NCSM Relay For Life

A Relay For Life walk and a Personal Pledge
A Relay For Life walk and a Personal Pledge

The NCSM Relay For Life is a Relay for 12 hours from 6pm Saturday May 30th until 6am May 31st.

I decided to help Elvira raise funds and walk with her.

Its a pledge of RM1 for every hour I was there for the Relay For Life. And for my 72-hour of non-smoking from Friday 9pm until Monday 9pm in conjunction with World’s No Tobacco Day on the 31st May 2009.

I succeeded doing both. 72 hours of no smoking AND managed more than 20 laps of 400m track for the 12 hours I was in the stadium.

24 people pledged. I raised RM400. Yes, some of them made extra contributions, its nothing to do with my bad maths.

We walked wearing tshirt that reads “I Can’t Walk Straight”.

We had a few guardian angels walking among us. Which a certain one who was there with such a strong presence. So I wrote this for her:-

You mentioned butterflies and dragonflies.
I see some flying by.
If only I can catch one and keep to myself.
It will only be a lie.
Because nothing should be in confinement.
Except for the memories of those who left us

Bless those souls whose bodies suffered cancer and other fatal diseases. May the prayers of their loved ones keep them in a better place.

For myself, it occurred to me, f I’m not meant to be with someone, it only means I’m meant to be there for a lot of other people who needs my love. And today you’re witnessing my pledge. That I will try my best to be there.

I’ll pledge to more charity events. I pledge to giving more hugs and smiles to strangers. I pledge to sacrifice finding the One for the love of MANY Others.

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