This is what I do

One week paid leave.

Saturday, office. Pool party. Yes. Yes. Got home with half of everything – figure it out yourself.

Sunday, work from home. Watched a Shakespeare play at KLPAC. Subway at Bangsar. Home.

Monday, office. Lunch, office. Dinner, office. Home by 1am.

Tuesday, work from home. Sent Kosmik Kembara for minor service (after 9 months that is). Tyre rotation, alignment. New wipers. Promised self to change engine mounting and speaker next month. Work from home. Palate palatte for a little caipirinha and friendly chat with work colleagues (duhhh – so married to my job) and new friends.

Wednesday, work from home. Watched TV after sooooo very long, CSI changed seasons already???? Where the hell is Grissom???? Ah, Lara, Lara, Lara, the chef we all want to sleep with is dusting finger prints now.

Thursday, work from home. Hopefully to achieve target. Wait, got target meh? – Plan to hit Laundry later …. Maybe drop by IKEA …. MAYBE …..

Friday, not sure yet, hopefully all done.

One week paid leave huh?

Well, at least I got paid. Hehe.

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