttp hanya segelintir..bila bangsa/agama lain memperkatakan ttg bangsa/agama kita..kita melayu islam hanya mampu lihat sahaja..melayu/islam di malaysia sudah terlalu byk bertoleransi dengan bangsa/agama yg lain..kita perlu hormat mereka dan mereka perlu hormat kita…Melayu hendak ke mana klu inilah saja negara kita…only my 2 cents…

Entahla H. Saya dikelilingi 80% kawan-kawan bukan Melayu dan mereka sangat sayangkan negara ini. Saya bukan defensive on my friends, but saya sedih how right now, POLITICAL PARTIES are using MALAY AND ISLAM to win agendas, not for the sake of humanity. Memang bukan salah kaum melayu sahaja, memang ada salah kaum lain. Saya ada kawan kaum India yang sendiri mengaku “some Indians are worst than Nazis”. It all depends on Individual itself, not the race, but right now, I’m refering to OUR GOVERNMENT. Who duduk di tepi apabila segelintir Melayu memijak kepala Lembu untuk insult kaum India, apabila segelintir Melayu memegang banner mengatakan DAP itu babi dan sebagainya di BULAN RAMADHAN, tetapi menangkap 15 orang India yang hanya menyalakan lilin untuk mengadakan Candlelight Vigil for the atrocious act to ridicule their faith done by the Malays.

Melayu boleh hidup di mana-mana. Selagi kita faham mengenai asal usul kita dan kita mempunyai peribadi yang dihormati orang lain. Tidak melayu hilang di dunia. Tetapi with what’s happening now, I’m sad to being a Malay when other Malays menconteng arang ke bangsa sendiri dengan berkelakuan biadap dan tidak berperi kemanusian.

He replied:
saya setuju dgn apa yg abby ckp..hal ni dh lama berlaku dlm society kita even dpn mata kita sendiri kita blh nmpk..bukan semua india/cina seburuk yg mana kita sangka same juga melayu bkn semua mcm tu..sbb tu lah setiap apa yg kita buat kita kena fikir apa effect dia pd society..abby..DAP dan rakan2 mereka lagi teruk menghentan mekayu/islam didalam artikel/journal mereka..mereka tak exposed pendirian mereka pd umum tp disebaliknya..sbb apa 15 indian tu kena tahan? apa motif nk buat majlis tu..knp mereka xnak buat di tempat ibadah mereka? kadang2 terlalu byk hidden agenda yg kita tak nmpki lihat abby…

abby..mmg melayu blh hidup dimana2 tp kita masih mencari asas tanah tumpah darah kita..melayu dah ada diseluruh dunia dan saya percaya mereka akn kembali ke Malaysia juga nnt..

“sbb apa 15 indian tu kena tahan? apa motif nk buat majlis tu”

Candlelight Vigil is usually an event where we pay grief to what has happened and light a candle of hope.

(Wikipedia defined it as “A candlelight vigil is an outdoor assembly of people carrying candles, held after sunset. Such events are typically held either to protest the suffering of some marginalized group of people, or in memory of lives lost to some disease, disaster, massacre or other tragedy.”)

That’s why we have to understand and study each other. Ilmu pengetahuan is the key element to purpose of life, that’s why God’s first commands were “Iqra’ (Read)”

Kenapa sekumpulan kaum melayu sanggup membunuh seekor kerbau (bukan menyembelihnya untuk dijadikan rezeki), mengheret kepala kerbau tersebut, dan memijaknya, DAN polis duduk di tepi dan tengok?

Kita lupa, kita bukan sahaja Melayu, TETAPI KITA ADALAH MAKHLUK ALLAH, patut mempunyai peri kemanusiaan.

DAP menghentam Melayu di dalam artikel dan jurnal dan sebagai Melayu, kita perlu berarak memegang banner yang mengatakan “DAP Macam Babi” ? Ya Allah, macam orang bodoh kan. Kita hentam je la dengan kepandaian kita, bukannya susah sangat.

Bumi Allah jadikan ni luas. Di mana sahaja kita berada, if we are honest, faithful and courteous, should be okay. Nabi Nuh pun kena berhijrah, Nabi Muhammad pun berhijrah. Apa salahnya?

He didn’t reply after that. I don’t know whether he has lost his words or he gave up thinking I’m too sekular for this conversation and that I have lost my faith in defending people from other faith.

I grew up in a very Malay environment. Although my family moved every 3 years while I was growing up and from those 7 schools I’ve been to, I have met a lot of people, I was thrown into a 100% Malay society for about nearly 11 years, from 14 years old until 25 years old. One Malay boarding school and 2 UiTM campuses.

Then of course, I worked in an NGO where it was practically sort of a government office environment, another 100% Malay environment for a whole year.

I adore 50% of the people from all my 12 years of 100% Malay environment, don’t get me wrong. After awhile of growing up and meeting A LOT OF PEOPLE, I learned to look beyond race, and see everyone as an individual. I do throw racist remarks sometimes, I am honest and I’m not a hypocrite. But, mostly not to condemn a whole race. It’s more like directly to identify a particular individual especially when I’m on the road. Although most of the time, it’s not just based on race, it’s also based on gender and other things. We are, naturally, discriminating human beings. But those were done when I’m alone and in the car, so I won’t hurt anyone and anyone won’t hear it. Thus, no damages have been made, nor hearts have been hurt.

No, it’s not the same.

Shouting “Get away dog, don’t come here” and thinking “That dog should go away, I don’t want it to come here” is different.

