May my silent whisper be heard

She made us


We connect through

Our love

for the moon
for Rumi

Our respect

for Tun Mahathir

She told us

there’s no greater love than the love for God.

She says,


and it makes you smile.

She touched us

in different ways.

She has held our hands and guide us

sometimes without us knowing it.

To her family. I send my condolences.

To her friends. I send my strength.

To her Beloved, I send this prayer,

Thank you for sharing her with us. Thank you for giving us a chance to taste her love. Now we return her to You, full time, for she, who has not bear a child, will tonight and for the rest of time, have children all around the world, who will pray for her, on every other second, and on every other day, celebrate the life and love we have been blessed with her. She has found peace, and she has met the Divine Love, and we, her children, could not be more happier for her.


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