NCSM Relay For Life

A Relay For Life walk and a Personal Pledge
A Relay For Life walk and a Personal Pledge

The NCSM Relay For Life is a Relay for 12 hours from 6pm Saturday May 30th until 6am May 31st.

I decided to help Elvira raise funds and walk with her.

Its a pledge of RM1 for every hour I was there for the Relay For Life. And for my 72-hour of non-smoking from Friday 9pm until Monday 9pm in conjunction with World’s No Tobacco Day on the 31st May 2009.

I succeeded doing both. 72 hours of no smoking AND managed more than 20 laps of 400m track for the 12 hours I was in the stadium.

24 people pledged. I raised RM400. Yes, some of them made extra contributions, its nothing to do with my bad maths.

We walked wearing tshirt that reads “I Can’t Walk Straight”.

We had a few guardian angels walking among us. Which a certain one who was there with such a strong presence. So I wrote this for her:-

You mentioned butterflies and dragonflies.
I see some flying by.
If only I can catch one and keep to myself.
It will only be a lie.
Because nothing should be in confinement.
Except for the memories of those who left us

Bless those souls whose bodies suffered cancer and other fatal diseases. May the prayers of their loved ones keep them in a better place.

For myself, it occurred to me, f I’m not meant to be with someone, it only means I’m meant to be there for a lot of other people who needs my love. And today you’re witnessing my pledge. That I will try my best to be there.

I’ll pledge to more charity events. I pledge to giving more hugs and smiles to strangers. I pledge to sacrifice finding the One for the love of MANY Others.

Season 2: Episode 7 – Life. And the person we grew up to be

Its hard to write with an empty stomach. The last thing I ate was keropok lekor, tiny bits of it actually. Not enough. Well, for me, its enough until lunch tomorrow. I usually survive. Usually… we’ll see.

I asked a few friends what they want to be when they grow up. Its not a normal question for 20 year olds, apparently, some claimed, they have grown up.

*buzzer* Eeeekkk. Wrong answer. Please proceed to the Exit.

What we forgot to be, is, ambitious.

What we took forgranted, is, ambitions.

We’ll never stop being ambitious, we should, never stop, being ambitious.

The misconception of life.

Once upon an August 2008, I was riding the bus to work. A friend commented on it virtually.

He said something like this – “Buses are for when we were in high school. We all have nice jobs now, we should afford a car and drive to work”.

*buzzer* Eeeekkk. Wrong answer. Please proceed to the Exit.

When I’m on the bus, everyone is at a level playing field. Everyone is the same. What distinguished you from the next person is whether you have enough change for the bus fare, and whether you’re smart enough to get a seat on the bus. I’ve seen perverts, criminal-looking normal people, people in their working suits and me. Yes, I see a lot of me on the bus. Me, the person who wanted to become normal.

I just revealed to a colleague that high school was not all fame, happening and dandy for me.

From what the guys shoved me into a 4-year inferiority complex was not something a normal person should experience in high school. Years of verbal and mental torture to the extend I realised how unworthy I was then in the eyes of male species of the damned earth. I found it hard to talk to guys after I left school, let alone pat them on the shoulders. But, there are nice people out there.

I learn that every one is an individual of their own. So I live my life as an individual. I grew up to be an individual.

In my first Toast master class, they pushed me for a 2-minutes table topic impromptu speech.

Title: What do you aspire to be in life.

I talked (in stutter) about wanting to be a humanitarian.

Despite sounding like a person who will break into tears any minute, the evaluator said something which made me smile.

“You talk with such honesty, like its something from your heart”.

Despite the common stage fright, yes, I did.

I grew up to be a very loving person. Someone who would joyfully hug you for no apparently reason. Someone who would love like there’s no tomorrow so its just today to show how much love you can give. Someone. An individual. With love.

When I filled my Darjah Satu record book, in the ambitions column, when I put ‘V.I.P’, I didn’t realise what a big impact it will bring to my life.

Very. Important. Person.

Saya mahu jadi V.I.P. V.I.P. duduk di dalam ofis sain dokumen dan balik rumah naik kereta ada drebar.


*buzzer* Eeeekkk. Wrong answer. Please proceed to the Exit.

I want to be that important person. Who tells people life will be okay. You can have ambitions. Even if you’re 50 years old. You can have happiness. Even if you don’t find a lover. You can have such joy, even when you’re feeling suicidal. You can smile at a funeral. Even if its your parent’s funeral. Because this is what Life is all about. Its the moments that you are blessed with it. Made with love. Live with love. Die and leave the love to grow on others.

I want to be on a dying bed, bedridden out of a fatal illness, so I get to say goodbye to everyone and tell them to celebrate the love of the ones they’re with.

