Season 2: Episode 4 – Blackout. Not for Earth Hour

Jakarta trip was fun. A little bit too fun. Especially when you’ve been put in the zone where fun has a totally new definition to it. I told myself, this time, its a vacation without specific purpose. Despite the fact that I’m leaving a whole lot of workload behind, I was adamant to taste fun during the 4 Days 4 Nights I was there.

We grow up. Time passes by. People change. What used to smell nice, might be normal today. What used to stink, might not smell as bad tomorrow.

Going with a new group of friends was somewhat enlightening as it was interesting. At times, we need to step out of the circle. Sengetkan sedikit barisan. Teraburkan kumpulan kawat. Throw those rule books aside and be merry. Vacation is vacation. During vacation, what we don’t want to hear is ‘Don’t drink too much’, ‘Don’t smoke too much’, ‘Don’t jump too high’, ‘Don’t laugh too loud’. Its like buying a dress and the sales assistant says, ‘Don’t wear this dress outside of the house’.

Dewasa dan matang tidak bererti melakukan segala-galanya mengikut persepsi masyarakat dan menidakkan diri sendiri. I was told that I’m smart, and I admit it, and its hard to be humble. But having excessive fun doesn’t mean you lose yourself, especially when you’re a smart considerate person. Its good to be reminded, nonetheless. But it might be nicer to know people have faith in you as well.

I’m used to pushing the speed of my growing up level. Even growing up in the company, I pushed myself to be in front, intellectually at least (because we all know how I love to procrastinate).

So its just normal when I had so much fun during my first vacation without a guardian, then come home to work like a dog two times worst than I had to do before and declare blackout for my brain one week before Earth Hour actually commence.


I managed to write two lame poetries since Jakarta till now. One might be used for exhibition purposes. Another is this:-

Does a stone have feelings?
If it does, what does it feel
when its thrown
hits the ground
and get run over
or stepped on?

Will clouds feel burden on their shoulders?
Does the ocean feels trapped?

We talk of endless emotions and feelings
Do we even care to think
whether the stone is angry
or the cloud feels sad
and the ocean suffocating?

*switches OFF*

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