To write a story

I was walking down to the station to get some sundae cone and I end up sitting at the bench by the corridor and watch the people walk by while the nice soft breeze played with my new mohawky hair.

I see people walking by. I wanted to smile at them but they just glance away. And maybe it will get tad freaky to see a stranger ‘sengih kambing’ at you.

Everyone walks heading for their lunch break. Some might have other things or errands to run.

I wish I can grab one person at some point and listen to their story.

What happened when they were 11. Where they have been. What makes them smile for the day.

I wish I have time to listen to my own loved ones.

In 30 minutes, I sat and smoked and watched people walked by.

Everyone has a story.

Not all tell or write it down.

Some people needs inspirations. Some are inspiring themselves.

I wish I can learn what makes you smile. And laugh. And cry.

Who passed away and made you change.

Who gives you warm hugs when you’re down crying about something.

I don’t recommend myself to be that person.


I want to listen to your story.

Cry with you on the sad ones.

Laugh with you on the funny ones.

And say. You ARE interesting.

“The lamps are different, but the light is the same” ~ Rumi

One storyteller passed on. She constantly tells us that everyone has a story to tell. And everyone is amazing. Because everyone comes from God. And GOD is Mightily Amazing.

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