Its true. I’m a Trichotillomania Positive.


As if I haven’t had enough with my Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

Then …

Last night, I skipped dinner. The last thing I ate/drank was teh ais bungkus at 10pm. Before that, was the nasi lemak I brought as bekal from home, finished it at 5pm. So yes, the only decent food consumed was at 5pm.

Got home. Got occupied with stuff. With my dying computer.

Then. It happened. Obsessively cataloging 3 GB of Buddha Bar, Cafe del Mar and Earth, Wind & Fire from the CDs Charlie lent me. Didn’t even changed to my sleeping clothes. Was still in the clothes I wore to work. Typing like a machine. UNTIL 4 AM.

Slept at 5am.


I need to … I need … I …


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