Season 2: Episode 5 – Redemption Points

Told by a dear friend. Re-written in fictional dialogue but based on true accounts.

Boy: Do you want to watch Ocean’s Eleven with me?

Girl: No.

Boy: Why not?

Girl: Because I haven’t watch Ocean’s One to Ocean’s Ten. I wouldn’t know the whole story then.

*Boy got turned off*

I believe everyone have redemption points, but I know sometimes, there are circumstances in life that doesn’t allow most people to see that. *senyum sinis*

Farah conclude that the girl could be smart in a different way. But I assume she said it as to compensation the previous statement that came out of her mouth. “Spell B-I-M-B-O!” Hehe.

As human beings, we can be very very critical, cynical, sarcastic and negative at any given time. Sometimes, we can’t control these things. I came across a lot of people who doesn’t have filters before they splat out whatever they want to say on the floor. The problem is wiping it out later. Then again, some people never care to even wipe it.

I believe, honesty can come from the best liars in the world. Let me rephrase that. What I mean is that, some of the best liar in the whole wide world, can be one of the most honest person too. I know so. I’m one of them. And I do believe I’m not alone.

Semalam mereka meraikan sambutan Earth Hour di mana beberapa premis perniagaan dan rumah tinggal persendirian menutup semua punca elektrik selama satu jam. Namun, di depan Capsquare di mana saya berada, terdapat pertunjukan api.

As someone who reads about energy conservation, its measures and efforts, who calculates CO2 emissions, green-gas related emissions, atmospheric emissions for a living, I believe these people go gungho about nothing really. I admire the initiative, but comment the execution.

Do they know that the smoke from those fires contribute to a lot of carbon dioxide emissions to the sky?

Owh, kawan saya kata, “We’re talking about Earth today, not the ozone”. Are we really? When during Earth Hour, we’re preaching about Global Warming, so are we really talking about just saving earth, but not the ozone layer?

Maaf, saya berbunyi sungguh skeptikal. Maybe I should shut up and just continue calculating how many tonnes of CO2 emissions produced for the company I’m assessing, Daihatsu. Mungkin itu tidak judgmental. Haha.

Saya ingin mengucapkan ribuan terima kasih kepada semua yang menyokong kolektif seni kami, Digital Malaya Project, dan juga rakan-rakan KLickr kami di KL Design Week. Masih berlangsung, jangan segan silu untuk pergi.

Whatever it is, I’m proud of both of my younger siblings, who celebrated Earth Hour by sitting outside, in the dark, and lighting up candles, just the two of them. I felt bad they couldn’t be with me, but I am so proud that the values I’ve uphold has been instilled in them.

And whatever it is, saya kasihan kepada Girl yang mungkin, waktu ini, pergi dari satu DVD vendor ke satu DVD vendor mencari Ocean’s One, Two, Three sampai Ten.

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