But before that, like Jean Luc Goddard wrote in his script for his 60’s Ă€ bout de souffle movie,

“I want to be immortal. And then die”

Antara Malaikat dan Jin (<– Subtitle given by a certain Mr. Wong)

When an old friend (not that she’s old, its just that we’ve been friends since 2001) FB messaged me last Wednesday asking whether I’m free or not for a movie Friday night, I was pretty surprised but excited as hell. Its simply because, I knew beforehand, I MUST WATCH the movie, and I kind of knew I might not plan it well because these days, I kind of like, take things forgranted, totally absent-minded and excelling in my 3-seconds-dory-memory. So yes, and of course the fact that we kind of (despite our time-consuming jobs) like books, like literally catch up with what each other is reading, alongside the coffee and nicotine we consume highly when we’re in the presence of each other (and while we can still breathe).

So, yeah. I’ve decided. Definitely (not definately <- why does everyone keep on spelling it that way? And most of them are those whom I thought are pretty much very good in English, am I wrong for spelling it the way I spell it – mind boggling), for sure, I will take that offer without even thinking to spare my Friday night for something else. Apparently, something else did came up. Later on Thursday, we (the office people) were informed that we were invited to go to the Europa awards dinner organised by the EU-Malaysian Chamber of Commerce at Sheraton. And its a black tie do. Not only that I, as in Abby, does not wear dresses (due to those ugly scars on my legs, not because I don’t have a body for it, haha), I also doesn’t own a black-tie suit (even if I do, pulling a Marlene Dietrich <- I don’t think if that works in the Corporate world). So yeah, I turned down a posh event and possible hobnobbing with the bla bla bla EU high commissioners for ANTARA MALAIKAT DAN JIN, a dinner with Dila with lots of nicotine, caffeine (mine being Vanilla Coke, hers being black coffee) and whacky conversation about Stephen Kings disappointing movie adaptations, old series like Seaquests and Parker Lewis Can’t Lose and the whereabouts of all our other eccentric friends. No, what I actually want to write about is – ANTARA MALAIKAT DAN JIN. Aside from the expected inaccurate and funny subtitles (Note to self – quit job and become subtitlist for DVD pirates and GSC cinemas), I’m going to give the movie —> 3.5 out of 6.

2 MARKS WRITTEN OFF DUE TO THE ABSENCE OF THE STINGRAY CERN JET THAT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE THE INITIAL HIGHLIGHT OF THE BOOK – a jet faster than Concorde that can take you across 6 different timezones within 1 hour (No, orgasm can’t do that yet). Another 0.5 marks gone because the lack of Political struggle which was supposedly portrayed in the movie (maybe too controversial to show how the Cardinals were politicising). Other than that, I think, Vittoria Vetra was somewhat a good choice (she might be hot, but at least, she does look believable as a Physicist) and at least, Tom Hanks is much clean-cut and in better shape than he was in Da Vinci Code (total turn-off when I saw a sort-of flabby, ugly-haired, too-American, non-academic looking Professor Langdon in the first one, sedih dan kecewa).

Dila tapped me and pointed out to a girl across our seat who was sleeping. WHAT THE F????? Such a total disrespect to Dan Brown! But I figured out, she must’ve been conned by her friends who might have said “We’re watching Star Trek!” before she stepped foot in the cinema. Kasihan. Heh. Yes, I’m a true cynic.

Overall, I am pretty okay with the adaptation.

Ron Howard put good effort to it, although emphasising on things when there are other better things to be emphasised on.

Dear Tom Hanks, I know you worked hard so you can show off your new well-built body right at the first 30 minutes of the movie (SHOW OFF!).

Dear Vittoria or should I call you Ayelet, I wished there were pretty girls like you when I was studying Physics, I could’ve gotten an A2 instead of a P7 (hey, I didn’t fail okay, good enough! a Cangkul, but I dig it! Haha).

Dear Mr. (forgetable) Assassin. You’re boring. You are very boring. You can shoot. But you’re the most boring character. But thank you for not killing Langdon and Vetra when you had the chance to.

Dear Mr. Corp Comm, You are the walking proof that CORPORATE COMM is much needed in Religion! Hehe. Drafting Press Releases? Classic!

Dear Mr. McGregor. You are definitely my POPe Idol! Hehehehehe.

Sekian, tamat sudah.

Owh, and a note. If you’re a cynic like I am, You’ll want to read the book first. Those who enters thy foot in the cinema without knowing where Angels and Demons comes from (Owh, is it a LOTR sequel?), will be deleted from my friend’s list. Haha.

Now, defini(NOT A)tely TAMAT SUDAH.

Are you allowed to use shortforms in subtitling? Like ‘utk’, ‘mrk’ etc? It annoys the hell out of my anal self.

(this note was edited 4 times and it still has mistakes. I.must.get.rid.of.this.OCD.and.anal.thing.Argh!!)

