Lets go to Carlos at Pavillion tonight at 9pm to party!!!

Remember that Charity Party post?
Taken from Facebook Courtesy of Dr. Hartini
Taken from Facebook Courtesy of Dr. Hartini
Its RM80 for a good cause.Its RM80 for some good music and lots of great people to network with.

Its RM80 for the kids. Those kids who were taken their rights for free education supposedly provided by this Government we voted for (no, not me, I don’t vote).

So come, please, if you can’t come due to prior engagements, do spread the word around.

This morning, I woke up and the first note I read on Facebook is Hartini’s note and its a good one to start the day with.

Excerpt from Tini’s Note today:-

” Funny, coincidental things happen when you’ve beein involved in NurSalam- things ( I call them little miracles or ‘nods from God’ ) just fall into place and things that were seemingly difficult or hard to do just work out in time,faith and with patience. The fundraiser tonight is , I believe, another little ‘nod from God ‘that we’re doing something right-so many friends, family, strangers, friends of friends have pitched in,once again to make sure that we raise funds for our educational centre and ensure that all children have the opportunity to go to school..even if it is a primary school education for now!

The UN Convention non the Rights of the Child says in Articles 28 and 29th of every child’s right to free and equal primary school education. Yet here and many countries abroad, many are denied this inherent right because they have no proper or complete documents or in our case, no Malaysian documents.So many inherent rights that many of us take for granted…the right to an identity, the right to be a child, the right to a nationality, to access to health and free education..yet many, many will never have these rights given.

I digress again..sorry..but true story to drive my point home…

Yesterday a family dropped by our centre about lunch time. The father had been involved in a motorcycle accident, felll and cracked his head. Painful, painful, ordeal but he’s fine even if he did have only 3 days of medical leave. He was afraid of losing his job but he was even more afriad not to come to our centre because he wanted to amke sure that his almost 6 year old stateless son could enrol in our school.

You know, the school we haven’t built?

I told him that we hadn’t built it yet and in the meantime, there were 12 other stateless children from our centre who had just enrolled in a refugee centre to have some kind of educational services- Tuesday to friday, 12- 4pm. The commute was long -almost an hour there and another hour ( or more, depending on traffic) back.

The commute was too far for the parents to send and pick up their son everyday, so could he please stay with us on the days when there were school. I am struck by the fact that the child is so young- too young to be separated from the family for 4 days every week, but the child and parents are insistent. He wants to go to school, he tells me. He’s big and he is fine staying with us.”

We are born alone but to be selfless. We are given privileges to the best education our parents can provide us. But these kids, they don’t have parents, or some, not registered to their parents. Lets help them read and write and earn the privilege of education. I couldn’t bear knowing these kids can’t be allowed to go to school just because they don’t have a stupid paper from a stupid government just to say which state they belong to. Its too ridiculous.

If you want to change the mentality of the people. Lets start from these kids. I’m sure your efforts will be worth while.