One is acted on. The other, is a thought. One is said outloud which will be heard and can be used as an evidence, one, is … intangible and unknown.

Yes, call me a coward.

Valentine’s Day, February 14th 2006. I was mugged. I was mugged at knife-point, on a deserted pedestrian bridge and got a scratch from it on my wrist. I got mugged in 5 minutes. BUT, it took me 2 police stations and nearly 2 hours to lodge a police report, where in the end, the Inspector in Charge told me “Kita akan tunggu lagi beberapa report daripada kawasan tersebut sebelum kita ambil tindakan”. I was initially reluctant to lodge the report because it was already 10.30pm, I was partially traumatised and tired from crying, but my dad said, the perpetrator used a weapon and being an army officer, an official of national security himself, he advised me, that’s the only civic thing to do, because this mugger might, in the future, hurt someone.

Then, we heard, rumours of a protest, and only based on rumours, not that the rumour actually took place, dozens of police stationed for road blocks for no apparent reason, which caused some people to probably be late for important meetings, lose chances to score a job interview, and ambulances to get to the hospitals a minute too late.

I was triggered to write this post because I just revealed an incident to my friend that happened to me a few weeks back.

I was walking back to my car from the office around 8ish pm. I passed by a dark parking lot at Jalan Tun Sambanthan to get to my car which I parked near Jalan Vivekananda off Jalan Tun Sambanthan. So, as I was walking in the dark untarred parking lot, I heard someone whistled calling for my attention. There under the shaded parking space, 2 policemen and 2 civilians were sitting nearby a motorcyle parked there. One of the policeman called for me to stop from afar while his friend walked to me. When he came near me, I noticed his “Polis Integriti” badge.

Policeman: Ni nak pergi mana ni? Dari mana?

Abby: Errr … ke kereta. Dari ofis.

Policeman: Orang mana?

Abby: Errr … Malaysia?

Policeman: Minta I/C

Abby: (struggling to get I/C from bag) Kenapa ni?

Policeman: Nak check.

*hands in I/C*

Policeman: Hurm … Nurol Akma …

Abby: Nak tengok lesen memandu sekali ke?

*Policeman showed annoyed face*

POliceman: Awak tengah memandu ke sekarang? Orang minta elok elok, jangan la kurang ajar.

Abby: Takde la, saja tanya kalau nak check.

*policeman hands back the I/C*

Policeman: Nah.

I grabbed it and walked away furiously.

I should’ve taken his ID number, and asked for the purpose of them stopping me. But I was too tired from work to even bother and already mad because I was stopped like an immigrant in my own country.

So ………….

It’s sad to be a Malaysian in this country we call home.

It’s sad and confusing especially for me. I fear reading the news because from where I stand, I saw a nice greeny meadow with people playing kites, dancing to music, hugging each other and having fun, and when I read the news, it’s another realm of fighting, cursing, insulting and to one point, bloods might be shed for this crazy battle of claiming ownership over this land.

Ini bumi tempat tumpah darah kita. Tetapi KITA means orang yang dilahirkan di Bumi Malaysia, orang yang sayangkan Bumi Malaysia. Ini bukan hanya BUMI MELAYU. Ini BUMI MALAYSIA.

If we’re attacked by a foreign enemy, Do you think we have enough Malays to defend our country? Some of them might be scared shit and stay quietly at home because they’re helpless little scared shitholes.

Okay …

Maybe I just wait for the Government to send me to exile in Seychelles island so I can be a country-less island hottie without having to spend on travel agents. đŸ˜‰

6 thoughts on “After 52 years, are we, the urban citizens, more civilised than our ‘kampung’ people?”

  1. i know. very sad state of affairs. i had a similar conversation like u did, unfortunately i was on the defensive, haha…crush got emo over it but that’s ok la. i think it’s true we shouldnt confused malaysians and malaysian politicians. to be honest ordinary malaysians so far had never failed me in displaying unity in the most ordinary, everyday was possible.

    the politicians, tak kira dap or umno or pas, semua ada agenda. and it doesn’t look like they are working for us, not that much.

  2. I once wanted to become a politician you know.

    Now I’m just a …. I rather not say I’m a socialist but I want everyone to be equal and be treated like a human being.

  3. i’d be so annoyed if i were you abby.
    it happened to us once, they asked for our ids because one of us doesn’t look “malaysian”, which was exactly the reason they gave.

    i gave my passport instead of my malaysian identity card, (that’s what travelling abroad every other week does to you) and they were making a fuss out of it saying that it’s an offence not to carry my IC. story cut short, they needed me to bribe them and i just told them to.. eff off. got their ids, snapped their pictures, and reported them to some family friend who’s in the police force. hopefully they will do something about it. but then again, i guess nothing would happen, since most of them do the same thing.

  4. hey abby

    i had always wanted to be a politician. i think i can do a better job, well it’s a great way to help people, u have all the resources (to help others, not yourself..skrg jadi lain pulak)

  5. B + G ,

    Yeah, wouldn’t help a single thing even if you know someone. Might speed up your complaint report, but no outcome still. My mom works in the police (admin part), I know so.


    Yeah, you’d think they’d work for the people? They’re not People’s representative. They represent Greed for Tenders. Thats just it.

  6. Well written Abby. Not many Melayu would make a stand the way you did even if they acknowledge the fact in their heart.

    I have given up reading and watching the local or national news because of the same reasons you pointed out. It’s just silly reporting about who said what and who is suing who.

    It’s not being ignorant. More so to decrease the sadness of seeing what a sad state of time Malaysia is in now. We can only hope and pray for a better future.

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