The Week with an End (sort of)

Its been awhile since I actually blog blog. Like what I do how my days had been etc etc etc.

Maybe there’s lots to say and yet nothing should be revealed.

Thursday night, I promised Nish to watch her band ‘Thing One’ play at Laundry Bar, The Curve. I was a bit excited because it’ll be the first time I’m seeing Najwa perform live. I have been a fan ever since I’ve stumbled upon her Myspace Page. I decided to do the LONER thing, went there alone, only extended a rather vague invitation to my brother Muid and another friend (since I haven’t met her for so long, just told her I’ll be there incase she wants to meet me but apparently, typical her, no reply. Haha, boohoo me).

Owh yeah, first, I went to Yongie’s place. I have promised to bring her cakes (for her pregnancy cravings) for the past 2 weeks and only manage to execute it after much persuasion and sarcastic reminders on her side (Yongie, I love you still). Serena mentioned about Bijou but I end up in Plaza Mont Kiara’s Secret Recipe and since THE Permaisuri Gunung Prima Pelangi requested 3 different types of cakes, I bought her Yogurt Cheese, Mango Delight, Tiramisu and an American Brownie. Didn’t stay there long, but long enough to get a free manicure after she took out her manicure set and started buffing my nails while we did the sister-talk. Yes, I’m subjected to being an easy guinea pig to the people around me due to my very positive ‘good sport’ attitude. *sigh* *smiles*

Then leaving her house, I went straight to The Curve, walked to Borders, bought me ‘Love in the Time of Cholera’ since it has been awhile since I last bought a book, or read one. Bought the latest issue of OFF The Edge as well since I needed to buy something else to get that 20% discount for the book (I couldn’t find a RM1 pencil or anything). Then straight to Laundry Bar and had a table to myself. Ordered salad for dinner and decided to stay sober the whole night. Bumped into Nish who was busy hosting some friends. Rizal came up to me, didn’t realise he was there, apparently he was there for Infinatez who will be performing before Thing One. Bumped into Andi Infinatez who was my junior back in boarding school. Then saw Najwa and since she knew Rizal, chatted with her a bit before she left to sit with the band members. After the show started, Nish’s friend Alvin came over and since we both were there for Nish, we end up lepaking together as well.

The show was great. Infinatez is good and I think their single which was written by Alvin is superb. Najwa was superb and Thing One, incredibly brilliant! The quality of the music, is so overwhelming. Alvin commented, “You guys played like a bunch of virgins. TIGHT AS HELL!”. Hahaha. I love it. Very tight indeed. The crowd obviously came for Infinatez and Thing One feat. Najwa but the last band was actually very good as well. I bumped into another friend, Alfy, after Alvin left and Nish was busy with her friends, and end up accompanying Alfy for drinks (apparently my goal to stay completely sober was not met that night even after 2 glasses of coke – I was pretty adamant at first). Its my second time meeting Alfy and we talk about writing, since he is a scriptwriter and I’m a poet. And we enjoyed the last band (although I don’t really think R&B Soul is his cup of tea – but having said that, certainly his mug of beer, haha). I had to give it to the singer, who Nish told me from Trinidad, who sang three of my favourite song, Just Friends by MusiqSoulchild, Rapture by Anita Baker and Real Love by Mary J. Blige. Awesomeness!!!

Alfy left and I finished my drink with Nish and left for home.

THING ONE will be playing again with Najwa at Groove Junction This Friday! Be there or … be …… boring!!!

Friday I was domesticated.

Saturday, I had an awesome time celebrating Lilia’s Bachelorette party at BBC, it has been awhile since I really hung out with my girls from school and it was a perfect little party of five, Lilia, her sister Erin, Dayana, Azlin and myself. The band was quite okay, we had a great waiter, Jakil, who actually helped us a lot, later became buddy buddy with me (yes, my networking skills know the real people to deal with, not just high fliers and hobnobbing with the big guns). After a jug off the table, a broken glass and countless songs we danced to, we changed venue to NZ Garden for a more conversation-friendly atmosphere. It was great, having to be able to chat and catch up. Got home at about 3ish. VERY SOBER!

Sunday, FAMILY BREAKFAST at Yongie’s! It was great. And we got a ride to see the renovation progress of her new house and also got to see this unit I’ve been eyeing for. Yes, I am planning to buy a house, an apartment really. I have decided to settle down with myself – a follow up to my celibacy blues. Dating is scarce (blaming it to Swine Flu since Cholera is not happening here) and apparently, the Dating Market has been hti by recession as well. So, my Stimulus Package include buying a house and a credit card to shop at Hahahahahahaha… Yes, seriously *stern face*

Today is Monday. I decided to call it a MOONday. Its all good people. I got to drool at Holly Miranda’s videoclip again. Muahaha.