Season 2: Episode 6 – Moments. This is One.

How long do you take to find closure? *shrugs*

How long would you take to find clarity? *frowns*

We all change directions in life, be it those who follows the rule book, or those who never knew what a book is, let alone rules.

We search within ourselves. The inner soul. For inner peace. Apparently, a piece of shit is what we often come across.

Everyone have different circumstances in life. Everyone wants to be something different from others.

The latest note I posted was a question on what people want to be when they grow up. People who are my friends. Most of them are friends. Yes. Facebook lies. Right to your face. Almost 3 quarter of the people you have in your friend’s list are mere acquaintances.

I browsed something of someone from the past. What happened in the past served best as reminders of who we are THEN, what we have achieved THEN, and when we slipped THEN.

S: I believe in love.
A: I believe in passion.
S: See, don’t we complement each other well. We exudes happiness and bring smiles.

Its great to be meeting people who are believers of Love. However, love has been overrated, one too many times. We search and search for the thing we ought to give.

“Be relentless in your looking. You’re the one you seek” – Rumi.

I wanted that as a tattoo. But, frankly speaking, I actually wanted to be able to remind myself that each and everyday.

“You are your own competition” An advise given by my dearest sister the day she got married. The little achievement we come across.

Z munching on wasabi flavored kacang hijau.on Monday

Abby: tak habis habis munching dari senin lagi?

Z: kehkehkeh .. lom .. kacang wasabi kena makan slow2…kot tak kang berdarah otak

Abby: oooooooooooooooooooo .. habis tu, kalau gi kedai sushi, kita makan pelan pelan, pastu kedai nak tutup, cemane?

Z: kot kedai sushi takpe sebab wasabi dimakan dgn sushi. kadar penyerapan pedas agak menggalakkan, dan sekaligus mengurangkan risiko otak berdarah. ini kacang hijau perasa sushi. makanan kudapan yg kering mempunya kadar penyerapan pedas yg rendah.

Abby: oooooooooooooooo .. saya banyak belajar. patut la lain macam saya makan itu hari. sebab kami makan sambil berjalan naik turun lif gamaknye. sekarang, adakah saya terdedah kepada potensi otak berdarah?

Z: ye, tepat sekali.

Abby: owh no. adakah ini sebabnya darah itu mengalir ke bawah menjadi period? kerana dah lama sangat insiden ini berlaku?

Z: sila minum yakult banyak2 kerana kajian Dr.Shirota mendapati Yakult sgt berkesan untuk menyembuhkan penyakit berdarah diotak. darah dibawah hanya masa yg akan menentukan, bila ia akan berhenti.

Abby: Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo .. Saya sungguh lega sekarang kerana mempunyai rakan yang bertauliah seperti anda

Z: terima kasih.

Life is part choice, part chance.

I choose insanity over being normal. And by that, I’ve been given the chance to meet wonderful people in life. terima kasih.

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