Antara Malaikat dan Jin (<– Subtitle given by a certain Mr. Wong)

When an old friend (not that she’s old, its just that we’ve been friends since 2001) FB messaged me last Wednesday asking whether I’m free or not for a movie Friday night, I was pretty surprised but excited as hell. Its simply because, I knew beforehand, I MUST WATCH the movie, and I kind of knew I might not plan it well because these days, I kind of like, take things forgranted, totally absent-minded and excelling in my 3-seconds-dory-memory. So yes, and of course the fact that we kind of (despite our time-consuming jobs) like books, like literally catch up with what each other is reading, alongside the coffee and nicotine we consume highly when we’re in the presence of each other (and while we can still breathe).

So, yeah. I’ve decided. Definitely (not definately <- why does everyone keep on spelling it that way? And most of them are those whom I thought are pretty much very good in English, am I wrong for spelling it the way I spell it – mind boggling), for sure, I will take that offer without even thinking to spare my Friday night for something else. Apparently, something else did came up. Later on Thursday, we (the office people) were informed that we were invited to go to the Europa awards dinner organised by the EU-Malaysian Chamber of Commerce at Sheraton. And its a black tie do. Not only that I, as in Abby, does not wear dresses (due to those ugly scars on my legs, not because I don’t have a body for it, haha), I also doesn’t own a black-tie suit (even if I do, pulling a Marlene Dietrich <- I don’t think if that works in the Corporate world). So yeah, I turned down a posh event and possible hobnobbing with the bla bla bla EU high commissioners for ANTARA MALAIKAT DAN JIN, a dinner with Dila with lots of nicotine, caffeine (mine being Vanilla Coke, hers being black coffee) and whacky conversation about Stephen Kings disappointing movie adaptations, old series like Seaquests and Parker Lewis Can’t Lose and the whereabouts of all our other eccentric friends. No, what I actually want to write about is – ANTARA MALAIKAT DAN JIN. Aside from the expected inaccurate and funny subtitles (Note to self – quit job and become subtitlist for DVD pirates and GSC cinemas), I’m going to give the movie —> 3.5 out of 6.

2 MARKS WRITTEN OFF DUE TO THE ABSENCE OF THE STINGRAY CERN JET THAT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE THE INITIAL HIGHLIGHT OF THE BOOK – a jet faster than Concorde that can take you across 6 different timezones within 1 hour (No, orgasm can’t do that yet). Another 0.5 marks gone because the lack of Political struggle which was supposedly portrayed in the movie (maybe too controversial to show how the Cardinals were politicising). Other than that, I think, Vittoria Vetra was somewhat a good choice (she might be hot, but at least, she does look believable as a Physicist) and at least, Tom Hanks is much clean-cut and in better shape than he was in Da Vinci Code (total turn-off when I saw a sort-of flabby, ugly-haired, too-American, non-academic looking Professor Langdon in the first one, sedih dan kecewa).

Dila tapped me and pointed out to a girl across our seat who was sleeping. WHAT THE F????? Such a total disrespect to Dan Brown! But I figured out, she must’ve been conned by her friends who might have said “We’re watching Star Trek!” before she stepped foot in the cinema. Kasihan. Heh. Yes, I’m a true cynic.

Overall, I am pretty okay with the adaptation.

Ron Howard put good effort to it, although emphasising on things when there are other better things to be emphasised on.

Dear Tom Hanks, I know you worked hard so you can show off your new well-built body right at the first 30 minutes of the movie (SHOW OFF!).

Dear Vittoria or should I call you Ayelet, I wished there were pretty girls like you when I was studying Physics, I could’ve gotten an A2 instead of a P7 (hey, I didn’t fail okay, good enough! a Cangkul, but I dig it! Haha).

Dear Mr. (forgetable) Assassin. You’re boring. You are very boring. You can shoot. But you’re the most boring character. But thank you for not killing Langdon and Vetra when you had the chance to.

Dear Mr. Corp Comm, You are the walking proof that CORPORATE COMM is much needed in Religion! Hehe. Drafting Press Releases? Classic!

Dear Mr. McGregor. You are definitely my POPe Idol! Hehehehehe.

Sekian, tamat sudah.

Owh, and a note. If you’re a cynic like I am, You’ll want to read the book first. Those who enters thy foot in the cinema without knowing where Angels and Demons comes from (Owh, is it a LOTR sequel?), will be deleted from my friend’s list. Haha.

Now, defini(NOT A)tely TAMAT SUDAH.

Are you allowed to use shortforms in subtitling? Like ‘utk’, ‘mrk’ etc? It annoys the hell out of my anal self.

(this note was edited 4 times and it still has mistakes. I.must.get.rid.of.this.OCD.and.anal.thing.Argh!!)

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